Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 3

Pragya: Boss, look at your children and how happy they are looking at your condition!
Abhi gave a sulky face and smiled inwardly at his children’s reactions.

Pragya: You wait here! Until Purab returns! Take care of them.
She said that and left the room with the children in front of Abhi clapping at him.

Abhi: You two have fun seeing your dad like that ah?
The two children chuckled and he don’t even know whether his children understood his words.

Purab came rushing to the room had a laugh riot looking at Abhi’s condition. He was tied up and was in a clown get up.

Abhi: Purab! Untie me yaar! She even took pictures of me in this way!
Purab coming near him untied his hands and was keep on giggling together with the children.

Abhi: Stop it! You don’t join with them!
Purab: How did this happen?
Abhi: You know I am very innocent, she did this to me as my punishment!
Purab: Punishment? For what?
Abhi: I told you what I did in office na…for that she joined with two of them and made me this way…

He said by trying to take the rainbow color wig. Purab stopped him as he showed his children are starting to cry!

Abhi: Oye Abhigya and Prabhi! You two want to see me as clown only ah?
They crawled close to him and punched his stomach.

Pragya: Well done my boxing champions!
Abhi: Boxing champions? Who?
Pragya: Who else? Our kids!
She said proudly.
Abhi: Just because they punched my stomach, that doesn’t mean they are boxing champions.
Pragya: Purab, he called you to save you na…will you be able to save him from the three of us?
Purab shook his head as no with a smile.

Abhi: Purab!!! How much I believed you…but you backfired me!
Pragya smirked and as for Abhigya and Prabhi, they were keep on punching Abhi’s stomach.

Abhi: Both of you are mad….you two think my stomach is punching bag?
He lied down accepting his defeat and both came on top of his stomach and were having a great time tickling him now.

Abhi: Ask them to stop!!
He was also keep on laughing because of their tickles and Pragya signalled Purab to come out of the room.

Pragya: He is always like this….Calling you for all this, I hope you didn’t mind…
Purab: Bhabhi…I always have fun with all of you and I will come whenever you all call me!
Pragya smiled and asked: So you are in love?
Purab looked away trying to avoid the matter.

Pragya: Don’t be shy…I know you are in love with the new staff!
Purab: How did you know Bhabhi?
Pragya:Well, you never tell what happened between Abhi and me using demos to others…
Purab: You even know that?
Pragya: I know even more!
Purab: I….wo…
He stumbled with his words.

Pragya: Small advice, don’t be like him when you tell your love!
Purab: Sure Bhabhi..
Pragya: Haan he still doesn’t know you are in love…
Purab: You didn’t tell him?
Pragya: Why should I Purab? Did he told you when he was in love? No right? Who did he told first? Do you remember that?

Purab: I know but…he is like my…
Pragya: No! You are not telling him! It’s my order!
Purab: Bhabhi…at least let me tell him….
Pragya: No means no! That’s final!

They went inside the room when Pragya looked at Abhi and signalled him to say: I love you!

Abhi: I love you!!

Both Abhigya and Prabhi stopped what they were doing and hugged Abhi.

Abhi: Arrey how did I forgot this!!! I could have stopped them before!
Pragya: Boss I love you!
She said looking into Abhi’s eyes and he blushed. Purab excused himself silently leaving the family to be inside the room.

Pragya sat down on the floor beside the trio and Abhi managed to place the kids in between them in sitting position.

Abhi: I love you too Boss!
Pragya: Acha Boss…tell me one thing…
Abhi: I will tell you two things if you want!
Pragya smiled and said: Haan two things!
Abhi: First of all thank you…
Pragya: Why?
Abhi: For coming into my life!
Pragya:Oh…Okay…second thing?
Abhi: Thank you for being in my life…
Pragya: Boss, don’t you think I should say this?
Abhi: No…
He said by holding her hands but Abhigya and Prabhi started to whine in gibberish language making them laugh.

Abhi: They won’t even let us talk…
Pragya: Like you!
Abhi made both kids to sit on his lap and said: Back to that point again!
Pragya: They are hungry now, take care of them and I will go & get something for them to eat.
Abhi: Like you! Always hungry…
Pragya frowned and left the room without saying anything.

Abhi: Boss is angry again!
Abhigya and Prabhi started to punch his stomach hearing that.

Abhi: You two can understand if I tell anything about your Mummy!

Abhigya and Prabhi were telling something as if complaining which made Abhi to have headache.

Abhi yelled: Pragya!! Faster come! This two are making me stress now!

Pragya hearing his loud voice, He can’t even manage them for 2 mins. Oh ya, how can a child manage two children?

She thought as she was preparing the food for the children.

A while later,

Pragya came back with food for the children and looked at Abhi who was sweating badly.

Abhi jumped onto the bed and saw Pragya taking away the children to the couch.

Abhi: Why your kids are like that?
Pragya feeding them: Excuse me, My kids ah?
Abhi: Yes, then what? They never consider me as their Daddy at all! They were running around and making me running after them too. My knees are gone!
He said by holding his knees in pain.

Pragya: My kids are active! Not like you na…that’s why you can’t handle them!
Abhi: What? I am not active?
Pragya nodded her head with a pitiful look and continued feeding.

Abhi with a wink: Did you forgot that I am always active in the nights?
Pragya: I know what you mean! Shut your mouth and go to sleep! How can u talk like that in front of kids?? So shameless!
Abhigya and Prabhi were opening their mouth for Pragya to feed them but she was keep on staring at Abhi for his romantic looks towards her.

Abhi: I think you need to feed our kids before they have mouth like goldfish!

Pragya realized what he meant and continued to feed them with light chuckle.

Abhi: Anyways, I saw Mithra few days back.
Pragya by then finished feeding the kids and looked at Abhi with a tensed look.

Abhi: I didn’t want to tell you but I thought I have to tell you before anyone else does tells you.

Pragya: Is she still angry with me?
Abhi: I don’t know Pragya, she talked to me normally and I couldn’t feel any kind of grudge towards you. She even asked how are u too.

Pragya remained silent and soon Dadi came inside to bring the kids out.

Abhi sat beside Pragya who was looking worried.

Abhi: I know it still worries you but just let it go as u know even it’s my fault na..

Pragya looked at him doubtfully.

Abhi: Why is Boss looking like a thief now?
Pragya: Was I giving a thief look?
She asked with annoyance.

Abhi: Ok…not a thief look but a small girl’s look when she is caught doing something wrong in front of her mother.

Pragya shook her head and smiled.

Abhi: Hey this is not fair, how can u change your looks?

Pragya: With you, I only end up changing the way I look.

Abhi: it’s like that ah? Then quickly go and change into my favourite red saree!

Pragya: It’s my favourite red saree!

Abhi: Haan so go and change in that now! This is Boss’s order!

Pragya: Your order only works in office not here! Mind it!

Abhi gave a side hug to Pragya and said: Yes Boss!

Pragya: Come and let’s have dinner!

Abhi: I thought there is no dinner for me!

Pragya holding his hand: Come now if not there will be no breakfast too!

Abhi: Okok Boss, now boss is in good mood, I shouldn’t spoil that.

Pragya: Carry me!

Abhi carried her and complained that she had put on lot of weight.

Pragya: Stop complaining, I am losing weight after starting to work with you!

Abhi in a husky voice : Acha….do u work with me or you are working on me in office?

Pragya: Chee! It’s you who is always in romantic mood whenever I come to your cabin!

Abhi: Who ask you to come to my cabin frequently?

Pragya: You!

She said looking away with a blushing face.

Abhi: Is that so? Liar! You come in to check on me and make sure no other lady staff enters my cabin. How possessive you are!!!

Pragya: I trust you Abhi…but not the ladies who work in the company…

Abhi: Why is that so?

Pragya: Because you are handsome na…

She said by hiding her face near his chest.

Abhi smiled proudly and said: Boss finds me handsome…that’s a boost to me!

Pragya looked at him with a wide smile and realized he was not bringing her to dining room

Pragya: Let me down! Where are u bringing me?

Abhi: I am bringing you to show u I am the most active person!

Pragya: Oh Abhi, you can’t do this now! Our kids will look for us after their playtime.

Abhi: I won’t take that long though…
He said in a naughty tone.

Pragya: You are so bad!
Abhi by chuckling: I was just kidding! I am hungry too!

He said by walking back to the dining room.

Pragya sighed in relief and beat his chest lightly as he let her down.

Abhi looking mischievously: You no need to be that nervous just now when you know how fast I am when I am active!

Pragya: Stop this now! I will serve you dinner today.

She said by quickly going to the kitchen to get the food for both of them to eat.

Abhi laughed as he saw her almost running to the kitchen to escape from him.

To be continued…

New staff: What is this position sir?
Purab: Why? It’s just a position they were in.
New staff: Huh? The red glass is on top of blue glass and that’s fine but why there is a ball in inside the glasses?  

To everyone- thanks for the excitement for the past two shots of mine. I hope it continues that way until I end it! Thank you so much again!

Akshaya sis and Abhigya, so you all don’t want me to end this soon? I have to consider about that, but once I run out of ideas then I will end it.

Guess me- Do you want me to guess who are you, Coz I saw you commenting in the previous two shots of mine too. I had a guess in my mind but not sure whether I should tell! ?

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