Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 25

Abhi and Pragya were back at home carrying the kids. They were silent as they entered the house and the kids were already sleeping.

Dadi saw them looking lost in some thoughts.

Dadi: How was the day Pragya?
Pragya: Haan Dadi…
Dadi: Haan?
Abhi: Give us sometime Dadi…we will be back in a while.

By saying that they headed to the room to make the kids lie down on the bed.

Abhi: Pragya….
Pragya making sure the kids lie down safely with the pillows by the side looked at him.

Pragya remained silent.

Abhi: Boss…
Pragya: Just call me Pragya…
Abhi: Boss! Why do u look so worried?
Pragya: Don’t u know? Or are u acting as if u don’t know?
Abhi: About Mithra right?
Pragya nodded her head as yes.

Abhi: Wait na…We have to take a smart move to make her back to form!
Pragya: How long Boss? It’s been 3 years since it happened! Because of her we are happy now! But she….
Abhi: I won’t say she is unhappy now though.
Pragya: What do u mean?
Abhi: She is happy with what she have now, but her real happiness lies in something else
Pragya: What’s that?
Abhi: Friendship!
Pragya: You mean she don’t have friends now?
Abhi: She do have but not that close as us…
Pragya: Oh…
Abhi: That’s what I have found out so far…
Pragya: Boss! Can we ask our kiddos to make friends with her? They will surely make her happy! Just like how I find friends in them!
She said excitedly making Abhi to burst into laughter.

Pragya frowned as he laughed at her.

Pragya: Why are u laughing Boss? I am serious about this!
Abhi: Oh dear….
He said by chuckling and giving her a side hug.

Pragya: I am serious!
Abhi: I didn’t expect kiddos to make u like this!
Pragya: Kiddos are really good friends…
She said in a low tone.
Abhi: Boss! Are u serious? Do u expect Mithra to share her worries to our kiddos in that unknown language?
Pragya: No…but as time goes by they will also talk na…
Abhi: Boss! Please! U are making to laugh more!
Pragya saw him laughing even more making her angry.

Abhi pulling her closer to him: Ya then they will say Uzzz and juju to her and for that Mithra will look surprised.

Pragya in shock: Do u know what does Uzzz and juju means?
Abhi: How would I know when Prabhi told that to u?
Pragya smiled and said: Actually I also don’t know….
Abhi: What? Then how did u respond to her saying Oh dear….all that happened ah? U reacted as if u understood her!
Pragya: Boss…When Prabhi said she looked worried and I could feel she got scared! Sometimes you don’t need to understand, sometimes it’s the need to feel it Boss…
Abhi: Acha…
He said by touching her cheek soothingly.

Pragya shrieked: What are u doing?
Abhi: What do u feel now?
He asked in a husky tone when Pragya moved away.

Abhi: Arrey! U are not going to feel me?
Pragya: Boss! I am serious! Are we really helping Mithra?
Abhi: Ofcourse we are going to!
Pragya: Then tell me what have u planned?
Abhi chuckling: Like u said make our kiddos as Mithra’s best friends! She will have two best friends in replacement of us!
Pragya: Boss! I was saying that for fun!
Abhi: But I am serious!

Pragya gave a sad pout and Abhi find it damn cute.

Abhi: You shouldn’t do like this!
Pragya: What did I do?
Abhi: Pout! It’s so cute!
Pragya: Very funny Boss! Everything I do is cute for u!
Abhi: What can I do? U are becoming as cute as our kiddos! I think it’s because of them!
Pragya: I am serious! Will u tell me how u going to make Mithra better?

Abhi: As I said before I am trying to make her sister to be in good terms with her. Then as per your wish, Jai is making an entry in Mithra’s life.

Pragya: But please don’t make him disturb her…You know she is a very soft spoken person and doesn’t know how to handle disturbances.
Abhi: I know…
Pragya: One more thing, she don’t like others teasing her.
Abhi: I know…
Pragya: And she likes maiden pink flowers!
Abhi: So?
Pragya: So he needs to get that for her!
Abhi: Oh….
Pragya: Haan Boss..

Abhi: Can I tell u something?
Pragya: What Boss?
Abhi: I didn’t know that u had observed her so much!
Pragya smiled proudly and said: She observed u and I observed her.

Abhi in sadness: Then u never observed me?
Pragya: I did…. I observed u through her…
She said and smiled lightly.
Abhi: I am sorry….
He said and walked away from there leaving her in shock.

As this was happening, Purab was keep on knocking the door of new staff’s house.

New staff unable to bear his nuisance opened the door.

New staff: What do u want?
She asked looking fiercely.
Purab: I want you!
New staff: Mr Purab! I know u are very smart! Knowing that there is nobody at my house you have come here and started to disturb me!
Purab smirked and new staff frowned at him. Purab: Listen carefully! I don’t want to barge into your house!
New staff: You also listen carefully, I don’t want to see u anymore!
Purab: Why are u so unreasonable? Just because the story i was telling was about your sister, now u don’t want to see me? That means the friendly relation we had all this while was all fake?
New staff looked away: I don’t know all that!
Purab: I know u are not in good terms with her. What I tell as a story shouldn’t change your perspective of her if your perspective of Mithra is very strong and justified.
New staff: You mean u will are not telling this story to change my view about her?

Purab: No! Everyone sees things differently! What u see as something bad can be good to me and vice versa!
New staff looked at him puzzled and moved inside the house signalling him to come in.

Purab smiled inwardly of his first step into her house or perhaps the first step into her mind.

New staff: Then why did u disappear that day?
Purab: Disappear?
New staff explained how she saw him talking to other staff and he later disappeared.

Purab:Oh…that matter! Abhi had told me! He asked whether u missed me?
New staff: Why should i miss u?
Purab: He thinks it’s love…
New staff shrieked: Rubbish!
Purab: Love is not rubbish…
New staff: Nevermind leave that! Boss is not always right…

Purab: Maybe…
New staff: Sit here! I will get something for u to drink.
Purab: So now are we back to normal?
New staff: Normal or abnormal, usual or unusual, something or nothing, everything depends your behaviour and actions!

Purab looked in surprised of her words and stern look with a smile at the same time.

She went to the kitchen as Purab was thinking whether to tell the story now or just take some time to tell her later.

New staff came back with a glass of juice and passed it to him.

Purab: Thanks…
New staff: Continue the story!
Purab choked hearing that as he was drinking the juice.
Purab: Are u sure?
New staff: Sir…I am also like you! I don’t want to leave anything in the middle….I want to finish hearing this….
Purab: But why do u sound so strict?
New staff: Strict?
Purab: Ya…
New staff laughed and looked at him: Is it better now?
Purab: Actually, what I am seeing is something different in you but this also makes me fall in love with you…
New staff hearing that was taken aback.

Purab: Shall I start?
New staff: Did she proposed Boss?
Purab: She did…
New staff gasped and asked: When? How? Why?
Purab: Wait! Wait!
New staff: Faster tell!

Purab smiled at her urgency and started his narration.

It was 80th birthday party of Abhi’s Dadi.

New staff interrupted: Over there she proposed? How ridiculous is she!
Purab: If u want to comment on her, I strongly recommend u to keep it to yourself.

New staff felt bad of the way he support Mithra.

New staff, Why does he always support her? Why is he having a soft corner for her?

Purab took advantage of her silence and said: If you remain silent like this then I can speed up my storytelling.

New staff gave an arrogant look and he said: Lovely look!

New staff: You continue instead looking at me!

Purab grinned and continued again.

This happened at Abhi’s house after their return from the house they stayed for Mithra’s recovery. Mithra was fine now.
The party was a lively one and Dasi encouraged Mithra to tell her love to him.
Dadi didn’t know about all this. Until now Abhi and Pragya never reveal their love for each other but they know they have feelings for each other.

Purab “ Mithra! Why are u so scared when Dasi and me are with u?” Mithra “ I never do like this before! How can I do this now?” Dasi “ Just do it! It’s 3 words!” Mithra looked nervous at the thought of saying it.

Mithra panicked“ No! What if he says no?” Dasi “ Oh god! He also loves u but he is scared to tell u!” Purab “ Haan Mithra! She is right!” Mithra seems to unconvinced but Purab and Dasi gave a lot of encouragement and she finally agreed.

The party was going smooth as Pragya and Abhi were looking at each with love from a distance.

Purab “ Abhi! Why are u standing here alone?” Abhi “ I am not alone!” Purab “Are u ok? U are standing here with no one around u!” Abhi looking at Pragya “ I don’t feel alone when I am looking at my loved ones….”

Purab saw Mithra standing beside Mithra and he assumed Abhi was looking at Mithra instead of Pragya.

Purab “ Ya u are right! But come with me now!” He said by pulling Abhi to the dance floor.

New staff interrupted: There was a dance floor there?
Purab: I know it sounds too much of having dance floor on Dadi’s birthday but Abhi want the party to be lively as he feels his Dadi is always youthful!

New staff smiled: As usual Boss is cute!
Purab in a firm tone: Coming back to the story!
New staff smiled inwardly of his jealousy shown in his tone.

Purab said they were having a blast during the dance as the song was badtameez dil.

After that they were tired and were standing at a place having drinks.

Purab signalled to Mithra and she came near Abhi was standing in between Purab and Jai.

Mithra with hesitation walked towards them.

Mithra cleared her throat and Abhi asked “ What Mithz?” Mithra fidgeting her hands “ I…” Abhi was not listening to her as in the back Pragya was talking to some of the guests cheerfully.

Purab looking at Mithra signalled to her to be fast!

Mithra seeing that quickly said “ I love you…” Abhi looked around and wondered who is she saying I love you to!

Saying that Mithra ran away and collided with Pragya but managed to move away towards the kitchen.

Abhi “ Who did she say I love you to?” He asked looking at Purab and Jai.

Jai “ Maybe it’s me as I look fresh to her!”
Purab “ No! It is you Abhi!” Abhi unable to control his laughter punch Purab’s stomach and walked away.

Purab mumbled “ Mithra, why didn’t u say I love u Abhi! Now u see he is laughing at it and Jai is smiling insanely!”

Jai “ Why u all never tell me about this beauty?” Purab “ Err…You were not here na…” Jai “ So what? Whenever I call, u only talk about Abhi and Pragya’s fights but why u never tell about beautiful things?” Purab “ I will see the next time! Let me catch with u later!”

New staff: That means u and Dasi planned to make her confess love to him?
Purab: Not once but thrice!
New staff: Why didn’t she told me about this?
Purab: Where were u at that time? Don’t u remember?
New staff: College…
Purab: She didn’t want to disturb u with what is happening to her.
New staff: That I know! She was working here for my studies as my parents couldn’t afford for my college fees.
Purab: Right! Did u remember of anytime that she told u of facing any problem when she calls u?
New staff: No…
Purab: Do u know why?
New staff: I don’t know…
Purab: That much of love and care she have for u…she never share her worries to others as she don’t want others to worry for her.
New staff: Does it mean she is good?
Purab: I will never tell her as bad!
New staff looked perplexed thinking of accusing Mithra in many situations.

Purab: I got to go!
He said by looking at his phone.
New staff: Is di really good?
Purab with a wide smile: First time!
New staff: What first time?
Purab First time I am hearing u calling as di.

New staff looked away in silence of the realization.
Purab: I don’t know how good she is as a sister but as a friend she is 100% good!
New staff looked in surprise as Purab left from there.

Pragya was caressing the hair of Prabhi remembering how scared she was when Prabhi was missing.

Prabhi waked up to her touch as Abhigya was already awake and playing with her soft toys.

Prabhi softly: Mumma…
Pragya: How did u walk away like that? Why u never think of me?
She asked sadly.

Prabhi looked sad and was looking around.
Pragya: Oh…now u look for him ah?
Prabhi never answered and saw Abhigya.
Prabhi: Abhoo!
Abhigya in response: Prabhoo!
Pragya in surprise: Oh my god! From when did u call each other like this?

Abhi made a sudden visit and said: I know!
Pragya looked away in anger as he left suddenly just now.

Abhi: This is not surprising to me as I already know they call each other like this!
Pragya: Who cares whether u know or not!
Abhi: I am just telling…
Pragya: Whatever…take care of them…
Abhi: Ok sure!
Pragya frowned as she left the room.

Abhi: Hi kiddos! We both are like this but no worries as u are with me to make your Mumma as Puma!
Abhigya in doubt: Puma?
Prabhi also looked confused of the word Puma.
Abhi: Oh confused ah? Puma is a big brown wild cat! Meow! Meow!
The kids shrieked as they remembered seeing cat before. It was so scary for them that they scream and cry at the same time.

Abhi panicked: Oh no! Why u two are screaming now???

Pragya hearing their loud screams rushed to the room and asked: What happened?
Abhi: Nothing…they still support u!
Pragya hugged the kids and consoled them.
Pragya: Nothing kiddos! Puppa baddie! Ok?
The kids: Ya ya!
Pragya stared at Abhi making him look tensed.

Pragya: What did u say?
Abhi: I said let’s make Mumma to Puma…
He said with hesitation and Pragya shook her head in disbelief.

Pragya: They are scared of cats Boss!
Abhi: I didn’t know that…
Pragya: Better know it now!
Abhi: Sorry…
Pragya: Come here!
Abhi went beside her as she was having the kids on her lap.

Pragya pulled his cheek: You want me to become as Puma ah?
Abhi: Aaaaah! Yes!
Pragya: Naughty Boss! I am not a wild cat, I am a very calm cat!
Abhi: That I should say….
He said looking at her seductively.

Pragya: Chee! Go away from us!
Abhi pouted and looked at the kids who were hiding themselves in Pragya’s hug.

Abhi: I am not going anywhere!
Pragya: Then we will go!
Abhi: No! I will stay here quietly…
Pragya smiled inwardly and was talking to her kids.

Abhi daydreams in office and signs the documents as Pragya instead of his name!

In another situation,
Abhi “ Why are u here?” Pragya “ Because u are here!” Abhi “ You sure?” Pragya “ No!” Abhi “No?” Pragya “ I mean yes!” Abhi “ Yes?” Pragya turned away and in a softer tone “ Yes…” Abhi “ But…” Pragya “ I know we are locked here…” Abhi “ You know?” Pragya “ Stop asking questions and find a way to go out from here!” Abhi looked away thinking of knowing her more in this situation.

This shot is dedicated to Prabhi (Rock your exams buddy!) Prabhigya, Saranya sis and all those having exams now. All the best for exams!

Info: So from tue onwards my clg starts and I am not sure whether I can give long updates as I will be typing it during my travel from clg. Hope u all can understand. And most probably it will be mostly late night updates. Sorry for all the inconvenience.

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  6. Prabhigya

    Ur story is source of inspiration for me.
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