Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 24

Abhi waked up early before Pragya shout at him for waking up. Why? As today was Sunday!

Pragya who was already awake and was busy in choosing dresses for the kids by looking at the dresses on the bed.

Abhi: Boss! I am ready!
He exclaimed by already fully dressed in casuals.

Pragya turning back: What is this?
Abhi looking at himself: I am ready Boss! Let’s go!
Pragya: Hello Boss! Do u know where we are going today?
Abhi: Restaurant right?
Pragya: Aren’t you bored of always going only to restaurants?
Abhi: But…we are trying different cuisines na! Like Chinese, Indonesian, Norwegian etc.
Pragya shaking her head: No! Today is different! Enough of your food adventures!
Abhi pouted in disappointment and then asked: Where are we going today?

Pragya: Mandir!
Abhi screeched: No way!
Pragya: Boss! We are going!
Abhi: But why today? If u want to go then u go yourself, the three of us go to the restaurant nearby Mandir.

Pragya: Boss…please na…won’t u come for me?

She asked pitifully making Abhi’s heart to melt.

Abhi: Theek hai! I am coming but don’t ask me to come in…
Pragya: Then how will I bring our kids alone?
Abhi: You very well know how to trap me!
Pragya smirked as he shook his head and said: Fine! I am coming in too.

Pragya ran towards him and hugged him.

Abhi: You are hugging me for this?
Pragya: Why not Boss?
Abhi: Nothing my dear sweet cute wife…
He said and kissed her cheek.

Pragya breaking away from the hug frowned at him.

Abhi: Why are u looking like that?
Pragya: Who ask u to kiss me?
Abhi: Your cuteness!
Pragya turned away and said: I am not cute! Go and change to something nice now!
Abhi: Oh Boss…now u are so cute that I feel like hugging u!
Pragya: Boss…please change…It’s getting late…

Abhi grinned and went inside the closet to get changed as Pragya rubbed her cheek feeling happy for his kiss to her.

The kids were awake and were with Dadi and Dasi by playing with them

Pragya came near them and laughed at the position they were.

The kids squealed in happiness as they saw her.

Dadi: Nowadays this two are rolling on the mattress.
Dasi: Haan Pragya, sometimes they don’t even want to move from here.

Pragya: I know! They are getting very naughty nowadays.

The kids were excited to see Pragya in a new green saree and they realized that they will be going out as she was holding onto the dresses for them. The kids quickly sat up and looked at her with happiness.

Pragya: Kiddos! We are going out!
The kids squirmed in their gibberish language and also said: Hit! Hit!
Pragya made them wear their dresses and brought them to the dining room to feed their breakfast.

Abhi also joined them for breakfast. The kids were even more excited seeing him.

Abhi: Looks like kiddos can’t wait to go out!
Kids: Ya ya!
Pragya chuckled hearing that and continued to feed them.

Abhi: Did u eat Pragya?
Pragya: Not yet…after feeding them I will have something…
Abhi: What is this Boss? U have been working since morning and still haven’t eat anything!
Pragya: I had apple juice Boss…
Abhi sat beside her and feed his food to her.

Pragya: Arrey! U eat first na…I am feeding them! Can’t u see?
Abhi: So what? U feed our babies and I am feeding my baby!
Pragya smiled widely in response as he feeded her and she in return was feeding him instead of the kids.

The kids looking at this whined as they were not getting their food!

Abhi chuckling: Hey Boss! U are feeding me instead of our kiddos!
Pragya gasped and closed her eyes of being feeding him.

Abhi: Oh Boss! U look damn cute when u make mistakes like this! Now open your eyes!
Pragya opened her eyes and gave a silly smile.

Abhi: Feed them! If not they will eat us!
Pragya giggled and feed them. The kids calmed themselves down but were moving their heads to make it difficult for her to feed.
Abhi: Itna gussa?
He asked by looking at their kids.
Pragya: Like u na…
Abhi: Everything is like me!
He said in an angry tone.

Pragya: There u see! U also got angry.
Abhi: Okok! Finish feeding them and I am waiting in the car for u all….
Pragya: Arrey but u never eat finish….
He never said anything and left from there leaving Pragya upset.

Pragya: Kiddos please eat finish na…
She asked pleadingly and the kids also give in to her words.

After an hour travel, they reached the mandir and by now Abhi was not angry as he saw how Pragya was having hard time to handle their kids who were jumping in the car itself.

Abhi carried Abhigya while Pragya was carrying Prabhi.

Pragya: Kiddos…quiet! quiet!
The kids understood and remained silent by looking around.
Priest: Long time since u all come as a family!
Pragya: Haan pandit ji, was busy and only now we had sometime to come as a family.
Priest: It’s good that u all come today and it’s an auspicious day too. And stay here for a while as I need to pass something to Abhi’s Dadi.

Abhi: Something to my Dadi?
Priest: Yes please wait as I have to carry out special prayers to the family beside u.
Pragya: No problem, we can wait.
Abhi gave a grumpy face and Pragya signalled him not to give a face like that.

After praying,
Abhi placed the kids in their respective prams and was restless.

Pragya: Oh Boss…why don’t u sit down?
Abhi: You know I don’t like to stay here!
Pragya: Ssshhh…it’s a mandir! Don’t raise your voice here!
Abhi: I know…
He said by looking away.

Pragya: Ok Boss…why not u wait for us in the car? I will call u once pandit ji passed me the thing.
Abhi: You sure?
Pragya: Sure Boss..they are in prams na so it would be easier for me to handle them.

Abhi with hesitation: But….
Pragya: No worries Boss…u wait for us in the car.
Abhi: Ok!
He said and left saying bye bye to kiddos.

The kids became sad seeing him leaving but Pragya managed to divert their thoughts.
Just then someone called Pragya.

Maasi: Pragya! It’s so long that I see u!
Pragya stood up and smiled at her.
Pragya: Yes Maasi…u are here now?
Maasi: No dear, came here to see my relatives…wait! Is this your twin kids?
She asked looking at the kids in the prams who were talking to each other something.

Pragya: Yes Maasi….u are the one who never come and see them!
Maasi: They look so cute! Sorry Pragya, I should have come but was busy in Ria’s marriage.

Pragya: You never even invited us for her marriage!
Maasi: I wanted to invite but your Uncle only stopped me…
Pragya: I know Maasi why he denied to invite us….
Maasi: Oh Pragya don’t get upset for this…
Pragya was teary eyed and said: No…I was just…
Maasi bent down and said: Enough of your worries Pragya…what’s their name?
Pragya: She is Prabitha and the one who is blinking at u is Abhigya.

Maasi: So cute! Oh u combined both ur names for the children ah?
Pragya with shyness nodded her head.
Maasi: Come with me for a while…
Pragya: Maasi how can I leave them alone?
Maasi: Oh dear they are in prams na and I am not asking u to come far. Just come with me to that pillar side. Please Pragya…
Pragya couldn’t deny and said to kids be careful and stay where u are and Mumma will be back in a while.

She went with Maasi half-heartedly leaving them while they were busy talking with each other.

Pragya came back very fast and was shocked to see Prabhi missing. She realized the strap in Prabhi’s pram was loosened and she could have got from it and walked away.

Abhigya squealed as she saw Pragya and told something in her gibberish language.

Pragya panicked and she carried Abhigya and looked around to search for Prabhi.

She walked around and couldn’t find Prabhi at all.

Pragya called Abhi to come in saying that Prabhi is missing.

Abhi: Why can’t u call me before leaving?
He asked angrily by coming near her.
Pragya: No Boss…she said it’s for a while so…
Abhi: U stay here! Let me go and search!
Pragya looked worried and was getting scared every moment.

Abhi coming back shook his head negatively.
Pragya: You can’t find her? I am so scared Boss…
Abhi: Calm down! She should be somewhere here only….
Pragya: It’s all my fault! How could I be so careless!
Abhi: Pragya! Just be calm na…she wouldn’t have gone far….
Pragya: How can I be calm Boss? She don’t even know how to talk! Prabhi is not like Abhigya….Prabhi sometimes just remain silent if she misses us…I am so scared why we can’t hear her crying!

Abhi: I have asked around too…but nobody saw her….

The priest came by and asked looking at worried Abhi and Pragya what had happened.

They explained and priest: I saw a lady carrying a baby but couldn’t see the baby’s face properly.

Abhi: Which way she went?
Priest: It’s outside the temple….near one of the flower shops.

Abhi and Pragya quickly rushed there and looked around for her.

Pragya: Boss! She is there!!!
Abhi: Where?
Pragya rushed over there and saw Prabhi on a lap of a lady who was sitting on the footsteps.

Abhi: Pragya! Slow down yaar, u are running like this by carrying Abhigya!
Pragya reached them and Abhi looked at the lady in shock.

Mithra: Hi!
Pragya let down Abhigya and kneeled in front of Prabhi who was let down by Mithra.

Pragya: Do u know how scared I was? How can u go like that?
Prabhi: Ooha! Mumma…Uzzz…juju
Pragya: Oh dear…all that happened ah?
She said and hugged her closely and kisses all over Prabhi’s face.
Mithra smiled at them as Abhi looked confused of what Prabhi spoke just now.

He only could understand Mumma from what she said.

Mithra: I was outside the temple and saw her walking out. I think she was lost and also cried badly saying Mumma! Puppa…

Pragya: Thank u Mithra! You always help us!

Mithra with pain in her voice: But nobody help me…
She said by standing up when Abhi held her hand.

Abhi: Mithz…why u feel that way? We are always here to help u…
Mithra slowly taking his hand from hers: I was just kidding! Did u believe that?
Abhi: No…You didn’t Mithz!
Mithra not looking at him: Does it matter now? Anyways Happy wedding anniversary! I forgot to wish u all that day and all of u look really nice together!

Pragya: Mithra…are u free now?
Mithra: No Pragya…Need to see my friend later…
Abhi: At least let me drop u!
Mithra: Is this a favour in return of keeping Prabhi safe?
Abhi: No!
Mithra: You all came together as a family and should return home as a family too!
Pragya: Thank u again…
Mithra smiled and waved bye to Prabhi before leaving. Prabhi smiled in return.

Pragya: She is still feeling hurt na..
Abhi: Yes but hiding the hurt very well.
Pragya looked worried as Abhi said it’s time to leave from there.

Mithra “ I love you…” Abhi looked around and wondered who is she saying I love you to as he was standing in between Purab and Jai.

Sorry for the late update as I was typing for the last epi of my other ff.
Thank u all for reading and also finding it cute. Prabhigya- adoption rights for the kids doesn’t belong to me as Abhi and Pragya are their parents here??? oh ya ur name have both their names! So cool!?

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