Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 31

Pragya running behind Abhi and trying to convince him on something.

Abhi: No! I am not going!!!
Pragya: Don’t be like kiddos na…Even kiddos will understand if I tell them!
Abhi: How will I be able to leave my beautiful babies and pyaari patni for 1 week?
Pragya: It’s just a week Boss…if u never go then they will mistake us na….
Abhi: I don’t care! I am not going!
Pragya: I care Boss…please go for me…
Abhi looking at her pleading face: Okay…only for you….

Pragya sighed and kissed his cheek.

Abhi: Arrey…kiss to leave ah?
Pragya: No! Kiss for green signal!
Abhi pouted and Pragya hugging him: Boss…I will miss you….
Abhi: Haan u will miss me but u are asking me to go!go!

Pragya breaking the hug: Like seriously? Go!go!
Abhi chuckled and said: I love kiddos and I would like to follow them!

Pragya: Be careful Boss…the more u follow them the more cute u will be….
Abhi: Cute?
Pragya: Haan Boss, u look cute when talking to them!
Abhi: You are damn cute at it!
Pragya denied by saying: I am not at all cute Boss…How many times do I have to tell u this?

She said by walking towards their room as Abhi smiled at her denial.

Pragya was packing his things in a luggage and Abhi looking at her was giving all kinds of sad faces.

Pragya: Boss…please na…it’s just 1 week!
Abhi in a low tone: Ok….
Pragya leaving what she was doing came closer to him.

Pragya softly: Suniye…
Abhi: Hmm…
Pragya: You are going for me na…
Abhi: Yes but…
Pragya: Ok then please smile for me!
Abhi smiled cheekily making Pragya laugh.

Abhi: I really don’t want to go there!
He said adamantly.

Pragya made him to sit on the bed and she too sat beside him.

Pragya: I know you don’t like to go there but it’s necessary to go and see them if not they will think that you are disrespecting them.

Abhi: I don’t care about that!
Pragya: Boss…we have to care as they are our elders and we are all a family.
Abhi leaned his head on her shoulder.

Pragya: Come on Boss! We still can be in contact and I know u can easily handle them!
Abhi: Really? I can handle them?
Pragya: Yes of course!
She replied confidently.

Abhi: Okay….when I am doing what u want then u should also do what I want!
Pragya: Sure! What u want Boss?
Abhi moving from her looked at her face romantically and Pragya understood what he wants.

Abhi: I am leaving tomorrow so, tonight….
He said seductively as he cupped her face and was moving close to her lips.

Pragya shrieked: No way Boss!
By saying that she pushed him away and stood up.

Abhi looked puzzled of why is she behaving like this.

Abhi: What happened? U always like kissing na?

Pragya strictly: Ya!ya! But I am not feeling well and we can’t do what u want….
She said by looking away.

Abhi: Huh? Not feeling well?
Pragya: Yes….
She said still not looking at him.

Abhi running his hands through his face: Sorry then….
Pragya looking at him: Why sorry for this? Anyways after u come back we can do what u want!

Abhi: Deal?
Pragya: Yes Boss!
She said with a pleasant smile making Abhi smile too.

Abhi, Something is wrong! Why does she have to get tensed for a kiss??

He thought as Pragya hugged him and left the room to see their kids at playroom.

The next day,

Abhi looked at all the ladies sadly as he really felt worried for leaving them alone.

Pragya: Boss! Everything is in this black luggage! Anything u can’t find, just give a call to me!

Abhi: Pragya…think again…do I really need to go?
Pragya shaking her head: Boss! Don’t start this again na…
Abhi: Okok! I am leaving!
He said and moved towards the kids who were being carried by Dadi and Dasi.

Abhi: Bye!bye! Kiddos! I will miss u all the most!

He said in a shaky voice and the kids can’t stand it. They showed their hands as a sign for him to carry them.

Abhi asked Dadi and Dasi to let them down and he kneeled to talk to them.

Abhi hugged the kiddos and they were saying Puppa in a very low tone.

Abhi: Take care of everyone kiddos….
Kids: ya!ya!
Abhi: Do keep in touch kiddos…If Mumma scold u all, then tell me too! Ok?
Kids nodded their head as yes.

Abhi looking at them: Kiddos! Anything else?
Kids spoke in their gibberish language of their sadness of him leaving.

Abhi looking at that had tears in his eyes as Pragya seeing all this find it melodramatic.

Dadi: Abhi! Don’t worry we will take care of them!
Dasi: Why u look so sad Abhi? It’s just a week!
Kids: Puppa…
Abhi: Yes kiddos…
Prabhi looked at Abhigya and then she walked to the sofa where their soft toy was. She picked it up and walked back to Abhi.

Both the kids look in a way as if they want Abhi to take the soft toy.

Abhi saw them forwarding the toy to him and he was very touched by it.

Abhi was now outside the house and looked sadly at it as Pragya was instructing the driver to keep his bags and luggages properly.

Pragya saw Abhi looking sad and went near him.

Abhi: You don’t even feel sad of me leaving you all….even kiddos feel sad….
Pragya: Who said I never feel sad?
Abhi: Then prove me!
Pragya: Prove u?
Abhi: Bhaiyya! Can u get ask Dadi to pass my water bottle?
The driver nodded his head and went inside the house as Abhi swiftly pulled Pragya in front of him.

Pragya: What are u doing?
She asked in shock.
Abhi: Prove how much will u miss me now!
Pragya looked around and kissed him all over his face.

Abhi was taken aback of her kisses asked: This much u will miss me ah?
She smiled coyly in response and asked him to get inside the car.

Abhi: So cute!
Pragya frowned as she saw the driver coming back with his water bottle.
Pragya: Only u will still have batman water bottle!
She said in a teasing tone.
Abhi: Hello! It was kiddos selection for me! Don’t u remember that?
Pragya: I know…I was just kidding Boss..
Abhi smiled as Pragya was telling the driver to drive slowly and no need to rush.

Abhi: You are telling him as if i am a school boy scared of fast drives!
Pragya: I know u like to move fast but sometimes u need to slow down too.

Abhi smiled at her concern and bid bye to her.

Pragya saw the car moving off and she looked worried.

Dadi shocked to see the state of Abhi and Pragya’s room. It looked very messy with Pragya’s saree on the bed and the blanket on the floor.

In another situation,
Kids looked at new staff and smiled.
New staff: Hello!
She said looking at them
Kids: Bello!
New staff: Oh it’s bello here.
Kids: ya!ya!
New staff hearing that asked in surprise: Why u two are alone here? Where is Mumma or Papa?
Kids: Mumma kitchu! Pupa go!go!
New staff chuckled hearing that and especially chuckling more for the word Puppa.

Thank u so much for the support towards this story. I have replied to all the recent previous updates.

Happy Mother’s day to all the mothers of my friends reading here! Mothers are the most wonderful blessing that we can ever have in our lives. I wish everyone to cherish and embrace that blessing with full of happiness!

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