Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 21

Mithra looked around for Abhi and Pragya. She saw them being happy with their kids and felt she shouldn’t disturb them now. She looked at her sister with Purab who was looking joyful too.

Jai patted her back and asked: Looking for me?
Mithra turning back: Mr Jai, I don’t believe in your words…They are not like that…
Jai: You feel that way ah?
Mithra: I know them more than you do so please don’t disturb me
Jai with a smirk: No matter how much u know about them, they can still hide things from you right?

Mithra looked at him in disbelief.

Jai: Listen Mithra, I don’t have the need to tell about them but as a friend I told u everything.
Mithra: As a friend? We barely know each other and u are saying this as a friend to me?
Jai: I don’t know about you Mithra, but for me friends are whoever makes me have a warm feeling in their presence. I felt that way few years back and even now I feel the same way when I am being with you…

Mithra never said anything and walked ahead to greet Dadi and Dasi who looked at her direction.

New staff saw Mithra and wondered why she was here.

New staff, Does this means the Mithra in Boss and Pragya’s life was her? How could it be when she is a ruthless person who was the reason for my parents to be no more now.

New staff excused herself from Purab and walked towards where Mithra was.

Mithra was talking to Dadi and Dasi when new staff came beside her.

New staff: I need to talk to you…
Mithra hearing her voice: Ok…
New staff: Not here, come outside after giving the gift to them…
Mithra was about to say something but before that new staff left and Mithra passed the gift to Dadi and Dasi and asked them to convey her wishes to Abhi and Pragya.

Mithra went out and looked for her.

New staff pulling her: Why are u here? Are u following me?
She asked angrily.

Mithra: No, I didn’t mean to follow u…I was invited…
New staff: Invited?
Mithra nodded her head as yes.
New staff: Tell me the truth! How long you know Boss and Pragya mam?
Mithra looked away and stumbled over her words saying: For quite some time…
New staff: Liar! Tell me that by looking at me!!
Mithra hurriedly: I have to go! Bye….
She said by trying to move away when Purab hold new staff by her hand and stop her from going behind Mithra.

Mithra left from there by running away making new staff to give a deadly stare towards Purab.

New staff: Why are u holding me?
Purab let her off and looked away in a tensed look.
New staff: That means all the while u are telling about this Mithra!
Purab remained silent.

New staff: Oh that’s why that day u were asking me about why not the Mithra that you were telling could be your sister?
Purab: Why are you getting angry for this?
New staff: How can I be not angry!!! Do u know how much I hate her? Do u even know that she is the reason for me to be like an orphan now?
Purab: Listen. She was not solely responsible for that….
New staff: Don’t support her! She is the most irresponsible daughter and sister that any family would have!
Purab loudly: Stop it! This is the limit!!!!
New staff looked at him and asked: Why are u supporting her?
Purab holding her hand bring her to the guest house and locked the door.

New staff in a shivering tone: Why are u locking the door?
Purab: I don’t want to hear any of your screams from this moment onwards!
He said in a stern voice by walking towards her.

New staff in nervousness walked backward and sat on a chair there.

Purab sat opposite to her on a chair and said: Listen calmly, Mithra is not like u are thinking. Like her name that have the meaning of friend, she behaves like that to everyone who is around her.

New staff was about to utter something when he silenced her by placing his finger on her lips.

Purab: You are not talking! You are only listening!
New staff shivered at his touch on her lips and signalled through her eyes to take his finger away.

Purab: I am sorry…
He said by taking his finger away and looked at her with an apologetic look.

Purab: I know u are angry with me but let me tell u that I didn’t know u were Mithra’s sister when I started telling u the story….very recently only Abhi informed me about this….

New staff: I don’t need to believe u!
Purab: It’s not about believing me! It’s about believing your sister!
New staff adamantly: She is not my sister!
She said and pushed Purab away to run away when Purab stopped her by pulling her back forcefully.

New staff struggling in his firm hold yelled: Let go off me! I don’t want to listen to u!

Purab unable to handle her screams let her off and  said: I will let u off now but very soon u will come back to me!
New staff quickly ran away by unlocking the door and Purab shook his head thinking of her adamancy.

Mithra was crying profusely thinking of her sister and sat on a bench not knowing where she ended up. Jai who had followed her sat beside her.

Jai taking his handkerchief offered it to her.

Mithra looked at him still in with tears flowing continuously.

Jai: Just use it Mithra….
He said genuinely and Mithra used that to wipe her tears.
Jai: They were not even looking for you….
Hearing that Mithra looked away and was about to stand up.
Jai: Mithra…I am sorry…
Mithra placing the handkerchief on the bench: Thank you for this…

She said that and walked away by making a call through her phone.

Jai looks on as she is walking away and waiting for a call taxi to arrive. She at times look at him and he simply smiled looking at her. Mithra never smiled in response but still looked at him with a lost look.

The call taxi arrived and Mithra looking at Jai got into the taxi and he waved his hand to say bye to her.

Mithra sitting on the taxi only could think about the past that made her sister to have hatred towards her now.
She closed her eyes to reflect on those days that were filled with happiness which paved the path to the hatredness in her life.

Mithra was taken care well by both Abhi and Pragya. She felt very grateful for their help. Abhi is the one who will be carrying her in his arms to bring her out.

As usual, she liked being with him. As usual, every touch of his disturbed her even if it’s a casual touch. As usual, every moment with him feels million moments that mesmerizes mind. As usual, she feels like falling in love with him.

Purab had visited that day and saw Abhi carrying Mithra towards the garden for her to get fresh air.  Pragya was following behind them with a tray of coffees for all of them.

Pragya “ You all have this coffee first, I forgot to take the snacks that I had prepared!” Abhi “Carry on! We have no objection!” He said by smiling. Pragya shook her head and walked in to the house with a wide smile. Purab looking at this “What’s going on here Abhi? Looks like something is happening…” Abhi “What is happening?” Mithra was about to sip the coffee when Abhi said “Wait! This coffee is for you, the cup you are holding is for me!” Purab “How u know it is for u and not for her when all the cups looks the same?” Abhi “Bro! When something is prepared for your loved ones by your loved ones, you can easily identify it!” Mithra hearing that smiled broadly. Purab in teasing tone “Acha…..Loved ones?” Abhi taking his coffee cup walked towards the pond thinking about Pragya. He was blushing imagining Pragya’s face in the pond.

Purab whispered “What’s happening Mithra? Is he in love?” Mithra hearing that looked away.
Purab “Is it you??” Mithra “I don’t know!” She said with her cheeks turning crimson red.

By then Pragya came back and placed the plate of snacks on the table. Pragya walking towards Abhi “Abhi…” She called in her pleasant voice. Abhi turned back and lifting the coffee cup little higher gestured that the taste of coffee is excellent. All this was unnoticed by Purab and Mithra as they were unable to see this as Pragya was blocking the view to see Abhi’s reactions.

Pragya “Mr Abhi! Friends are waiting so…” Abhi “You go first as I love to follow you….” Pragya turned back and walked as he followed her. Both were trying to hide their wide smile but it was impossible to do so.

Purab “Abhi! Dasi is coming here to see you!” Abhi shrieked “Dasi!!!” Purab looking at Mithra and Pragya “Yes friends, Dasi missing Abhi for quite sometime and she persuaded me to tell where he is now as it’s been 2 weeks that he is not at home!” Abhi “Then Dadi is not missing me?” Purab “She also misses you but u know right, she can’t travel long distances and will be unwell if she did so, that’s why Dadi is sending Dasi here to check on you Abhi…..” Abhi looked stressed and Pragya signalled to him like asking what happened? Abhi smiled back as if saying it’s nothing. Pragya winked at him and looked away by smiling. Abhi grinned at her but she was not looking at him.

Purab was looking at Mithra who was getting worried and never noticed Abhi and Pragya.

Abhi “I shall go and check which room will be suitable for Dasi!” Pragya “I will help you in that Mr Abhi…” Purab “Then what do I do?” Abhi “You just have to take care of Mithz and make sure she finish her snacks! Oh also make her to speak something if u can!”: He said and chuckled making Mithra to slightly frown at him but she chuckled as he winked at her.

Abhi and Pragya left from there and Purab “I guess u are very worried for Dasi’s arrival but all would be fine as you are such a loveable and caring person Mithra…” Mithra “Thank you…I am just worried that I can’t stand even properly now…” Purab “Oh Mithra! Is this a thing to worry about? Pragya can help u stand by holding you!” Mithra smiled hearing that and both were talking about something.

In the night,

Dasi reached the place and Abhi received her from the car carrying her bags. Dasi sees both Mithra and Pragya standing together and smiles at them. Dasi “Purab told me everything!” Abhi looking confused “What did he tell?” Dasi “That u are having a loved one….” Abhi stared at Purab who was behind him. Mithra and Pragya couldn’t hear them as they were whispering softly. They looked puzzled of what they could be talking. Abhi “I love her but I still haven’t tell her about my love Dasi so please don’t tell her anything…..” Dasi pulling his cheek “Finally you are in love with a girl!!” Abhi chuckled and asked “How is your future Bahu?” Dasi “Looking beautiful like a fairy…” Abhi smiles and says “Yes she is but sometimes very troublesome too….” He said smiling at Pragya.

Mithra came back to senses when the driver said: Mam you have reached your place!
Mithra payed the money and got down from the taxi.

Mithra walking into the hostel was feeling, I wish I never met them before…I wish I never hate them always…

To be continued…..

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