Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 2

Pragya coming out of the washroom looked at him full of rage.

Pragya: How can you do like this?
Abhi sitting on top of the desk looked at her smirking.

Pragya: Will you talk?
Abhi: What do you want?
Pragya: Look at my face! You had kissed me until my lips bleed! It’s swollen too!
She said by touching her lower lip.
Abhi looked down with a guilty face.

Pragya turning away in anger was thinking how can she go out now.

Abhi coming close to her hugged from the back.

Pragya: Stop it Abhi!
Abhi: It’s your fault!
He said by nuzzling her neck.
Pragya: My fault?
Abhi: Haan who ask u to wear s*xy saree to office?
Pragya: I don’t understand…wearing saree doesn’t mean u have to kiss me like that! Ouch!
Abhi: What happened?
He asked worriedly.

Pragya remained silent.
Abhi made her face him.
Abhi: Is it that painful?
He asked like a child.
Pragya nodded her head.

Abhi: Don’t worry…I have something to cover this up and for pain I am so sorry sweetheart.

Pragya looked at him as if wanting to know how he will be able to cover this up!

Abhi: Wait a moment!
He said and went towards his desk and opened the drawer to take something.

Abhi came back with it and applied darker shade of lipstick on her lips.

Pragya: You still have this with you?
Abhi: No….this is new one, I saw it in a shop and got reminded of you, then I bought it!
Pragya smiled widely and said: You still remember that?
Abhi: Only if I forgot I should remember na
He said by pulling her towards him by holding her waist.

Pragya’s cheeks turned crimson red in shyness and Abhi shook his head looking at her.

Pragya: Let’s go…You manage Purab, I need to go home now….
Abhi: So fast? Stay here for a while na…
Pragya: Don’t be stubborn Abhi, you know how our children will be bothering Dadi!
Abhi: Oh ya…You better go and save Dadi!
Pragya smiled and left before kissing him on his cheek.

Abhi touching his cheek bid bye to Pragya as he opened the door for her to leave.

The new staff noticed this and thought, they look like a lovely couple. She scrutinized her eyes and noticed that Pragya’s lipstick color is different from just now.

New staff understood what might have happened inside the cabin.

Abhi after a few minutes ran out of his cabin calling Pragya’s name loudly.

Pragya turned back hearing his name and stopped walking.

Pragya: Why are you running like this?
Abhi: Boss! You have forgotten your purse!
Pragya: Oh..
She said with a smile and took it from him when he held her palm and was not willing to leave it.

Pragya looking around whispered: Boss…this is not our house, for you to massage my palm!

Abhi: I am always at your service Boss at all places…Actually I should be massaging your…
Pragya forcefully taking his hands from her palm said: Enough of your thoughts! Go back to work!
Abhi: Yes Boss!
He said with a salute and asked her to go first.

Pragya could only chuckle lightly at him and left by keep on turning back to see him.

Abhi only left after she was not seen from his sight.

New staff looking at this thought, Open romance! Uffo! How could do they romance openly like this!

She looked around and noticed the rest of her colleagues are least bothered about Boss and Pragya’s romance which was amusing to her.

After finishing her work she saw Purab approaching her. She ignored him and walked ahead which made Purab to walk faster to catch up with her.

Finally reaching in front of her, he looked at her with a puzzled look.

New staff: Sir…you lied to me!
Purab: I lied?
New staff: Yes sir, I googled and found that Boss and her had an arranged marriage! Not love marriage! All their interviews they mentioned that their marriage was arranged by uncle!
Purab: Okay but that doesn’t mean I was not telling the truth!
New staff: What do you mean?
She asked by frowning.
Purab: What u found out is absolutely true!
New staff: Then it means what u told so far is a lie!
Purab: No! I also told the truth!
New staff: Aiyo!! My head is spinning!
She said and walked ahead and Purab was keep on following her.

New staff stopped walking and turned to look at him.

New staff: By the way, why are you following me?
Purab: You don’t want to make a guess?
New staff pondered for a while and looked at him.

Purab: If you are rushing, then it’s fine….
He said by turning away.

New staff: Coffee shop?
Purab’s face lightened up and he said: Sure, it’s my pleasure….
New staff smiled lightly and both headed to a nearby coffee shop.

New staff: What do you want to have?
Purab: Anything, I go by your choice.
New staff: Hmm….how about Cappuccino?

Purab agreed to her choice and both were having Cappuccino.
Taking a sip, she asked: Continue the story!
Purab smirked at her and said: Ok…
He said that and looked around.

New staff taking the glasses from her handbag: Are you looking for this?
Purab: What? You had this in your bag?
He said by giggling.

New staff: Don’t find it funny Sir, I was thinking how they end up in that position. To visualize that I needed the glasses!
Purab trying to control his laughter: Okok! I can understand your situation.

New staff placed the glasses on the table and signalled him to start.

Purab: So where did I stop?
He acted as if he had forgotten.
New staff: Boss carried Pragya in her arms and winked at her.

Purab: Oh..but you don’t want to know how they reach that scene?
New staff: You mean after Pragya helped Boss?
Purab nodded his head and New staff looked as if she was thinking.

Purab: Well, if we jump into the position part, then you may not be able to guess the next scene properly…
New staff: You are right! Ok continue from the scene where Pragya helped Abhi.

Purab smiled widely and continued the narration.

Abhi looked at Pragya suspiciously. Pragya “Why are you looking like as if I am a thief?”
Abhi “No I was thinking why do u have to help me by giving this idea to call the dealers?”
He said by raising his eyebrows.

Pragya “Who said I helped u? I am helping myself too! I don’t want to be fired! Don’t you remember that Uncle said that if the documents are not submitted to him after a week then we will be fired!!!” She said by glaring at him.

Abhi “Alright! I fixed an appointment with them in the afternoon today! You stay here and manage Uncle if he ask anything about me!” He said as he took his mobile phone.

Pragya “For your kind information, Uncle is leaving to Pune today for meeting. I am also coming with you today!” She said by looking at him.

Abhi “It’s good that he is leaving to Pune! But you can’t come with me! I don’t want to go with bad luck!” He said sternly.

Pragya “What did u say? I am bad luck for you???” She shrieked.

Abhi “I am telling generally as women are like a bad omen to me!” He said and continued to use his phone.

Pragya huffed in anger and took her mobile phone. Abhi noticed that but ignored her.

Pragya “I will show you who am I now! Always criticizing women right? Wait Mr Abhi!” She said that furiously and called Uncle.

Pragya “Uncle..I have something important to tell you…you know the agreement documents from Xyz company are tor…” Before she could complete the sentence, Abhi snatched her phone and looked at her fiercely.

Pragya “Give me back my phone!” She was keep on protesting to give her phone back but he ran away checking her phone and realized that she never even made a call!

Abhi “Liar” He said by stop running and threw the phone towards her which she catched it in her hands. Pragya “Ya but now I can call him na..” She smirked.

Abhi “What do you want?” Pragya “I am coming with you! That’s final!”
Abhi in a irritated tone “At 2 pm, meet me at the carpark! Bye!”

Pragya smiled of her victory and headed towards her cabin.

Both reached the dealer’s company and Pragya was keep on saying to him that act as if we are sent by Uncle to get another copy of the documents. Abhi “Will you stop for a while? I know how to talk! Just be beside me quietly! That’s enough for me to talk properly..” Pragya hearing that was annoyed and both were waiting for their turn to be called.

Abhi “You are also coming in?” He asked looking at Pragya. Pragya “Yes of course, if not you will say….” Abhi headed towards the room not wanting to hear Pragya’s baks baks.

Pragya, What is this? I haven’t even complete my sentence but he is walking ahead!

She too followed inside the room and both talked politely and lied to the manager there in a smart way to get the documents.

Manager liked Pragya’s personality and had wrong intentions in his mind.

Manager: Mr Abhi, why don’t you follow my PA to get the copy of documents? Ms Pragya can stay here for a while and I could be discussing about the work experience as a Manager in a reputable company like Mehra groups…..

Abhi: Why me? Why she can go and take the papers and I can share the experience as I am also a Manager!

Manager mentally scolded Abhi and Pragya whispered to Abhi “We want the documents, we should listen as per their suggestions, so please do as he say. I will stay here and it’s just for a while!” Abhi “Okok! I am going only for the documents not for u! Mind it!”

Pragya smiled faintly as he stood up and followed the PA out of the room.

The PA was printing the documents and Abhi was getting impatient to get the documents and leave from the place.

Suddenly they heard loud screams from the Manager’s cabin & everyone rushed to see what was happening.

Abhi was shocked to see Pragya beating the Manager and holding onto his tie as if she wants to strangle him.

Abhi “What are you doing?” Pragya “Do u know what this duffer wanted to do?” Abhi “Let him go!!! You don’t have to show your woman power now!” Pragya was keep on slapping him and Abhi interfered to calm down Pragya. Unfortunately, he also got a slap from her. Abhi shouted “Stop this! First tell me what happened??” Pragya “He tried to molest me!” Abhi looking at her gave an unbelievable look. Pragya “ I am telling the truth!” Manager “I didn’t do anything!!! She was trying to…” Pragya fumed in anger and was about to throw a vase on him. Abhi stopped her from doing that. Abhi looking at the manager “Mr whoever you are! Even if you tried something like that, why your taste is so bad ah? You should have gone for better choices!” Manager regretted of his choice too.

Pragya hearing that was even more furious but now it was towards Abhi. Abhi realized what he have said and gave a silly smile trying to tell something, but before that Pragya gave a tight slap to Abhi.

Abhi saw her leaving and he had to go after her to calm her down.

New staff clapped which made Purab ask: Why are u clapping?
New staff: Pragya is good at slappings & beatings! I like it!
Purab: It’s very violent…Don’t you think so?
New staff: Come on sir! If men disturb or degrade, then we have to be violent!
Purab: Good point! So what happened next?
New staff: Hmm…He would have convinced her and haan they still haven’t taken the documents na…so they would have went back to take it!
Purab shook his head as a sign of no.

New staff: Or Pragya was too difficult to be convinced?
Purab nodded his head and place the red glass close to blue glass.
Looking at that new staff widened her eyes and asked : You mean Pragya was near to Boss?
Purab:You can say so…
New staff slightly scratching her head looking at him.
Purab: I will continue, so no worries…

New staff sat up straight and was eager to know what happened next!

Abhi “Pragya! Pragya!” He was keep on shouting her name like a mad person but she was not responding to him. She was at the peak of her anger.

Abhi ran towards her and asked “What’s your problem yaar? Why can’t you understand we need to get that documents if not Uncle will fire us!!” Pragya “I don’t care!” Abhi “What? U don’t care?” Pragya standing by the road saw an auto and was about to walk away when he forcefully pulled her.

Pragya “What are you doing?” Abhi “I am sorry…I just wanted not to be violent…as you had been very violent to him already…” Pragya “I am not angry for your actions!” She said but was having tears. Abhi felt awkward to see tears in her eyes as he had never seen her like this before. To him, she is the strong girl who always rebel against him for whatever teasing and annoyance he give to her.

Pragya “I am angry at myself for my actions!” She said taking his hands that was grabbing her arms.

Abhi “Did he hurt you?” He asked with concern. Pragya shook her head as no. Abhi “Then why are you so angry?” Pragya cried bitterly and hugged him making him taken aback.

Abhi thought, What should I do now? She is hugging me!!!

Pragya breaking away from the hug said “I am sorry….let’s go in to take the documents…” She said by wiping her tears. Abhi “It’s fine…I will get them, you just wait for me in the car….” He replied.

Pragya nodded her head silently and headed towards the car and both were turning frequently to see each other.

New staff: Love started!
Purab: Why do you say so?
New staff: She hugged him and both were looking at each other. It’s the sign of love blossoming!
Purab: It can be signs of love but he doesn’t like women! You have to note that point!
New staff: You mean to say his disliking towards women will make it difficult for them to love?
Purab: Absolutely right!

New staff hesitated: I really wish to know what happened next but I need to be back at home before 8 pm. So….

Purab: I can understand….Think what happened next and I will tell you the rest later…
New staff: Thanks and bye Sir!
She said the cheerfully and left the coffee shop as Purab see her walking away.

Purab, How adorable she is? I wish to drag Abhi and Pragya Bhabhi’s love story just to see her….

Purab heard his phone rang to answer. He saw Abhi’s name flashed and answered the call.

Abhi screamed: Purab!! Where are you? There is DANGER at home!!!
Purab: What danger?
Abhi: You come fast! Your Pragya Bhabhi put me into trouble in the worst situation. Come and save me yaar!
Purab: Surely you would have done something wrong…Will be coming there soon!
He ended the call.

Abhi looking at Pragya made a pout and Pragya winked at him.

To be continued……

I will try to end this by next shot or after one more! Until then please bear with it! Thank you for reading!

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