Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 29

Abhi: Boss! Listen na….I am sorry…
Pragya remained silent in tears as she was sitting on the bed.

Abhi: Pragya! You are becoming like kiddos!
Pragya frowned at him and looked away.
Abhi sat beside her and she stood up.

Abhi: What is this yaar? I said sorry na…
He tried to pull her but she protested.
Abhi: What happened to u now?
Pragya never told anything and she sat on his lap suddenly.

Abhi: Oh my god! Can’t u tell before u sit? U are so heavy!!!

Pragya: Heavy??
Abhi hugging her: A bit heavy….
Pragya: Leave me….you don’t like me!
Abhi: What the hell? How will I hug u if I don’t like u!
Pragya: Then why u scold me just now?
Abhi: Did I scold u? I was showing my upset for u all laughing at me!
Pragya: No! U were angry at me!
Abhi: How can I get angry on u boss? Is that even possible?
Pragya looking like a child: So u are not angry at me?
Abhi: Oh this is damn cute!!!
He said by kissing her cheek.

Pragya smiled and said: Let’s go! Kiddos will be waiting for us!
She said by moving away from him and Abhi gasped at her.

Pragya: Boss! Faster! I am so hungry!
Abhi: You were acting all this while ah?
Pragya winked at him as yes.
Abhi: Cheater! How could u do like this?
Pragya: Boss….I know u were upset at us for making fun of u but how can I let my Boss be upset for so long? That’s why I did a small drama to change your mood.

Abhi: Small drama? Do u know how worried I was for making u in tears!
Pragya: Oh Boss! Please don’t start your emotional expressions again!
Abhi looked away and smiled as Pragya came in front of him and said: This smile is what I want always in your face….
Abhi: Why is that so?
Pragya: As this smile is what I can admire all day….
Abhi: Really? What else do u admire about me?
Pragya: Your eyes!
Abhi: Why? Does it hypnotizes u?
Pragya chuckled and said: No…but they talk to me…
Abhi: Talk to u ah? That’s interesting.
Pragya: Interesting right? Let me tell u. When u are happy they tell me that I should smile. When u are angry they tell me that I should calm u down.When u are worried, they tell me that I should make u happy. When u are tensed they tell me I should make u stress free. When u are….

Before she could complete her sentence he looked at her passionately making Pragya to be shy.

Abhi in a mischievous tone: Why did u stop halfway?
Pragya hugged him and Abhi in response: Now they ask u to hug me ah?
Pragya still in his hug: Hmm…

Abhi: Do u know how difficult it is for me now to resist u?
Pragya: I know…
Abhi: What u know ah? Even though u smell bad as u never even brush your teeth but I still feel like kissing u!
Pragya shrieked: What? I smell bad???
She break away from his hug and stared at him.

Abhi: Go and brush your teeth first!
Pragya: How unromantic? I was expressing what I feel about your eyes but u are telling about something else!
Abhi: Like u said before. Hygiene is important and especially when kiddos are around.

Pragya walked away to the bathroom and Abhi laughed at her but was feeling how lucky he is to get a lovely lady in his life.

At the dining room,

Kiddos saw Pragya coming down the stairs first as Abhi was walking behind her by continuously smiling.

Kiddos squealed: Mumma!!
Pragya cheerfully: Oh kiddos! There I come!
She said by walking fast and was almost going to fall when Abhi hold her by the waist at the right moment.

Abhi looked into her eyes and said: Cute Mumma why are u so rude?
Pragya gave a deadly stare at him as kiddos yelled: hit!hit!

Abhi helping her to stand steady looked at kiddos and winked.

Dasi: You two start this early in the morning itself! Fight wala romance….
She said in a teasing tone making Abhi smile but Pragya shook her head.

Pragya: No! It’s fight only…No romance!
Dadi and Dasi smiled teasingly at them as Pragya walked towards her kiddos and sat beside them.

Abhi gave a sulky face and sat opposite to Pragya.

Pragya turning towards kids whispered: Puppa! Baddie!

Kids hearing that were alarmed.

Pragya whispered: But no worries kiddos we will make him good! Ok?

Kids nodded their heads as yes.

Pragya then looked at Abhi and smiled faintly.

Abhi: What is the discussion?
He asked raising his eyebrow.

Pragya: Nothing!
Abhi: Lie! I will ask kiddos itself! Kiddos tell Puppa what did Mumma tell! Please….
Kids looked at each other blankly.

Abhi: Don’t worry kiddos, just tell me.
Prabhi: Puppa…
Abhi: Hmm…
Abhigya: Puppa…
Abhi: Yes I am Puppa but what did she tell!

Dadi: Oh god! Abhi how will they tell what she told them! They only know some words na…

Abhi: Dadi! Please don’t interfere between father and daughters discussion!
Dadi frowned at him as Pragya looked in disbelief.

Finally the kids got the courage and they speak for more than 5 mins non-stop in their gibberish language. Hearing that the ladies were shocked as Abhi was looking serious.

Abhi: So all this is what she told u ah?
Kids: ya!ya!
Abhi: Should be something bad about me…
The kids looked at Pragya who was looking everywhere except at the kids and Abhi.

Abhi: Pragya! This is not good to tell bad about their father. And that too at this point of time. Do I look like a baddie to u?

Pragya looked amazed of how did he know that she mentioned him as baddie to kids. She definitely knew it was not very loud for him to hear.

Abhi: I am asking u something and u are having your mouth widely opened! What is this Pragya?

Pragya: I was just kidding….
She said in a low tone.

Abhi: Have your breakfast first as u are hungry, later we will talk about this.

He said and smiled at his kids. In return they smiled and clapped lightly for Abhi.

Abhi: It’s okay kiddos! No need to praise me for this…
Kids: Hit!hit! Puppa!
Abhi proudly: Yes I know I am blockbuster hit!

Pragya served herself with the food and was feeling lost of the bonding between Abhi and kids.

Pragya, I am the one spending most of the time with kiddos but they are against me now! How is this possible?

Abhi: Pragya….it’s getting cold, faster eat your meal!
Pragya: Huh?
Abhi loudly: Eat!!!
Pragya: Ok…
She said and ate her food with confusion.

After their meal, the kids together with Abhi and Pragya went for a stroll in the garden.

Abhi: It’s good that they are in the pram.
Pragya: Why?
Abhi: Now I can talk to u na…
Pragya: Oh…
Abhi: Why did u say I am baddie?
Pragya: I didn’t mean to it was just for fun after u teased me earlier today…
Abhi: Did I tease u? I told the fact that u never brush your teeth!
Pragya: No! Your eyes told me that you’re teasing me!

Abhi smiled and said: You know how to divert me but I am not diverting from this topic. Listen Pragya, not even for fun u should tell our kids that I am baddie, I am not telling this just because they would have a bad impression of me but it is also because u telling them me as baddie doesn’t sound nice. I know u may find this exaggerating but I don’t like u to tell me as bad. I don’t mind others telling me as bad or anything negatively but when it comes to u, I only want to hear positive things about me…..I am very selfish in that!

Pragya didn’t think that he would be this much serious for this small matter.

Pragya: Boss…I am sorry, I really didn’t mean to tell bad about u…You know that I will never think bad about u! Even if I think it’s all for silly reasons!

Abhi: I know….but….
Pragya: Oh Boss…do u know how matured u had become now?
She asked happily.

Abhi: Really? Why do u feel so?
Pragya: Ya if not u wouldn’t have lectured me on something that is personal and at the same time it is very important.

Abhi in confusion: What do u mean?
Pragya: Boss…u feel bad as I said like that about u to kiddos, isn’t that so?
Abhi nodded his head as yes.

Pragya: Okay that is your personal feeling as u can’t stand me to say u in a negative way, it’s not only to kiddos but to anyone or in your words I shouldn’t even think anything bad about u as that much u love me. But the most important thing is as their parents we have to be conscious of our words when telling about each other to them. Sometimes small things that we tell to them can have an impression about us. If it’s good then it’s fine but if it’s bad then it is difficult to change their mindset. I know this is too early for them to understand but very soon they will be growing up and if this continues unknowingly, then it’s dangerous!!!

Abhi in surprise: So u are telling that I gave u a parenting tip for free?
Pragya holding his arms: Yes Boss…
She said with a wide smile.

Abhi: Only u can think like this. I was feeling something else and u made a lesson out of it.

He said and chuckled making Pragya to smile more as well.

The kids who were in the prams heard their parents conversation but couldn’t understand it clearly and to make it worse they were not facing them as Abhi and Pragya were behind the pram letting the kids to play with their soft toys.

The kids didn’t understand why their parents never let them down on the garden to walk. At home also they played with their soft toys and now they felt bored of playing again with the toys in a different location.

Eventually they cried making Abhi and Pragya attend to them.

As this was happening,

New staff received another email from Purab.

New staff, He is getting on my nerves now! Why can’t he just tell everything today! Bits and pieces if not scene by scene! What is all this?

She complained as she opened the email and saw his message:

Dear Darling,

I am really very sorry for this but as per your wish I have fully typed what happened after scene 1. It’s a long one and hope you’ll enjoy it.

New staff smiled seeing that and felt bad for being frustrated just now.

She then continued to read:

Pragya “ What is all this Mr Abhi? U have signed my name in those documents that u are supposed to check. Do u know it’s for uncle to sign and not us!” She screamed at him as he smiled with a dreamy look.

Pragya “ I am asking u something Mr Abhi!”
Abhi “ A few weeks back I saw the pleasant, peaceful part of you and now u are back with the bossy avatar!” Pragya looked away and said “ That’s not real! This is me! This is real!” She said in a stern tone.

Abhi “ Lie! That is real! You had shyness that have the shades of love is true. You had politeness that have the perfection of love is true. You had love which not many people show in the way u expressed is true!”

Pragya “ Will u stop your filmy dialogues. I can’t even imagine from which movie u picked up these lines! I am only here to point out your mistake! Bye!”

Before she could leave Abhi walk towards Pragya and tries to block her way. Abhi “ Why are u having this mask Pragya? That day when u first cried and hugged me was the real u! You are acting strong with the talent and skills u have but u are very soft and delicate from your heart. Isn’t it?” He asked by holding her hand.

Pragya was shocked of how could he know this and she felt like running away at that moment but he was very close to her which affected her badly.

Pragya stammered “ I…no…you…” Abhi “ Do u even realize that I am not calling u Ms Pragya recently?” Pragya “ Yes…I mean no!” Abhi smirked and moved behind.

Pragya was thinking whether to stay there or leave.

Abhi “ Don’t think Pragya…stay here…stay with me….” Pragya was taken aback of his words.

Abhi “ Let me come to the point directly! I know u are here to see me with the wrong signatures that i have signed as an excuse!”

Pragya “ What? No way! It is not an excuse!”

Abhi “ Ok that’s not an excuse then why are u looking so nervous now. Why can’t you stop fidgeting yourself?” Pragya stammering “ Too…cold…” Abhi “ How Pragya? How do u feel cold when the AC is not even working!”

Pragya looked away of unable to answer him further.

Abhi “ I feel strange Pragya….even a person like me who dislikes women can be gentle to u but why do u have to be rude to me? Why do u always shout at me? Am I that bad?”

He asked emotionally in a shaky voice making her feel guilty of her actions.

Pragya, He is right! How can I be rude to him for just a small mistake? The documents can be prepared again and why do I have to shout at a man who saved my life twice?

Pragya in a low tone “I am sorry… I am bothering u….” Abhi “ Yes Pragya but I am loving it…” Pragya looked into his deep brown eyes with her eyes being moist. Before Abhi could hug her she runs away.

New staff: What happened next?

She asked loudly as there was a huge blank space. She had to scroll down to check was there anything.

Finally she saw the text written as:

Teaser to scene 2:
Abhi “Let’s see…” Pragya “ What to see?”
Abhi “ I mean how to get out from this room!” Pragya find his words suspicious.

New staff groaned: Not again! Another cliffhanger!

She again tried to call him but his number was unreachable which made her to look sadly at her phone.

The kids find their parents funny when fighting with pillows.

Abhi shrieked: Oh no!
Pragya stopped hitting him with the pillow and looked exhausted.

Abhi: Look there!
Pragya looked at the sight of their kids and rushed to them!

Thanks for reading and too tired to reply. Will try to reply everyone from tmrw, Hopefully… and sorry for saying sorry (This can be ignored) to everyone for late night updates.

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