Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 32

Pragya: Oh kiddos! Stay in one place now. I am going to make a video call to your Puppa!
Kids looking around: Puppa!
Pragya: No!no! Puppa is not here yet….
Kids softly: Puppa…Puppa…
Pragya, Oh god! This two are missing him.

She thought as she made call to him and he immediately attended the call.

Abhi: Hi kiddos!
Pragya: Hi Boss!
Kids excitedly: Puppa! Puppa!
Abhi: Kiddos! Kiddos!
Pragya: Hello! I am here!

Abhi: Wait kiddos! Let me sit down and talk to u….
The kids nodded their head as yes.
Pragya loudly: I am angry Bossssss!!!!
Abhi smiled inwardly as he like teasing her this way.
Kids looked scared of Pragya’s loud voice.

Abhi: Mrs Pragya! Keep your voice level down! They are getting scared!!

Pragya looked down and remained silent.

Abhi: No worries kiddos….Is this how Mumma behaves from yesterday?
Kids: Huhu!
Abhi: Like that ah?
Kids shook their heads and then laughed.

Pragya was about to stand and leave when Abhi: Pragya….look at me….
Pragya: I won’t!
Abhi softly: Pragya….
Pragya: Hmm…
Abhi: I am sorry! Now tell me what happen after I left….
Pragya: Normal routine Boss, but why u never say hi to me first?
Abhi: For fun! Just to tease u!
He said and winked at her and Pragya blushed while kids also tried to wink like Abhi but couldn’t but end up closing both their eyes.

Abhi enthusiastically: Oye Kiddos! Trying to wink ah? Please wait after I come back, I will teach both of u!

Pragya smiled at their antics and noticed someone walking pass in the back wearing the headphones.

Pragya in shock: Is that Shwetha?
Abhi turning behind to look and saw her walking up the stairs.

Abhi looked back at his phone and said: Yes Boss….It is Shwetha!
Pragya: Why is she wearing like that? Such a short skirt! Something like kiddos wearing! Actually no! I never even made kiddos wear like that!

Abhi chuckled and said: It’s fashion yaar…you have become old na…that’s why u don’t know…
Pragya: Me? OLD? I think u are crazy and If I was there I would have advised her.
Abhi: Really? But u are seriously having no sense of fashion! She is young and let her enjoy youthfulness!
Pragya shook her head in disbelief.

Abhi: Ok! Chill! I got to go now as Uncle would be coming at anytime now.
Pragya asked him to be cool and kids gave flying kiss to Abhi.

Abhi: Bye kiddos!
Pragya hurriedly: Wait!Wait! They want to tell u something!
Abhi: What is that?
Pragya making the kids to stand up and smiled.

Abhi: Not again! Booday song ah?
Pragya: Ssssh! This is for you as they….
Abhi didn’t know what to expect as Pragya never completed her sentence.

He saw her telling them something which was not audible to him.

Pragya: Kiddos! Say it!
She said cheerfully making kiddos to smile and they said: Mee u!
Pragya shook her head of the last minute failure.

Abhi: Mee u? What’s that?
Pragya: It’s miss you Boss and they made it to Mee u!
Abhi smiled and said: Nevermind this is so cute again! Mee u too kiddos…
Kids: Mee u Puppa….
Abhi: Oh kiddos I didn’t expect u all to miss me this much!
He showed them their soft toy that he was having beside him.
Abhi: What is this?
Kids: Dolphie! Dolphie!
They cheered and tried to touch it by touching the screen of the Ipad.

Pragya: They really miss u alot Boss…just now when I said Puppa before making u a call, they looked around to find u!
Abhi in surprise: Really?
Pragya nodded her head as yes and kids called: Puppa!
Abhi: Kiddos, I will come back soon! Now go and have something to eat!
Kids: ya!ya!
Pragya: Ok Boss…take care and I will end the call now….
Abhi smiled and gave a kissing pout to her.

Pragya blushed and the call was ended. That’s when Dadi entered the room.

Dadi: Is he fine there?
Pragya making the kids sit on their chairs and said: Yes Dadi he is fine and later Uncle will see him.
Dadi: I hope he can manage him.
Pragya: He will as I have told him to control his anger too.
Dadi with a smile: Thank u Pragya for respecting my beliefs.
Pragya: Why thank u for this Dadi? I respect u and your beliefs.
Dadi: Not everyone like u will understand what I believe.
Pragya: Dadi…more than understanding I respect you more and that’s why i never tell him about this to him and ask him to stay away from here for a week.
Dadi: I know…thank u for that!
Pragya: How many times will u say thank u Dadi?
Dadi smiled and looked at the kids who were busily talking among themselves.

Dadi: Have they eaten?
Pragya: Not yet, they are keep on playing and now talking to each other.
Dadi: Ok I will get something for them.
Pragya said she will make it herself but Dadi insisted she will do it and Pragya attended to her kids.

Pragya: When Dadi is here u two are busily talking to each other! What is all this kiddos?
Kids: Puppa! Huhu….
Pragya: Puppa again? He will be back soon kiddos…
Kids continued their own conversation and Pragya could only smile at their antics.

Later in the day she sent a photo to Abhi through whatsapp to prove him that she is fashionable in her own way and seeing that Abhi was restless.

Abhi, What the hell? She is crazy and making me crazy too!

He thought as he looked around for others before thinking of something.

Abhi grinned of his thoughts and decided to execute it in his way.

It was dark at night and Pragya was feeling sleepy. She was too tired to change into salwar kameez. She came back from temple after prayers. That was why she took the picture of herself in a pink saree and sent it to Abhi.

She collapsed herself onto the bed and she also knew by now the kids would have slept beside Dadi and Dasi which made her to doze off to sleep.

A few hours later, Pragya opened her eyes and saw Abhi beside her.

Pragya: Looks like I am dreaming again but this looks very real.
She murmured in her sleep.

Abhi: Real or dream but You always think about me! Isn’t it Boss?
Pragya smiled hearing that and invited him for a hug.

Abhi smiling insanely hugged her and spend his most wanted time with her.

The next day morning,
Dadi enters the room as it was unlocked and was shocked to see the state of Abhi and Pragya’s room. It looked very messy with Pragya’s saree on the bed and the blanket on the floor.

Dadi: Pragya! Where are u? And why your saree is messed up like this?
Pragya in a shaky voice: Dadi! I will tidy it up!
Dadi: Haan! But where are u? Come here now!
Pragya: I am inside the closet Dadi….
Dadi: Do u need any help? Open the door, I will help you Pragya…
Abhi: She is with me Dadi! Can u come after a while?
Dadi in shock: Abhi! When did u came back? U are supposed to be there right?
Abhi: Dadi…I will explain everything…Give us a moment as we need to get ready!

Dadi fumed in anger and left the room thinking it’s not even 5 days yet but he return here in the third day itself!

Pragya looking at Abhi: Shameless!
Abhi: Ya!ya!
He said by holding her close to him.
Pragya: What would Dadi have thought when she saw the room?
Abhi in a mischievous tone: She would have thought we were naughty by playing with each other.
Pragya in a worried tone: Who ask u to return so fast? And That too in the night!!!
Abhi: How can I resist myself when u show yourself in saree? I warned u before that u being in sizzling saree makes my senses haywire!
Pragya: For that u come and sleep with me in the night and without my knowledge u do everything u wanted ah?
Abhi: Without your knowledge? U did responded to me as if u loved it!
Pragya: Chee! There is no point in talking to u!
Abhi: I don’t understand one thing, why are u reacting as if I am your boyfriend? I am your husband and I have all rights to do what i want from u!
Pragya: It’s not about that Boss…how do I tell u this?
She looked around and was finding it difficult to explain.

Abhi: There is something you’re hiding…What’s that?
Pragya: Dadi…
Abhi: What about Dadi?
Pragya explained to him and he looked at her in disbelief.

Abhi: Like seriously? There will be bad times ahead if we are together for a week? Is this even something to be believed?

Pragya: Boss….it’s her belief as she heard that from the priest who looked at our horoscope.

Abhi: You know I don’t believe in all this!
Pragya: I know…that’s why I told u to go and see Uncle…
Abhi: Liar! How could u do like that?
Pragya: Please Boss….now I feel bad for Dadi….

Abhi: You don’t feel bad for me? Do u know how terrible I felt staying there for even a single day? There was not even a single drop of affection that u showered on me! But still I stayed there for u! The moment I know that nothing was wrong there, I only felt like leaving and the picture you sent made my feelings stronger.

Pragya in tears: I am sorry Boss…
Abhi hugging her: It’s not your fault, but we just have to show that nothing happened between us in front of Dadi.

Pragya: How Boss?
Abhi: Let me think until then let me wink!
Pragya giggled at his rhyming words and he tickled her to make her laugh more.

Abhi and Pragya acted as if they are fighting with each other in front of Dadi but all was futile as Dadi could see they are acting.

Dadi was doing a silent treatment towards them and Abhi was feeling upset for that.

Abhi informed Pragya that he left some of his stuff at Uncle’s house and also never informed him as he left secretly from there. On a particular day he went back to Uncle’s house and Pragya was cooking in the kitchen together with Robin as Dadi and Dasi left for a short pilgrimage trip.

She asked the kids to be obedient and play with their toys and she will be back in a while.

The kids never played instead they were talking with each other again about something.

New staff after getting permission from the security entered the house and was in awe of the beauty the majestic house.

Kids were too busy in their conversation and never noticed her.

New staff: Hello! Is anybody here?
Kids looked at her direction and raised their hands.

New staff walked near them.

Kids looked at new her and smiled.
New staff: Hello!
She said looking at them
Kids: Bello!
New staff: Oh it’s bello here.
Kids: ya!ya!
New staff hearing that asked in surprise: Why u two are alone here? Where is Mumma or Papa?
Kids: Mumma kitchu! Puppa go!go!
New staff chuckled hearing that and especially chuckling more for the word Puppa.

Pragya came out of the kitchen hearing the chuckling sounds of someone new.

Pragya: You are here?
New staff: Yes mam….
She said by managing to stop her laughter.
Pragya: Why? Is it anything important? He went out now and if u want u can tell me and I will pass the message to him.
New staff hesitated: No mam…
Kids interrupted: Kitchu! Kitchu!
Pragya: Oh kiddos! Kitchu is there and I am here! Why do u all want to go there now?
New staff: Mam, sorry to ask but what is this kitchu?
Pragya: Kitchen! I said to them that I am cooking in kitchen and asked them to stay like good girls here and play with their toys. But this two were keep on talking about something!
New staff: They are so adorable. Kitchu! I like it! From now onwards I will also use that!
Pragya: Funny girl! Ok take a sit and tell me why u are here for!
She said by sitting beside her and new staff: I….mam…he…
Pragya: Call me di! It will make u feel better in talking to me.
New staff looked surprised and asked: I am actually here to ask about di….
Pragya sighed and expected this moment will come one day.

New staff: Is she really good?
Pragya: Everybody have goodness and badness within them, it’s all about managing it in life.
New staff: Yes but when Purab sir tells about her I feel she is different from what I know of her.
Pragya: Mithra is my friend…or to be precise our friend…She never hates others even if others hate her. All I know is she is as gentle as a flower.
New staff: I am not saying she is wrong but what she did on her day of marriage was wrong right?
Pragya: Where were u at the day of her marriage?
New staff: I was caught in the traffic strike at Delhi and couldn’t reach on time.
Pragya: She never think of what she did as wrong as she only thought of the good thing that will happen because of her action.

New staff: But humiliation was to us right? I know she did it for your goodness but because of that my parents couldn’t face the humiliation and died thinking of that.

Pragya: It was not expected! As a sister, she made u have a successful career by working for u! As a daughter, she took care of her parents and wanted to fulfill their dreams of her marriage but she couldn’t and the reason is us!

New staff: At least u could have stopped her right?
Pragya: We didn’t knew she was planning to do like that. At last minute, she got to know of Boss and me in love. As a friend, she felt she can’t destroy his love for me through the marriage with her. Even before we could react everything happened in a blink of an eye.

New staff remained silent and looked away in worry.

Pragya placing her hand on her shoulder: Let me tell u one thing, what she did was the most difficult decision for her. Your parents being the strict and at the same time sweet human beings made it very difficult for her to break their hearts saying she misunderstood wrongly that Abhi loved her. At the same time, she don’t want to break Abhi’s heart by marrying him when he was loving me. She felt the only way to make the two sides of families to agree to our marriage would be taking the blame on herself. It’s not blame but hatred that she took. She took that decision making both sides to hate her. But she thought her parents are strong enough to handle the situation. Unfortunately, their hearts were shattered and after she returned to see them it was the most painful thing for her to know that they are no more.

New staff was in tears hearing all this and asked: Why? Why does she have to be like this?
Pragya wiping her tears: That’s Mithra….she never argues with anyone…she only agrees with everyone….
New staff: Stupid! If she had told me this before running away from the marriage hall then it would have made a difference.
Pragya: She is always like that….very reserved and keeping things to herself!

New staff: Thank u di…Purab sir is dragging this but I know why he is doing like that too.
Pragya: I never thought that I would tell all this to u now…but Purab will not drag as he likes to tell everything in detail. It’s not dragging but it’s narration with perfection.
New staff smiled and said: Please don’t tell him that I asked u all this….
Pragya: Sure! And even Purab will come in an hour to meet us…why not u stay here to meet him?
New staff: Huh? How is it possible? He said he is away for 3 weeks regarding some work.

Pragya: Really? Even yesterday he came here and played with kiddos.
New staff: So all this while he lied to me!
Pragya in confusion: What happened?
New staff explained everything and it made Pragya to giggle.

Pragya: Okok! I think he is trying to make u desperate for him as u still haven’t accept that u love him!
New staff: Now I understand everything.
Pragya: Do u love him?
New staff smiled and said: It’s not about loving but it’s about trusting him.
Pragya: You don’t trust him?
New staff: I do…but I feel it’s not sufficient for me to love him forever.
Pragya: Oh…I understand what u mean…

Seeing their long conversation the kids felt bad as they were not being paid attention to.
Prabhi loudly: Juju!!!!
Abhigya loudly: Huya!!!!
Pragya: Oh god! They are in stress now! We never talk to.them na so they give this loud sounds!

She said and came closer to kids and said: Sorry kiddos! I thought u were busy talking….

Kids: Puppa! Huhu! Puppa!
New staff: What does that mean di?
Pragya in nervous tone: I think I am in big trouble as they plan to complain about me to Boss…
New staff remembering the day Abhi shout at her said: Then I take my leave di…I will call u if I need any help…thanks for telling about Mithra di too….
She hurriedly said that and walked fast to leave as Pragya was calling her not to leave as she never even had a drink.

Unlimited fun of kiddos with Mithra.

How did they end up with Mithra? Please wait to know in the nxt shot!

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