Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 26

Pragya: Kiddos! Stop running!
The kids were only in diapers and Pragya was trying to catch them to wear their clothes.

Prabhi screamed while running : Uya! Uya!
Abhigya: Juju! Juju!
Pragya was completely lost in which direction to go when both were running in opposite directions.

Abhi came back after work and was shocked to hear the commotion.

Abhi walked to the room and was shocked to see Abhigya and Prabhi hiding under a chair and Pragya standing in tiredness.

Pragya: Boss! U are back?
She asked looking at him.

Abhi: Ya ya!
Pragya: Don’t say that! I am so angry with this kiddos!
She said by walking towards him.

Abhi: What happened?
He asked by hugging her.
Pragya complained of the kids making her running behind them as they don’t want to wear the clothes that she have.

Abhi chuckled: Why? Is your choice that bad?
Pragya frowned and pointed towards the couch where the clothes were.
Abhi: Hmm…It’s plain…
Pragya: Boss…they are only at home na..and it’s cotton clothes! It’s good for this weather!
Abhi: But very plain!
Pragya looked at him in disbelief.

Abhi: For this they hide under the chair?
Pragya: Haan Boss! They ran in opposite directions and I don’t know who to catch first!
Abhi: Where is Dadi and Dasi?
Pragya: They went to see the pandit ji.
Abhi: Why?
Pragya: That day he was supposed to pass us something na…but we missed to take it. Do u remember?
Abhi: Oh ya…

That’s when the kids: Puppa…
They said in a low tone making Abhi move away from Pragya.

Abhi kneeling down: Come come Kiddos! You two are safe now!
They crawled and came towards him and complained in their gibberish language.

Pragya looked annoyed of them.

Abhi: Omg! This much had happened!
The kids nodded their heads sadly and hugged Abhi.

Pragya: Nothing much happened.It was they who…
Abhi: Stop it Mumma!
Pragya was taken aback by his words.
Abhi: Mumma! U are very bad! How can u do this to kiddos?
Pragya: I am not your Mumma!
Abhi: You are not but u are their Mumma right?
Pragya nodded her head and was about to tell something when Abhi: They are not wearing anything today! Just let them be free!
Pragya: Huh? What are u saying?
Abhi never said anything and brought the kids to the bed.

Pragya: Hello! It’s not nice being like this…
Abhi: Kiddos! Let’s play!
Kids were excited and happy that finally they could play!
Abhi walked passed Pragya to get the kids’ soft toys and Pragya was giving a confused look.

Kids: Puppa! Hit! Hit!
Pragya looking at the kids: Like seriously? He is hit! hit? Oh yes…I should hit him for pampering the two of u!
Kids looked away in anger and talked among themselves.
Abhigya: Prabhoo…juju!
Prabhi: Abhoo…uya!uya!

Abhi was back with the soft toys and the kids squealed in happiness seeing their favourite toys and were happily playing with Abhi.

Pragya looking at all this was irritated.

Abhi: I think u should get going as u are disturbing by staring at us!
Pragya huffed in anger and walked away.

Abhi smirked and said: Cute Mumma..
The kids: No!no!
Abhi in surprise: You two understand what I meant?
The kids: Ya! Ya!
Abhi: whatever it is your Mumma is always cute for me!

After a while,
Pragya was about to drink water when she heard them call her Mumma loudly.

Pragya, This kiddos won’t let me even drink water peacefully!

She rushed to the room and Abhi looked at her with a wide smile.

Pragya: Now why did u all called me?
She asked in a stern tone.
Abhi: Come near us…
Pragya reluctantly walked to them and the kids said: Cute!
Pragya widened her eyes in shock.
Abhi swiftly pulled her close to him and asked: How cute u look in surprise?
The kids: Ya!ya!
Pragya: Did they say cute?
Abhi: Any doubts?
Pragya couldn’t believe it.

Abhi: What is Mumma?
He asked looking at the kids.
Kids: Cute!
Pragya smiled widely and Abhi made her sit on his lap.

Abhi: How was that?
Pragya in happiness: Ask them to say that again!

Abhi made the kids repeat the word cute and Pragya kissed Abhi’s cheek.

Abhi: Woah! I didn’t expect this!
Pragya looked down in shyness while the kids whined as they also wanted kiss from Pragya.

Abhi: Now why are they making noise?
Pragya: They want kisses from me….
She said with shyness.
Abhi: Just like me na….
Pragya blushed badly and looked away.

Abhi: Enough of your blushing! Take care of them and for your kind information, I have chosen a pinky wear for them with all the flowers!
Pragya: Where is it?
Abhi: On the couch! Make them wear it, as I need to take my bath!
Pragya: They are ok with it?
Abhi: Ofcourse! It’s not plain like your choice and it’s cotton too!
Pragya make a sulky face and looked away.

Abhi loudly: Get back to work!
Pragya: Yes boss…
She said in a dragging tone and Abhi chuckled hearing that.

Pragya screeched: Boss!!!
Abhi: Okok! Do your work and then u no need to bark later!
Pragya: Like seriously? Do I look like a dog that barks?
Abhi: No!no! What I meant is something rhyming na…work? bark?
Pragya moving away from him mumbled something.

Abhi: Bye babies! I am going to take my hot shower to relax myself….
The kids were all the while engrossed in their own conversation and they responded ya!ya! after hearing Abhi saying bye babies.

Pragya: So rude!
She said by folding her arms.
Abhi: Who?
He asked by taking his towel.
Pragya: Everyone!
Abhi: Ya what can we do Boss? Nothing is in our hands…the world is like that…
He said emotionally trying to hide his smile.

Saying that he went to the bathroom as Pragya sat beside the kids and asked: Do u all even like Mumma?
The kids looked at each other blankly.
Pragya sadly: No ah?
The kids: ya!ya!
Pragya: You all mean ya!ya! for no?
The kids looked confused and talked something among themselves.

Pragya with disappointment: Nowadays I feel lonely….u two never talk to me…either talking among yourself if not talking to Puppa…
The kids hearing Pragya’s sad tone became sad too.

The kids tenderly: Mumma…
Pragya looked up and asked: Now what?
Prabhi: Cute!
Abhigya: Mumma!
Pragya was amazed of how both said and hugged them in happiness.

Abhi from inside the bathroom: Boss…I think your possessive side is coming up!

Pragya: Haan…
Abhi: But don’t worry as your pleasant side will come up when I am around u….
Pragya: Will u bath first instead of talking?
Abhi: I need help!
Pragya with a confused look: Help?
Abhi: Help me bath like kiddos!
Pragya: Disgusting! We are leaving from here Boss…
Abhi: Okok! I won’t talk anything…just stay here…please as I feel scared being alone…
Pragya: Very funny Boss!
Abhi smiled as she stayed back playing with the kids.

As this was happening, Purab sent a email to New staff.

New staff: Email? From him? And that too at this time?

She opened the email and saw the message:

Hi! Wondering why this email? I couldn’t meet u today and tell the story. That’s why this long email! The attachment have the scenes u would like to know. Happy Reading! ( For now it’s just scenes as I am busy darling…)

New staff smiled and opened the attachment.

She lied on her bed and started to read:

Scene 1: Abhi daydreams in office and signs the documents as Pragya instead of his name!

Scene 2: Abhi “ Why are u here?” Pragya “ Because u are here!” Abhi “ You sure?” Pragya “ No!” Abhi “No?” Pragya “ I mean yes!” Abhi “ Yes?” Pragya turned away and in a softer tone “ Yes…” Abhi “ But…” Pragya “ I know we are locked here…” Abhi “ You know?” Pragya “ Stop asking questions and find a way to go out from here!” Abhi looked away thinking of knowing her more in this situation.

Scene 3: Abhi walk towards Pragya and tries to block her way. Pragya “ I am bothering u….” Abhi “ Yes…but I am loving it…” Pragya looked into his deep brown eyes with her eyes being moist. Before Abhi could hug her she runs away.

New staff, What is this? 3 scenes and all are incomplete! This is seriously intolerable!

She said and tried calling his mobile but there was no response.

That’s when he texted:
Sorry! I am leaving out of town for a few days so bear with the 3 scenes for 3 weeks!

New staff was taken aback at the thought of him leaving for 3 weeks!

She was getting restless and feeling worried.
Abhi saw Pragya running away again!
Abhi murmured: Now what happened to her?
He too ran behind her and saw her fainting!

I have replied everyone in the last update and thank u again for reading?

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