Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 33

In the car,
Pragya: Boss…do we really need to go there?
Abhi chuckling: I guess this line is repeating!
Pragya pouted and looked at her kids who were sitting quietly and beside her.

Abhi: How is my driving? Is it too fast?
Pragya: No Boss…why do u ask that?
Abhi: Then why kiddos are so quiet?
Pragya: They are thinking of something.
Abhi: Thinking?
Pragya: You first drive without talking!
Abhi: You know right I feel bored without talking!
Pragya shook her head and asked him to play some music in the car.

Pragya caressing the head of kiddos: What is there to think? Talk something kiddos!
Kids softly: Mumma…
Pragya: Yes kiddos!
Prabhi: Kitchu!
Abhigya: Pitchu!
Pragya: Huh? Kitchu I know but what is this Pitchu?
Abhi in confusion: Ya what is this pitchu?
Both kids were keep on saying kitchu and pitchu to each other.

Abhi unable to tolerate it played the radio and the kids silenced themselves hearing it.

Kids yawned hearing to the song, Chandaniya lori lori from Rowdy rathore movie.

Pragya: Thank god u played a lori.
Abhi: We should thank the radio station. So fast they are closing their eyes!
Pragya with a smile: Haan boss, it’s a long travel na that’s why…..
Abhi asked her to speak later as he felt their conversation might disturb their sleep.

They finally reached the place and the kids by now were awake and looked at Pragya with tiredness.

Pragya in a pleasant tone: Slept well right? Now let’s see someone special!

Kids looked lost and Pragya carried Abhigya and Abhi carried Prabhi. They were feeling different as the place looked very refreshing and peaceful.

Kids in a surprised tone: Pitchu!
Abhi and Pragya hearing that finally understood what is Pitchu.

Abhi: Boss! U sit down with them here and I will take their prams from the car.

Pragya nodded her head as she made sure both sit down on the bench.

Pragya: Kiddos! U two are good girls right?
Kids: ya!ya!
Pragya in a soothing tone: Okay then just do whatever u all feel as later someone special will be here!
Kids looked surprised and didn’t know what is going to happen but the like the environment there as they saw sparrows and even squirrels walking.

Kids got excited seeing them and was about to stand when Pragya stopped them.

Kids pitifully: Mumma…go…go..
Pragya: Kiddos! You all can go!go! But please wait na…

Kids looked down in sadness as they really feel like walking to explore the place.

Pragya hugging them: Mumma will never tell lies na….just wait for a while.

Kids nodded their head in response.

By then Abhi came in a hurry with their prams and kids looking at that were shocked.

They knew if they are kept in the prams then there is no chance of walking!

Kids started to whine and protested all the while as Abhi and Pragya made them sit on their prams and safely fastening their belts.

Abhi: Phew!! Why are they crying like this?
Pragya: They want to walk Boss…and before that we place them in prams.

Pragya attended to the kids by giving their soft toys but they kick it off and Abhi thought how violent are they.

Pragya: Kiddos! Look there!
Kids never listened and still continued to cry when Pragya: Come Boss! This two are overreacting! We leave them here and then only they will know our importance!

Abhi: Yes u are right! Let’s go!
He said and both walked away from there leaving the kids shocked.

The kids slowly reduce their crying and were looking at the direction where their parents left and then saw them suddenly disappearing from their sight after reaching a tree.

Prabhi: Puppa…Mumma….
Abhigya: Mumma…
They were keep on telling Mumma and Puppa and looked worried.

That’s when someone who walked there asked: Who made u all be here?

Kids looked at her and Prabhi remembered her as she was the one who played with her for a while.

Mithra bending down: How did u all come here? Is your parents here?
She asked looking around for Abhi and Pragya but couldn’t find them anywhere.

Kids worriedly mention whatever happened in their gibberish language and sounded as if they never did anything wrong.

Mithra: Oh dears….I think u two are really sad…but where are they? And how can they leave u all alone? How irresponsible are they!!!
Kids: ya!ya!
Mithra chuckled and asked: That means your parents are irresponsible?
Kids looked at each other and didn’t know what to reply.

Mithra: Relax! I will call them and they will come here!
Kids smiled hearing the word come as they understood that.

Mithra released their belts as she felt they shouldn’t sit for so long like that.

Kids yelled: Tank u!!!
There was no looking back and both ran hysterically as if seeing freedom in their lives!

Mithra was shocked seeing them running and ran behind them to catch them.

Finally 10 minutes of running behind them, she caught them and they squealed seeing her and also the butterfly that flies and sit on her head.

Mithra kneeling down: You two are so active!
They said by jumping and Mithra holding them firmly stared at them.

Kids got scared of Mithra’s stare and closed their eyes in response.

Mithra softly: Kiddos….
Kids opened their eyes in shock thinking how did she know they are kiddos!

The kids were now surprised seeing the blue butterfly on Mithra’s wrist.

Mithra: You two got happy seeing this right?
Kids couldn’t control their happiness and squealed: Ya!ya!

Mithra let the butterfly fly away by doing something and kids looking at it fly were amazed seeing that.

Kids in amazement: Fiya….
Mithra smiled at their surprise of seeing butterfly flying.

Mithra: Now let’s go! Do u all want to see Mumma?
The kids came back to senses and looked at Mithra hearing the word Mumma.

Kids: Ya!ya!
Mithra: Then come with me! As u all look like good girls who listen to me….
Kids nodded their head as yes.

Mithra holding their hands made them walk slowly back to the bench.

Mithra: Now u two have to sit on the prams!
They said shaking their head.
Mithra: Ok then sit on the bench with me!
Kids looked at each other in some thoughts before nodding their head as yes again.

Mithra thought, Now how would I make a call when my phone is inside the house!

She made the kids sit on her lap and they leaned on her as they were feeling very tired of running a while ago.

Mithra, Seems like they are tired. But where is Abhi and Pragya? How can they be so careless again!!!

Abhi and Pragya seeing all this from a distance using binoculars smiled.

Abhi: Did u see? She is smiling!
Pragya: Hello Boss! This is too much! I wonder how worried will kiddos be with our drama!
Abhi: Please Pragya! Don’t start it again! We are not abandoning them! We very well know that Mithra will be here at this time and will come out to take a walk.

Pragya: But still! U are very naughty Boss! U made me get angry at kiddos. You could have acted being angry on them! Why me??

Abhi: I can’t na….if I can I would have! When seeing kiddos faces I can only smile, laugh when they are happy. And if they are crying, I can only feel sad!

Pragya: Whatever Boss! Now tell me what’s the next step!

Abhi frowned at her ignorance of his feelings.

Pragya sternly: Boss!
Abhi: ya!ya! Now it’s u have to cry like last time when Prabhi went missing!

Pragya in confusion: Why?
Abhi: Just do as I say! And u don’t talk anything. The rest will be handled by me!
Pragya was about to say something when he pulled closer to him and whispered something in her ears.

Pragya hearing that was stunned and Abhi pressed her nose to calm down her stressed look.

In a blink of an eye, Pragya cried loudly and ran towards the place Mithra and the kids were.

Abhi smirked and made a call using his phone.

Pragya “ Why are u disturbing me??” Abhi “Am I disturbing u?” Pragya nodded her head lightly as yes. Abhi “ Then what is this????” He said by holding onto something which made Pragya flushed of her actions.

Thank u everyone for reading and thank u to all silent readers who are commenting and thank u to all those who comment regularly too. Unable to reply regularly as my clg schedule is hectic??. Sorry for that and thank u once again for the liking and loving this story.

PS: No separation of Abhi and Pragya at any point of time. flashback will have their short separation but other than that there is no separation as this story is about love and its life that is present in individuals who care for each other like family. Will try to reply but I think it will be after very long time. ?

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