Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 23

New staff was completely confused.

New staff looked around and everything looked normal.

New staff’s mind voice: Is my eyesight is having some problem? I am damn sure I saw him!

She was keep on thinking and decided to ask the ladies that he was talking to.

To her dismay, they said we never even saw Purab since morning.

The more she thought, the more she was having headache.

New staff ignored all this and resumed to work.

As for Pragya, she was still angry towards Abhi for not appreciating the kids’ talent. She never picked up his calls. She never replied to his messages. She asked Dadi and Dasi to answer any calls while she was merrily playing with her kids.

Abhi came back to home earlier than usual due to Pragya’s tantrums.

Abhi: Pragya! Pragya!
He yelled her name and there was no response at all.

Dadi: Abhi! She is at the playroom!
Abhi: How long?
Dadi: Since morning…but she did came down and had lunch with all of us…
Abhi: She is always like that!
Dadi: Did u scold her?
Abhi: No Dadi…I just….never mind! Let me handle her….
Dadi: Oh and she asked for tea…so can u bring that up?
Abhi: Sure Dadi!

He waited for Dadi to pass him the tea and he went up with the tea for Pragya.

Abhi slightly opening the door: May I come in?
Pragya hearing his voice looked away and pretended as if she can’t see him.
As for the kids they were excited to see him and ran towards him calling Puppa!

Abhi: Wait! Wait! I am carrying tea for Mumma!
Kids didn’t understand that and were still jumping in happiness for seeing him.

Abhi managed to place the tea in the side table and moved with the kids towards Pragya.

Pragya: Kiddos! I am going! Bye!
Kids understood the word bye and were getting sad.

Abhi: Oh Pragya! They are getting sad of your bye! How can u leave us like this?
He said in a dramatic tone making the kids to feel sadness more.

The kids unable to stand it cried and said: No! No!

Abhi: Yes….It’s No! NO!
Pragya: Oh god! Kiddos! He is acting and u two fall in the trap just like me!
She said by embracing them and Abhi hugged Pragya.

Pragya: Leave me!
Abhi: No!No! It’s family hug time!
Pragya: What family hug? U don’t even appreciate your family talent!
She asked in an argumentative tone.

Abhi: Come on Boss! I never said they are not talented…They are super talented in dancing! You remember how they jumped and shake their bodies to the tune of the song that day? So cute and so so good!

Pragya: They dance well?
She asked by slowly removing her embrace from the kids.

Abhi: Ya they are hit hit babies in dancing!

Kids hearing the word hit hit got reminded of the song. They were once again jumping and whining to play that song.

Pragya: Why did u mention that now they want that song again!
Abhi: Again?
Pragya: Yes from morning they were saying hit hit and I played the song for more than 10 times . Just a while ago, I think they got exhausted or maybe bored so they move on to play with their soft toys.

Abhi: That means they were dancing all the while na…
Pragya: Yes they were….
She said looking at the kids screaming hit hit.

Abhi: That means they are born dancers Boss!
Pragya: Not singers ah?
Abhi chuckled thinking of the Booday song.

Pragya: Stop it! Ok…at least u appreciate their dance!
Abhi: I do appreciate good talents…
Pragya softly: Suniye…
Abhi: Hmm…
Pragya: You handle them as they are making me mad with that song!

She said that by running away from them and Abhi ended up playing the song in loop for them for numerous times.

Pragya was in the kitchen cooking some dishes when she remembered the first time he feed her.

Flashback mode:
Abhi followed her into the kitchen as Mithra was sleeping.

Abhi “ Cooking?” Pragya “ No! Fighting!” Abhi “ Ya u even fight with vegetables…” Pragya irked and asked “ What do u want?” Abhi “ Feeling bored…so may I take a look at your cooking talent?” Pragya looked weirdly at him before saying yes.

Abhi “Oh…this is stove ah?” He asked by looking at the stove. Pragya “ No it’s a cave…” She said with sarcasm. Abhi sighed and sat on the slab there looking at her back intensely.

Pragya could feel his strong gaze towards her and was getting uncomfortable. She tried to turn sideways when he said “ Be where you are…I don’t want to miss what u are doing and showing me…” He said in a husky voice making her weak in senses.

Pragya was scolding herself mentally for tying up her hair as a bun making her back exposed.

Abhi “ Nice cutting!” Pragya “ Huh?” Abhi “ I meant your cutting skills….what did u think?” Pragya “ Nothing…” She said feeling awkward. Abhi ” Why are u looking so weird?” Pragya ” I am looking normal as usual…” She said by cutting the vegetables. Abhi ” No! Are u feeling unusual?” Pragya ” No!” Abhi ” Oh…” Pragya was about to grind some spices when she looked at him and he was smiling broadly.

Pragya “Why are u smiling?” Abhi ” Unusually usual as usually it’s not usual!” He said by coming close to her and made her eat a spoon of salt. Pragya ” Argggh! U gave me salt instead of sugar!!!”

Abhi “ Is that salt?” Pragya spitted it out on his face and Abhi got shocked.

Pragya “ I’m sorry…” Abhi “ It’s okay…” He said as he was about to wipe it off from his face when she hold his hand.

Pragya “ May I?” Abhi smirked and gestured her to carry on. Pragya looked shy as she wiped the salt from his face with her dupatta.
Pragya finished wiping and asked “ But why did u feed me?” Abhi “ Your mouth was wide open in shock and I just thought of feeding u!” Pragya “ Lame reason…” Abhi “ Hello Ms Pragya! It’s not lame…you are lame!” Pragya gasped and he was about to feed her again with a spoon and she frowned in anger.

Abhi “ Okok! U carry on with cooking and I will leave!” Pragya looked away as he left and smiled thinking of him.

Abhi coming back “ Smiling?” Pragya “No! Crying!” Abhi “ Oh…that’s unusual in an usual way….” Pragya “ Will u stop this?” Abhi chuckled as he left from there.

Pragya came back to senses when she heard the trio calling her Mumma!

Pragya, When did I became Mumma for him? He is also shouting with them!

Pragya: I am so scared Boss…
Abhi: Calm down! She should be somewhere here only….
Pragya: It’s all my fault! How could I be so careless!
Abhi: Pragya! Just be calm na…she wouldn’t have gone far….
Pragya: How can I be calm Boss? She don’t even know how to talk! Prabhi is not like Abhigya….Prabhi sometimes just remain silent if she misses us…I am so scared why we can’t hear her crying!

Thank u all for reading. I know its getting boring. Sorry for that and hopefully I can end this asap. Unable to reply u all but once again thanks for all your valuable and fun comments.

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  1. I am loving this unusually more then how I used to love these usually. Got I had gone mad. So Bye. Take care.

  2. interesting

  3. Prabhigya

    Suprr….’Unusually usual as usually it’s not usual’ hehehe
    I would like to go mad with these kiddos having hit hit dance…they are too cute to be loved….
    Ohh..!!! Where has Prabhi gone !!??
    One more thing I realised yesterday….my name contains both kifdos name ‘Prabhigya’ what a coincidence… (I like it ?)
    I want to have these kids. May I adopt them ??
    Plzzzzzz plzzzzz plzzzzzz Don’t say not ( Convincing tone )

  4. Very nice and lovely..

    1. Prabhigya

      Hey plzz don’t end it so early….and don’t ever think of fast forwarding story else I will make u eat that spoon of salt…(laugh)
      Though I have exams , I read and w8 for the updates…This is the only ff I read regularly ,curiously, happily.

  5. Asmithaa

    it is very nice diii!!!

  6. Reshma_Pradeep

    Its soooooooooooooooo Cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  7. Superb and some scenes are awesome I mention them
    * family hug
    *hit hit babies
    *fb salt feeding but I thought some romance will happen it’s okay
    *why I became mumma to everyone eventhough he is calling me as mumma.
    This scenes are awesome as I imagined these things and it’s too funny also and di don’t say this and your other ff destiny distancing us as bad because these two updates are simply superb and compared to real kkb this is 1000 times better and don’t call me as sis as I am only 13 and I know that you are elder than me.

  8. Saranya24

    Suprb to the core tat too precap is so sad fr prabhi love it akka love u?????

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