Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 28

The next day, Pragya waked up from the bed with the flashes of yesterday’s events and she realized Abhi was not beside her.

She looked at the time and was shocked to see it as 11 am!

Pragya, I have been sleeping for so long! Nobody had waked me up! I wonder what happened to kiddos? They always look for me in the morning!

She rushed to their playroom but they were not there! Then she rushed to see Dadi and Dasi but they were also missing.

Just then she heard screams of kiddos from the kitchen.

Pragya went there and saw all over there.

The kiddos were sitting on their specialized small chairs safely and Abhi was seen in a chef wear.

He was frantically cutting the onions and tomatoes by sweating heavily with Dadi and Dasi instructing him.

As for the kiddos they were also shouting in their gibberish language making Abhi even more stressed.

Pragya seeing all this giggled making them look at her.

Pragya: What is happening here?
Dadi: He wants to cook for u and all of us are here for him!
Pragya walking near the kiddos: Why they are here too?
Dasi: He said in future his kids should remember this event!
Pragya smirked looking at Abhi who smiled proudly and then continued his cutting work.

Kiddos softly: Mumma…
Pragya: Yes my kiddos, and u are here to witness this ah?
Kiddos happily: ya!ya!
Pragya: But tell me one thing how long he has been doing this?
Dadi: Don’t ask that Pragya! He was so scared to cut the tomato as he feels blood will splash out from it!
Abhi: It’s red right? So I thought….
Pragya laughed at his thinking and it made him feel embarrassed.

The rest also laughed and the kiddos also joined as they find their Mumma cute when laughing!

Abhi fumed in anger of all the ladies laughing at him.

Abhi taking of his apron: I am going! You ladies are so bad! I know all this women only know how to laugh at others.

He said that and walked away leaving Pragya going behind him to calm him down.

Dasi: Chalo didi, we would have done breakfast way before because of him it got delayed.

Dadi: No need I have already asked Robin to prepare food for us and he should have kept in the fridge.

Dasi smiled at her sister’s precaution.

The kiddos looked worried as their parents had gone out and they were talking among themselves of what is happening.

Dasi whispered: Look there didi…there is a serious discussion going on.

Dadi: Like us! Sisters’ scene is going on!

As for Abhi he went to the garden and was looking frustrated.

Pragya: Boss! I am sorry na…
He said by holding her ears.

Abhi turned away in anger with his arms folded.

Pragya: Boss…
Abhi: What Boss? No respect to me in this house!
Pragya: Please Boss…don’t say like that na..
Abhi: Do u know how early I waked up only for u?
Pragya: I know…
Abhi: What u know? You don’t know anything!
He yelled making her break into tears.
Abhi: You are crying?
Pragya turned behind and said: No I am laughing!
As usual she ran away from there making Abhi run behind her.

The kiddos who by then were in the living room with Dadi and Dasi saw their parents running. They looked lost of what’s happening now!

Dadi looking at the kids: You two are confused of why Mumma and Puppa running like this?

Kids nodded their head as yes.

Dasi: Don’t worry they will be back in a while.
She smiled saying that but the kids hoped all will be fine with their parents.

As this happened, new staff had no mood to go office thinking of his absence in the office.
Purab called her.

Purab: Heard someone is not even going to work….
New staff in annoyance: You can say it directly as me.
Purab: How can I when u will be angry?
New staff: Why did u call now? U said u will call in 10 mins yesterday but u never called at all!
Purab: I gave u grace time…
New staff, You don’t know how many times I checked my phone for your call….
Purab: I know….
New staff in shock: U know?
Purab: I know that you’re missing me…
New staff sighed in relief.

Purab smirked as she asked: Can I ask u something?
Purab: Sure!
New staff: When are u coming back?
Purab: I said before na…after 3 weeks…
New staff in a low tone: Oh…
Purab: Ok so what’s your guess?
New staff: Actually,I know which two scenes. Purab: Ok…if it’s wrong do u know what are the consequences. I had texted u the consequences do u remember?
New staff: I know but if I am right then u have to tell me how the two scenes happened now itself!

Purab smirked as new staff looked tensed hoping her guess will be correct.

New staff: Scene 1 and 3…..
Purab: Not bad ah…U got it correct! How did u guess?
New staff: Sir…it’s an effort of many hours…
Purab: Acha…so let me tell u how it happened as u are eager to know!

New staff: Yes! Please sir…
Purab beginned his narration.

Abhi and Pragya were back at work and Abhi was madly in love with Pragya but was hesitant to tell his love for her. Main reason is his DADI! Yes she is against love marriages for some reason. That makes poor Abhi to be scared to reveal her feelings to Pragya.

Abhi went inside his cabin and his daydreams from the moment he entered the office. He see Pragya at the pantry waiting for him with a cup of coffee. Then when he went near her, he realized it was not Pragya but it was a man!

He was alarmed to see him and quickly went to his cabin.

Pragya was working busy in her cabin and realized Abhi had not passed her some of the documents.

New staff: Scene 1 now?
Purab: Hmm..ya! Wait! Wait!

New staff: Sorry…excitement na..
Purab smiled and continued.

Now it’s scene 1, Abhi daydreams and signs the documents as Pragya instead of his name!

New staff: Scene 3?

Purab: It’s a long scene so I will tell u later! Bye!

New staff: What? Please no!!!
She pleaded but it was futile and he ended the call making her desperate.

Abhi “Let’s see…” Pragya “ What to see?”
Abhi “ I mean how to get out from this room!” Pragya find his words suspicious.

Sorry for the late update. Was tired today so I know what I typed was a bit boring too.
I still haven’t replied Reshu, Saranya sis, Maha and Mokshi sis. Will do that soon n Abhigya I had replied u n sorry for the late reply.

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  1. Prabhigya

    Too good
    Small update bt happy with cute scenes of Abhi cooking for Pragya….and m too excited to knw the scene as new staff…??
    and these kiddos,as in serials, behave brainy than kids of there age….I mean they are not even an year old but understands everything… Bt still I enjoy there scenes.
    And don’t be sorry Maya di for updating it late….I managed anyhow..????

    1. Maya

      Thank u so much Prabhigya! Ya they are very smart for their age

  2. Lovely update sissy❤❤❤??? abhi as chef so cuteeee???? kiddos lovely newstaff n purab lovely??????❤❤❤??? no need to be sorry sissy??keep rocking?? eagerly waiting 4 ur nxt updt????❤❤????

    1. Maya

      Thank u Mokshi sis for the cheerful comment!!!!

  3. Prathi

    Abhi became the chef!! And kids you don’t know how much I love them so cute.. And new staff is falling hard for Purab

    1. Maya

      Haha ya and I guess kids have more fans here than abhigya hehe. She is falling for him but how hard…I don’t know….

  4. Maya di did I ask sorry to you why all are saying simply sorry I hate that sorry if you say sorry again then ask to saranya di what I said to her I will do that and I said na for you I am reading the ff then why are you asking sorry one day I also did that only commented you so lately but you said no sorry na then why you are saying sorry to me if u again ask sorry then I won’t talk to you and coming to the update that was simply superb and abhi became chef and that kiddos hey na too brilliant eventhough they are small but understands what their elders are speaking and the kiddos are ya ya babies always saying ya ya cute babies and purab and new staff scene was superb and interesting eagerly waiting for next update and don’t ask sorry if you are late.

    1. Maya

      Cool! Ok no more sorry! Only thank u to u cute choti! And coming to kiddos, ya they are ya ya babies as they love to be like that. Glad that u find that scene superb n I will try my best not to say sorry again. So sweet of ur comments and thanks for that again!

  5. Reshma_Pradeep

    The kiddos are soooooooo cuteeeeeee! Loved it soooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    1. Maya

      Hehe ya they are so cute like all of u liking their cuteness. Thanks for loving it Reshu!

  6. Hey really intrstng…??

    1. Maya

      Thank u so much nasima for finding it interesting!

  7. Saranya24

    Ohh tat was so sweet of abhi cooking loved it akka love u loads and dnt say sry muuaahh???????

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      Thank u Saranya sis for finding it sweet! Ok will try not to say sorry. Love u too!

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      Thank u ayshakhan! I have replied to the previous doubt of yours in the last update. Do check it out when u r free. Thank u once again for reading!

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