Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 30

New staff was getting restless. One one side, he went missing. She missed him badly. And the other side is incomplete scenes that he have told her. Both are driving her mad. All this was noticed by Radha.

Radha: What is happening to u? Why are u not going for work for the past few days?
New staff: Not feeling well…so…
Radha: You look normal to me! If u are not feeling well, did u see a doctor?
New staff: I will be going to work tomorrow!
Radha: Don’t let your heart overtake your mind like how Mithra had done.
New staff: I don’t know what happened to her until now. If she had did that means it is the right thing. We have to listen to our heart rather than mind as only heart tells what we want and feel for.

She said that and went inside her room leaving Radha to be shocked.

Radha, I hope she is not going in the same path as her sister.

New staff checked her email but there was nothing. She felt like sleeping when Purab called her.

New staff excitedly: Storytime?
Purab: Yes! Do u want to hear on one condition?
New staff: What’s that?
Purab: No interruptions!
New staff made a sulky face and said: Okay…
Purab: Then here we go!
Without wasting any time he started his storytelling,

Dasi and Purab had planned to make Mithra confess her love again. For that they planned to make Abhi and Mithra go for dinner together.

Purab made sure Abhi was busy in work outside his cabin and was watching him to make sure execute his plan.

Abhi had something to take from his cabin and he went inside there. As for Pragya she also had to ask something from Abhi so she went to his cabin.

Purab who was not there as Uncle called him for some work. When he came back looked around for Abhi, he was missing and his phone was unreachable too.

After asking around the staff, and not getting any response, he went out of the office to call.

He heard from one of the staff that Abhi had left the office and Purab quickly left to catch him before he reaches house.

Purab thinks he had locked Abhi’s cabin thinking that he was not there as the lights were off.

Purab, Abhi wouldn’t have gone inside his cabin as it is locked and as per my plan he will spend time with Mithra tonight.

He didn’t know that Abhi and Pragya were inside the cabin as the lights went off since the main power supply was turned off due to electrical works.

Abhi “ Why are u here?” Pragya “ Because u are here!” Abhi “ You sure?” Pragya “ No!” Abhi “No?” Pragya “ I mean yes!” Abhi “ Yes?” Pragya turned away and in a softer tone “ Yes…” Abhi “ But…” Pragya “ I know we are locked here…” Abhi “ You know?” Pragya “ Stop asking questions and find a way to go out from here!” Abhi looked away thinking of knowing her more in this situation.

Abhi “Let’s see…” Pragya “ What to see?”
Abhi “ I mean how to get out from this room!” Pragya find his words suspicious.

Pragya “ Why didn’t u say anything when u heard someone locking the door!” Abhi in kiddish tone “ It is so dark and I had to hug u for support!” Pragya “ Don’t act like like a kiddo!” Abhi “ Kiddo? What does that mean?” Pragya “ You don’t know what is kiddo?” Abhi shrugged his shoulder as sign of no.

It was too dark that Pragya never realized his no and asked “ Why are u silent?” Abhi “ I said no!” Pragya “ You said no? When and why did I never hear that!” Abhi “ Err…sorry I shrugged my shoulder as a sign of no!” Pragya smiled and was looking around.

Abhi took out his phone and turned on the flashlight.

Abhi “ You were looking around for light right?” Pragya nodded her head as yes and Abhi looking at her in the flashlight had a goofy smile on his face.

Pragya looking at that frowned, raised her eyebrow and then widened her eyes.

Abhi “ Why are u changing your face like this? Any problem Pragya?” Pragya “ Why are u smiling?” Abhi “ Just like that…” He said and placed the phone on his desk and swiftly sat on top of the desk.

Pragya “ You are sitting here?” She asked doubtfully.

Abhi “ Why not? This is my cabin and I can sit anywhere!” Pragya “ Ya I know but…”
Abhi “ Sit beside me!” Pragya “ Hello! Mr Abhi, we need to get out of here!” She retorted.

Abhi gave a pout and looked down. Pragya couldn’t hide her smile at his cute face.

Abhi “ Let me think of how to get out from here….” Pragya “ Okay…” Abhi looking up “ Okay?” He asked in a excited tone.

Pragya “ Ya!ya!” She said and sat on the swivel chair.

Abhi made sure he is opposite to her.

Pragya “ Hmm…are u thinking? The time now is….” She looked around for the clock but she couldn’t see it clearly.

Abhi “ It’s 8 pm!” Pragya worriedly “ Haan 8 pm, so late at night!” Abhi “ Don’t worry but Why not u also think? Two brains work better!” He said making Pragya silent.

Pragya “ I have to get back to home early today….” Abhi “ Why? Is anybody coming to see you for marriage proposal?” He asked in a mocking tone. Pragya “ How do u know?” Abhi in shock “ How do I know? Does that mean u really have people coming to see u for marriage??” Pragya flustered and said “ No…It’s not like that…” Abhi get down from the table and hold the handle of the chair with both his hands.

Pragya gasped at his closeness and looked away.

Abhi “ You are getting married?” He asked loudly.

Pragya simply nodded her head and Abhi pulled the chair closer to him making her tensed.

Pragya shrieked “ What are u doing?” Abhi “ Tell me one thing….which Pragya is going for this marriage proposal? The pleasant one or the bossy one?” Pragya breathing heavily “ Look…there is only one Pragya who is in front of u now!”

Abhi “Oh…” Pragya “ Will u please move away?” She asked by closing her eyes.

Abhi “ Move away forever?” Pragya opened her eyes and looked at him with confusion.

Abhi pushed the chair back and made a call to the security immediately.

Soon the security came and opened the door as Abhi walked out of the cabin fast as Pragya was walking fast to catch up with him.

Finally, Pragya reaching in front of him “Wait! Why do u look so angry?” Abhi “ Don’t u know the reason or are u acting as if u don’t know the reason?” Pragya “ Why are u shouting at me for this?” Abhi “ I feel like killing u! Shouting is not that big as u are thinking!” Pragya “ Killing me? If u kill me then u won’t have competition to become the Boss!” She said and chuckled lightly.

Abhi “ What the hell? Do u think I will kill u for that?” Pragya “ Then for what else will u kill for?” She asked in a doubtful look.

Abhi “ I will kill u if u marry someone else!” Pragya “ Why Mr Abhi?” Abhi remained silent as Pragya said “ Mr Abhi, I am already happy that I never go to home on time now, but u are making me to feel sad as u are angry towards me….” Abhi “ You are happy?” Pragya “ Yes actually I didn’t know how to avoid that marriage proposal and by now they would have a bad impression on me and left my house.” Abhi sighed in relief and asked “ So you’re not getting married?”
Pragya “ No! I am getting married but don’t know to whom and when….” She said with a wide smile.

Abhi made a happy dance in his mind and smiled widely. Pragya “ Are u here?” Abhi “ Thank u Pragya!” Pragya “ Thank u?” Abhi “ Just like that…” Pragya “Will u drop me at home?” Abhi “ Ofcourse! It’s my pleasure Pragya!” Pragya looking at him “ I don’t think u will have the pleasure if u keep on stay here…”

Abhi walked beside her and both reached his car.

Abhi “ Where is your car?” Pragya “ Why? You don’t want drop me?” Abhi “ Nothing like that….just curious where is your company car? Nowadays I don’t see that…”
Pragya stammered and said “ It’s…lost…”

Abhi “ Lost? How is that possible?” He asked in disbelief.

Pragya “ I am feeling tired…” Abhi “ Okok! Get inside the car…” He said and Pragya was feeling relieved that he never asked anything further.

In the car as Abhi was driving,

Pragya “ Take a left from here!” Abhi “ Oh please yaar….I know where u live, it’s near Mithz’s house too! So stop giving instructions to me!”

Pragya in a low tone “ You went to her house?” Abhi “ Ya twice, one was to see her after we return from the unexpected stay and the next was last week…” Pragya “ Oh…” Abhi “ Do u know she have a sister but she is not here! She is at Delhi for studies…then her parents are so sweet like her!” Pragya “Oh I see…” Abhi “ I like their family…” Pragya “ What else do u like about her?” Abhi “There are so many things! I don’t know where to start from!” Pragya looked through the window not able to stand his words about Mithra.

He sensing her jealousy thought of calming her down.

Abhi “ But I want to have a family like hers with someone else whom I know…but don’t know when and how will it happen!”

Pragya “ Someone else?” She asked looking at him and as he was looking straight while driving.

Abhi “ Ya someone else who is beside me or u can say someone else who is beside the window….”

Pragya smiled inwardly at his words and asked “ Who is the someone else?” Abhi “Someone else….” He said again in casual tone.

Pragya softly “ Someone else….” Abhi smiled insanely at his very direct and indirect way of referring to Pragya as the someone else.

After reaching near her house, Abhi asked “What do u feel about me?” Pragya looked shocked at his question. Abhi “ I know u are getting late but u can tell me in one word to tell what do u feel about me!” Pragya “ One word ah?” Abhi “ Two is also fine!” He said by chuckling.

Pragya “ Mr Abhi!” She said and run away by giggling.

Abhi ruffling his hair “ Do u always run like this?” He asked loudly and she stops from running and turned back and shook her head as no.

Abhi smiled widely at her cute expression and got onto the car as she ran further to reach her house.

New staff: So cute!
Purab: Who is cute?
New staff: Who else? Boss is so cute!
Purab: He is not cute! He is just being funny!
New staff: Okok what happened next?
Purab: Both went to sleep just like how I am going to sleep now. Bye and Good night.

He said that hurriedly and ended the call.

New staff: Oh no! He have this much of jealousy! I was only saying Boss as cute but he is the cutest na…

She thought that as she slept thinking of Purab.

As for Abhi and Pragya they were in a fight in front of their children.

Leaving the kids sitting on their chairs and soft toys, Abhi and Pragya were hitting themselves with pillows on the bed.

Abhi: How dare u say like that?
He then hit her head with the pillow.
Pragya: Same to u!
She hit his face with the pillow.
It was continuous but the kids find their parents funny when fighting with pillows.

Abhi shrieked: Oh no!
Pragya stopped hitting him with the pillow and looked exhausted.

Abhi: Look there!
Pragya looked at the sight of their kids and rushed to them!

Pragya: Stop! You two can’t do like this to each other.

Prabhi and Abhigya were hitting each other with their soft toys just like the way their parents were doing.

Abhi loudly: Kiddos!
He said by grabbing their attention and both dropped their soft toys on the floor.

Pragya kneeling down in front of kids: Prabhi…Abhigya…u two are sisters! How can u attack on each other?

Abhi also kneeling down: The fault is in us Pragya, they followed us….isn’t it kiddos?

Kids looked blankly and then they were smiling as Pragya hugged them.

Abhi: Do u all find it funny of us fighting?
He asked looking at the kids and they like the word funny.

Abhigya: Funnie!
Prabhi: Funnie! Funnie!
The kids together: Funnie! Funnie!

Pragya in shock: Funnie ah? What is this Boss?
Abhi: They are saying funny as funnie!
Kids corrected it as: Funnie! Funnie!

Pragya: Oh god! Now I am scared of their double dhamaka with words….what will happen if they say everything in double? It’s all because of me na….

She asked worriedly.

Seeing that he gave a side hug to Pragya and said: U are worrying as if this is some disease that they are having!

He said and chuckled as Pragya beat him lightly on his chest for that.

Kids again squealed: Funnie! Funnie!
Abhi winking at them: ya!ya!

Pragya was still looking worried as she looked at the trio who were enjoying the time.

Kids softly: Mumma…
Pragya: Haan now what kiddos?
Kids loudly: Cute Mumma!

They said and looked at Abhi as if they did like what he asked them to do.

Pragya: I know this is your Puppa’s work…but still it sounds so sweet from your mouths.

Kids felt happy as Pragya kissed them on their cheeks and Abhi was showing his cheek for a kiss too with his eyes closed.

Pragya giggled at him and gave a slap on his cheek.

Abhi holding her hand: What was that? They told u as Cute Mumma because of me but no kiss for me!”

Pragya: They said na…so they will give kiss to u…

She made Prabhi kissed his cheek followed by Abhigya and he smiled widely but stared Pragya for her anti kiss act towards him.

Kids: Mumma….
Pragya: Now what kiddos?
Kids: Go!go!
Pragya: Oh god! We did went out today for shopping and bought for u all new toys!
Kids again said: Go!go!
Pragya: Boss! Why are u silently smiling ah? Make them understand it is night now and how can we go out now?

Abhi looking at the kids: Mumma baddie na…
Kids: ya!ya!
Pragya in shock: What did u say? I am baddie ah? We already had come to the point not to use any negative descriptions of each other but now u say me as baddie!

Abhi: Chill! I am also a kiddo like u said long before and sometimes I do forget what I said to u….

He said by smirking which made Pragya glare at him.

Abhi: Ok kiddos! Don’t worry we will make Mumma good! Good Mumma! Ok?

He said and they obediently nodded their heads as yes.

Pragya; Like seriously I don’t understand when did they became so close to u!!

Abhi: I think when u were close to me they became close to me….

Pragya shook her head of his reasoning and looked away.

Abhi: Attack Mumma!
Pragya: What? There is an attack on me?
The kids crawled towards her and cuddled her looking innocently.

Abhi: My attack is not violent as yours Boss..
Pragya smiled and said: Sorry…
Abhi: It’s okay….
Pragya then looked at her kids who were expecting for a hug from Pragya. She too hugged them as Abhi kissed on her cheek.

Pragya: Boss! Why do u always kiss me like this?
Abhi: Why? do u want it somewhere else?
Pragya: Chee! I know what you’re thinking!
Abhi: It’s been a very long time….
Pragya: Enough of this! Go and get their clothes, as now they only like their choice. I don’t want them to stay like this in diapers!

Abhi: Yes Boss!
He said and headed to bring their clothes.

Pragya looked at her kids and smiled as they cheered: Cute Mumma!

Pragya: Like father like daughters! He is the one always call me cute when I am not cute but now he made u call me cute!
She said by patting their backs.

Abhi: No! I am not going!!!
Pragya: Don’t be like kiddos na…Even kiddos will understand if I tell them!
Abhi: How will I be able to leave my beautiful babies and pyaari patni for 1 week?
Pragya: It’s just a week Boss…if u never go then they will mistake us na….
Abhi: I don’t care! I am not going!
Pragya: I care Boss…please go for me…
Abhi looking at her pleading face: Okay…only for you….

Thank u everyone for reading so far. Omg! I thought to make this as 2 shots and this became 30 shots now. So from this episode there will be a rough patch in Abhi and Pragya’s life. Not a very big one. Just thought of it as their life have been going very smooth with sweetness so it’s a very small shock for them. I don’t know how will it be for u all. Let’s see! ( Note: No evil things like real kkb as I have literally gave up on the show, it’s been ages that I have seen it as it made me disappointed with the ongoing plot or maybe with all the recent plots that they have showed in kkb too…..) Thank u so much for all the new commenters as well as those who support me from the beginning. Indebted for the amount of support u all give and that makes me to be as regular as possible.

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