Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 22

After the party ended at Abhi and Pragya’s room,

Pragya: This is totally unfair Boss!
Abhi: Why Boss? Why are u walking here and there? My neck is paining of seeing u walking like this!
Pragya: Very funny Boss!
Abhi: I admit that I made a mistake! Is that ok?
Pragya huffed in anger and stared at him.

Abhi was lying on bed was rolling from left to right making Pragya super annoyed.
Pragya: Boss! What are u doing?
Abhi stopped doing that and gave a pout.

By then the kids were making noise loudly, wanting to see their parents.

Dadi and Dasi passed the kids to Pragya saying they are getting uncontrollable nowadays.

Abhi looked at the kids and smiled. They too smiled at him.

Pragya: What is this smiling session for?
Abhi: Why you keep on disturbing us?
He said by making the kids to sit on bed with him.

Pragya: Boss! Why were u so careless that u never notice Mithra going away? We never even talk to her single word, but u know she gave us the most meaningful gift!!

Abhi looked at the kids who were in shock of Pragya being angry.
Abhi: Come here!
Pragya with frustration sat beside him.
Abhi: I made her leave….It was for her sister to know that Mithra is the person who was part of our love story….
Pragya: You did all that?
She asked by holding the kids as they were trying to move.

Abhi: Yes I did that…It’s high time that she needs to know who is Mithra, how long will she think Mithra is bad when she is not like that! I don’t want anyone to see my best friend in a bad way.

The kids at the same time: Ya ya!
Pragya: Oh god! This two not even understanding what u say is saying ya ya!
Abhi: They are my kids na so they agree to whatever I say! Isn’t it ya ya kids?
The kids squealed in happiness and crawled towards Abhi. Abhi hugged them and looked at confused Pragya.

Abhi: Boss…leave this to me yaar…When I need your help, I would surely ask for it.
Pragya: You sure?
Abhi: Yes Boss!
He said in a loud voice making Pragya to chuckle.

Abhi: But u cheated me Boss…
Pragya: What? I cheated u?
Abhi: Yes….u said some suspense that u will reveal today but didn’t tell me!
Pragya: Oh…that suspense ah? Kiddos! Take position!
The kids hearing that tried to get down from Abhi’s lap. He slowly let down from his lap and looked at them with astonishment.

The kids stood in front of Pragya who was now standing.

Abhi: What is all this?
He asked as he saw the kids were standing like statue.
Pragya: Wait! Just see!
Abhi nodded his head and Pragya gave her command of saying “1! 2! 3! Start!!”

The kids: Happy Booday! Happy Booday!
Abhi burst into laughter hearing that.
The kids were keep on singing Happy Booday and Pragya frowned at him for not appreciating their singing instead he was laughing.

Pragya: Attack kiddos!!!
Abhi was taken aback when he saw the kids shout Puppa! Puppa!
Abhi: Please stop this attack and this is totally unfair for attacking my ears at this night time!
He pleaded Pragya to stop this attack on him by covering his ears with hands.

Pragya: Stop!
She gave the command to kids where they stopped their shouting making Abhi to be relieved.
Abhi: Wait! What is this Booday?
Pragya: Birthday!
Abhi: So they were singing Happy Birthday song on our anniversary day ah?
Pragya: Yes Boss…but why u laugh like that teasing our kids’ talent?
Abhi: They were not singing! They were shouting!
He said looking at the kids who were now trying to walk towards the door.

Pragya going after them grabbed them by their hands and bring her back.

Pragya: They were singing but u never appreciate their talent!
She said making them sit on the bed again.

Abhi: Me? Don’t know how to appreciate talent? Like seriously Boss…
He said in a dragging tone making Pragya irritated.
Pragya: I know u are jealous of my kids’ talent!
Abhi: Jealous? Are u serious Boss? They are my kids too and why should I be jealous if they are talented?

Pragya gave a stern look and the kids were getting restless as they are not being given attention from their parents.

Abhigya and Prabhi started to crawl on bed and Abhi looking at that shook his head.

Pragya: You are shaking your head? How rude is that?
Abhi: Hello Boss! I shook head at them as they are crawling on bed which is not safe…I think u need to make them sleep now!
Pragya: You make them sleep! Why always me?
Abhi: What happened to u suddenly that u are getting angry for nothing?
Pragya never said anything and left to the balcony making Abhi sighed as he was left with the kids alone.

As this was happening, Purab felt agitated as he knew new staff would give a headache to him of not listening to him after knowing Mithra was the person he was listening to in the story but he knows what to do as already Abhi had mentioned about this.

The next day at office,
New staff was doing her work with an expressionless face.

Purab who came by was talking very cheerfully to one of the ladies there. It made new staff annoyed but she continued to busy herself in work.

Purab loudly ” Darling! It’s not like u are thinking!” New staff turned to see him and was shocked to see him patting the cheek of her colleague.

New staff’s mind voice: Liar! Cheater! He said there is only 2 darlings in his life! Now there is one more here!

Purab completely ignored her presence and was keep on talking making new staff disturbed.

New staff felt like punching the girl he is talking to.

New staff’s mind voice: How long will they talk ah? Is this a park or office? Idiots!No…he is not an idiot! She is an idiot! I know I will complain about this to Boss! Then this two will get a good dose of senses back!

She stood up with a fierce look and headed to the cabin of Abhi.

Purab quickly said bye to the staff he was talking to and went away hurriedly from there.

Abhi saw new staff coming in and complained that she can’t work properly as there was disturbances by Purab who was keep on talking to others.

Abhi smirked at her complaint and informed her that she might have seen someone else as Purab never even came to the office today. New staff was taken aback by Abhi’s words and she kept on saying that she is telling the truth where Purab was chit chatting with the ladies.

Abhi asked her to prove by bringing Purab to his cabin in 5 minutes. New staff agreed to prove and she went to look out for him. But he was nowhere to be found!

New staff’s mind voice: Is he stuck at the washroom? How can it be possible that he is nowhere to be found! Let me ask around first.

She asked around the rest of the staff but all unanimously said he didn’t even came to office or they never seen him since morning.

New staff looked puzzled of what’s happening to her! Did she imagined him? No way she thought.

I did hear him speaking to them….

She thought that as she walked towards Abhi’s cabin.

Abhi looked at her in lost thoughts and asked where is Purab. She shrugged her shoulder and said he is missing.

Abhi: I guess u are overworking and that’s why u tend to imagine a person who is not here!
New staff: No sir…he was there…
Abhi: Or you could be missing him?
New staff shrieked: No way Sir!
Abhi murmured to himself: In love there is always many ways….

New staff: Sir?
Abhi: Nothing…get back to work! Make sure the pending documents are checked thoroughly…
New staff: Okay sir…sorry for the disturbance too…
Abhi: It’s fine…anyways it happnes sometimes when u feel disturbed….
He said calmly and new staff smiled in return and left from there.

New staff’s mind voice: I never saw him? How is that possible?

Abhi ” Unusually usual as usually its not usual!” He said and made her eat a spoon of salt. Pragya ” Argggh! U gave me salt instead of sugar!!!”

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