Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 27

New staff was unable to stand the fact that she can’t see him for 3 weeks!

New staff, How can he leave me like this? Is this fair to me? Is this him who is doing like this?

Thinking all that she called him again.

Purab finally attended the call and never said anything.

New staff: I know u are listening!
Purab: Hmm…
New staff: What hmm? How dare u leave me like this? I never even see u properly yesterday! How is it fair if u are saying are missing for 3 weeks! How can u do like this? Do u know how much of a torture is this to me?
Purab: Wait! Wait! What did u say?
New staff: I said a lot and all is my disappointment towards u!
Purab: Acha….you feel sad that u never see me properly?
New staff: Haan…
Purab: You feel torture as I will be missing for 3 weeks?
New staff: Haan…How can u do like this?
She asked desperately.
Purab: One moment, does all your worry and sadness that I hear tells me something…Does all this means u will miss me? To be specific, does it mean u love me as only those who are in love will feel the way u feel….

Realization hits on New staff for the way she spoke to him a while ago.

Purab in a charming way: Love?
New staff in a lost look: Haan…
Purab with excitement: Haan to love?
New staff: No! No! I was saying haan to something else!!!
Purab: Lie!
New staff: No sir…I am telling the truth….
Purab: The truth of love?
New staff looked around and said: Sir…please…
Purab: What please? Admit that u love me!
New staff: Like this through phone? Who would admit like this Sir?
Purab: That means admit it when I meet u next time!
New staff gasped at the thought of admitting her love for him. She smiled thinking of hugging him but then her face shrinked when she thought that she is over imagining.
Purab: Are u imagining it?
New staff: Sir…please it’s like u are taking advantage of my silence.
Purab: Ok leave all this…by the why did u call me? You know I am very busy now!
He said by lying on the bed.

New staff: I am sorry sir for disturbing you….
Purab with a smirk: It’s alright but u still haven’t told me why did u call me!
New staff: About the email, about the scenes…
Purab: Oh…
New staff: Are u really busy?
She asked nervously.

Purab: Wait a minute!
He said and she in response: Ok sir…
He waked up from the bed and walked towards the window.

Purab: Haan now u tell, just now the signal was weak…
New staff: If u don’t mind, may I know where are u?
Purab: Delhi….
New staff: Oh…
She replied in a low tone.

Purab: Is that all? Can I end the call?
New staff: No! No! I want to ask u why the scenes u sent me don’t have any connection with each other? Why do u sent me bits and pieces!!

Purab: Who said there is no connection?
New staff: They have connection?
Purab: Listen carefully darling, I have no time to even type. You could be wondering why I sent a email too! The thing is I was typing for an email for a client and in between I had this thought for typing for you as I know u would be missing my storytelling more than me. Lastly, there were 3 scenes that I sent u, two of them are one after another that means after one scene had happened the next scene happens. Do you understand?

New staff: I understand whatever u told but which two scenes happen one after another?

Purab: That is for you to guess and I am giving you 10 minutes to tell me!

New staff: What’s the big deal? It’s just 3 scenes…
She said confidently.

Purab: But u only have 1 guess!
New staff: Huh? That’s unfair! At least give me 3 chances….
Purab: No! Only 1 guess, 1 chance in your words. Your time starts now. I will call u in 10 minutes!

He ended the call leaving new staff hurriedly checking her mail for the 3 scenes.

As this happened, Abhi decided to bring Pragya for shopping.

Abhi softly: Boss…
Pragya: Yes Boss…anything special?
Abhi: How did u know it’s something special?
Pragya with a wide smile: Your voice tells that….
Abhi smiled in response as Pragya sat beside him.

Pragya: What’s the matter Boss?
Abhi: Since I had half day work today and u also seem to be free as kiddos are playing with Dadi and Dasi, so I thought why not we go for shopping?

Pragya with hesitation: I would love to but kiddos….
Abhi: We won’t take that long…We will be back in a hour…
Pragya: You sure Boss?
Abhi: Haan it’s just shopping for Purab and I need your help in that!
Pragya: For Purab or new staff?
She asked in a teasing tone.

Abhi:Very smart Boss….It’s for her….
Pragya: You mean love started already?
Abhi: Slightly but still need to pat her lightly to make love light in her heart …
Pragya in surprise: Boss! Is this you only? How do u talk like that?
Abhi chuckled and asked her to get ready fast as he would go and inform Dadi and Dasi about their shopping.

Pragya smiled and went to the closet to get changed.

Abhi came back in a while to the room and called Pragya loudly!!!

Pragya: What happened Boss? Anything serious?
Abhi: Yes very serious! Kiddos!
Pragya: What happened to them?
Abhi: U faster come out Boss!
He said in a panicked tone making Pragya tensed.

She quickly changed into a blue salwar kameez and came out of the closet to see the kiddos sitting on the bed silently.

Pragya: Nothing happened na…
Abhi: No! They also want to come along with us!
Kids: Ya! Ya!
Pragya: Why? Did u tell any words like going or bye bye?
Abhi looked sheepishly and nodded his head.

Pragya: No wonder! Now we can’t escape from them.
Abhi: But Boss…I just want the two of us to go…like u know it’s so long that we went out together!

He grumbled as Pragya shook her head.

The kids were already with their arms widely opened and looked as if to get them dress changed.

Pragya wondered how to handle this kids of hers.

Pragya: Come here Boss!
Abhi went near her and she whispered her plan.

Abhi: Great! I love you so much!
He said loudly and Pragya covered his mouth for his loud voice.

Abhi kissed her palm making her blush and she quickly moved towards the kids.

Kids: Mumma…Go!Go!
Pragya: No! No! Kiddos we are not going anywhere…
Kids again repeated happily: Go!go!
Pragya: No Kiddos we are going to sleep…

She closed her eyes and enacted it’s sleeping time.

Kids understood sleeping and felt sad that they can’t go out.

Prabhi gently:Mumma….
Pragya: What dear?
She asked caressing her hair.
Abhigya softly: Mumma….
Pragya with her other hand patting her cheek: You also call me…
The kids: Go! Go! Cute Mumma…
They said pleadingly.

Abhi seeing all this: They want u to go is it?
Pragya: Ssssh!
She said a bit loud to silence him.

He was taken aback but looked confused and was getting impatient as the time was passing.

Pragya: Let’s sleep kiddos…tomorrow we will go!go!
The kids looked down in disappointment. They didn’t expect it would be their sleeping time now.

Pragya: Oh kiddos…are u all becoming sad?
The kids sadly: ya…ya…
Pragya kissed the kids and they smiled widely.

Pragya: Come on kiddos! We will go!go! To all your favourite places tomorrow! Then I will buy for u all baby toys! This one! Wait I will show u now!

She said by taking her phone and showed them the pictures of baby toys. The kids looking at that turned excited and were very happy.

Kids squealed in happiness and Pragya hugging them: Tomorrow go!go! Today is sleeping! Ok?
Kiddos: ya!ya! Mumma!
Pragya: Good kiddos!
She said cheerfully making kids even more happy.

Pragya slowly removing them from the hug made them sit and looked at Abhi.

Abhi in response whispered: Sorry…
Pragya signalled as if it’s alright.

Pragya: Take care of them and let me make them feed something and then they will fall asleep in a while.

Abhi: Ok Boss!
Pragya smiled and walked off to get food for the kids.

After making them eat and sleep, Abhi and Pragya left the house.

In the car,
Abhi was very silent in his own thoughts when Pragya asked: What are u thinking Boss?
Abhi: I feel bad for cheating kiddos…
Pragya: Me too…
Abhi: You too?
Pragya: But to tell the truth it’s not a good idea to bring them out in the night.
Abhi: Why Boss? They are scared of darkness?
He asked his doubt very innocently.
Pragya: No Boss…if they are out now then they will sleep on the way for sure. They sleep quite early in night.
Abhi: Oh I see…
Pragya: Then I will mostly end up in the car taking care of them but now at least they are sleeping peacefully with Dadi and Dasi.

Abhi: But still it makes me feel lonely now…
Pragya: Lonely?
She asked in surprise.
Abhi: Yes Boss, with them it’s a lot more fun!
Pragya: Then with me there is no fun?
She asked looking down.
Abhi: With u it’s romance….
He said in a romantic tone making Pragya look away in shyness.

Pragya: Ya!ya! U are talking as if we are just married…
Abhi: Whatever it is u always make me feel romantic….
Pragya: Drive the car properly and pay attention to the road!
Abhi: Yes Boss….
Pragya was keep on smiling until they reached the shopping mall and Abhi was keep on teasing her.

After shopping something for new staff, both were walking towards the car when suddenly Abhi saw Pragya running away holding the bags!

Abhi murmured: Now what happened to her?
He too ran behind her and saw her fainting!

Abhi patting her cheek: Pragya! Open your eyes Pragya!

She was still unconscious and he carried her in his arms and brought her into the car.

He then sprinkled water on her face and she slowly regained consciousness.

Pragya looking at Abhi: Suniye…
Abhi looking worried: Are u feeling better?
Pragya holding her head: Haan Boss…over there…
Abhi: Did u had your meals on time? Why do u run like that?
Pragya: No Boss, I saw him…
Abhi: Who?
Pragya: Jai…
Abhi: So what? For that u need to run?
Pragya: No Boss…he was standing with Mithra….
Abhi: Whatever it is u still don’t have to run like that! Everytime u faint my heart is stop beating Pragya!
Pragya looking down: Sorry Boss….
Abhi: Do u know how I felt you were unconscious for a day after giving birth to kiddos? It made me lifeless!
Pragya trying to sit straight: Boss…u still remember that ah? That was not so serious!
Abhi: Let’s go! Don’t talk anything!
He said and made her wear seat belt while she understood that Abhi was very worried for her as usual.

New staff: I know which two scenes.
Purab: Ok…if it’s wrong do u what are the consequences.
New staff: I know but if I am right then u have to tell me how the two scenes happened now itself!
Purab smirked as new staff looked tensed hoping her guess will be correct.

Thank u all for reading!

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