Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 18

New staff opened the door to leave and saw Purab standing there with a wide smile and holding onto a bouquet.

New staff smiled seeing him and then she realized she was smiling! She then gave a stern look.

New staff: Why are u here?
Purab: You were missing from work yesterday! I called u but u never picked up too. Heard that you had some marriage to attend so thought of visiting u in the morning today.
New staff: But u can meet me in the office itself right?
Purab: Thought of starting your beautiful morning with a beautiful bouquet!
New staff smiled at his thought.

New staff took the bouquet from him was admiring it by touching and also enjoying the fragrance of the flowers.  

Purab cleared his throat which made her back to senses.

New staff: Oh sorry…let me place this inside first…
She said and went inside her house to place the bouquet.

A while later,

New staff locking the door: Where is your car?
Purab: Under maintenance!
New staff: That means u are walking with me?
Purab: If you don’t mind darling, it would be my pleasure to walk with you forever…
New staff: Huh?
Purab: Don’t act as if you don’t understand my line of expressing my love!
New staff walking ahead of him smiled more. Purab: Are u smiling?
New staff: No!
Purab: Yes I did saw!
New staff: Come on Sir…everyone smiles in the morning to make their morning beautiful.
Purab: But u said no just now right?
New staff: No means can be yes too
Purab rolling his eyes: Oh gosh!
He said and walked ahead of her.

New staff: Wait! Wait!
She hurried up to catch up with him.
New staff: So what happened then?
Purab: What do u mean now?
New staff: I mean what happened between them?
Purab walking together with her smiled more.
New staff: Arrey now u are smiling?
Purab: Ok let’s jump into their story as we walk towards the bus stop.

New staff: I knew this from the time you pass me bouquet! But wait I have a million dollar question for you!
Purab: What is that?
New staff: Pragya hugged Boss last time na…Then why the hug in swimming pool affected both of them so much?
Purab: When did she hugged him before?
New staff: Wo…when she cried after running out from the office when a manager tried to misbehave with her!
Purab: Acha….
New staff: Do u know I have been cracking my head for the past few days about this!
Purab:  Really?
New staff: Yes tell me why this hug and touch makes a difference between them? I know he had accidentally touch her… but why does it bother so much now?
Purab: Maybe you never hear how it happened right?
New staff: Oh ya…I asked you to fast forward na…
Purab smirked at her realization.

New staff: Then tell me now! Faster!
Purab shook his head and beginned his narration.

Mithra “ What happened? Why I saw a man being beaten badly?” She asked in a panicked tone. Abhi still holding Pragya’s hand pushed her in front of Mithra. Pragya frowned at him for doing that.

Abhi “ Don’t give that face! Don’t u have senses? How can u just go and meet some random guy?” Pragya “ He said u called me!” Abhi “ Oh…am I looking old to have a messenger to call u? I myself would have come and met you!” Pragya “ How would I know? I thought u were busy to come here…” Abhi “ Don’t say anything! Already my head is heavy!” Pragya “ I would have managed myself…” She said by looking away.

Abhi “ Haan right! That’s why he was trying to touch at wrong places and u were struggling to even move an inch away from there!”

Pragya huffed and Mithra hearing that was shocked. Mithra “ I warned you Pragya….not to go alone but….” Abhi “ You even warned her Mithz but she still went there! How careless is she! What if I wasn’t there on time? If something wrong happened then I would have killed him!” Pragya moving towards him “ Why should u kill him?” Abhi “ Then what? U ask me to stand still ah?” Pragya “ Why not?” Pragya was walking even more closer and he kept on walking backwards. Pragya pulled his collar towards her. Abhi “ Is this the way u respect the person who save u?” Pragya “ Look behind!” Abhi realized if one step more then he would have fallen into the swimming pool. Abhi steadied himself and signalled her to leave him.

Pragya “ I didn’t get my answer Mr Abhi!” Abhi walked ahead when he heard a loud splash sound. Mithra “She fell!!” Abhi looking at Mithra “ Who fell?” Mithra “ Pragya!”

Abhi, She pulled my collar for me not to fall but in the end she fell inside the swimming pool.

He thought by looking at the swimming pool.

Mithra “ Jump inside and see!” Abhi “ Okok!” He jumped inside and found her to be be panicking.

Abhi “ Relax!” Pragya holding him tightly “ How did I fall?” Abhi “ What? You don’t even know how u fell?” Pragya nodded her head as yes. Abhi looked weirdly at her. Pragya “ Wait! Why are u holding me?” Abhi “ Huh? I am here to save u!” Pragya “ Oh ok…” Abhi rolled his eyes & was about to bring her out when he hugged her tightly. Pragya “Why are u not moving? Why are u hugging me so tightly??” Abhi “ Look there!!!” He pointed nervously at a direction and she was alarmed to see a cockroach in the swimming pool.

New staff interrupted: Does cockroach knows how to swim?
Purab looked at her in disbelief and said: You should ask the cockroach about it
New staff: Oh I see…
Purab: So now u would have known what would have happened….
New staff: You mean both hug each other for very long and they felt uneasy after that?
Purab: Haan but he pulled her underwater in the name of hiding from the cockroach.
New staff: Even here cockroach scares…
Purab: Chronicles of cockroach…
New staff: Was there underwater kiss?
She asked with shyness.

Purab in an alarming tone: No! No! How can it happen? They are not married na…
New staff: That means you believe that only married couples should kiss ah?
Purab: Yes that is the right way…
New staff: Hmm…never expected u to be like this…but from what u told still there is something missing…Did u tell me properly? I mean do u remember the story properly?
Purab looked angrily at her.

New staff: Okok! I am sorry…Please continue…

He continued on her insistence:

Pragya tried to forget those thoughts but no matter how much she tried to forget the more she get reminded of it. She literally gave up and fixed in her mind that she had fallen in love with him not only because of his touch but also in the way he had came forward to save her.

As for Abhi he was getting restless and had no idea what is happening to him. He had hugged ladies before and even Pragya had hugged him before but why now it was a different feeling. It was at a swimming pool where both were in such a close proximity.

Abhi thought, Yes it was very cold na that’s why my mind would have freezed in those thoughts! Ya this is just because of location problem! Then also that cockroach had made it worse!

New staff hearing that chuckled and teased: Is Boss that buddhu? But I have to say he is a cute buddhu…
Purab: He is not cute but I agree he is a buddhu.
New staff: Hmm…seems someone is feeling jealous…
Purab: I am not jealous!
New staff: I never said u are jealous…it’s someone else sir…there u see it could be the crow there being jealous if not the dog standing near the lamp post can be jealous na….
Purab gave a stern look towards her.
New staff: Okok! Sorry sir…get back to story….please!

She asked pleadingly which Purab could never say no to.  

Days passed and they managed well by avoiding each other. Taking shifts to take care of Mithra.  All went smooth until one day where they had to face each other again.

Abhi had to walk pass Pragya’s room and he passed by closing his eyes and end up falling onto the floor.

Abhi still with his eyes closed wondered, Why am I feeling something soft on top of me?

Pragya “ Oye! U made me fall on top of you!”

Abhi screeched “ What? When did I?” He asked by opening his eyes and saw her on top of him.

Pragya irked “ Where did u keep your eyes ah?  Making me fall with you!”

Abhi “ I only make me fall with you but u are trying to make me fall for you! Did u realize that?”

Pragya “ What do u mean? When did I do like that?”

Abhi “ Like now being on top of me!” Pragya “ For this you will fall for a girl ah?” Abhi “ Ya why not?” Pragya “ Insane!” She said by getting up from him.  Abhi stood up and frowned at her. Pragya “ You know what?” Abhi “ What?” Pragya “ Go to your room and close your eyes then sleep!” Abhi “ Hello! Who would open their eyes and sleep?” Pragya “ You! That day I came to your room to call you for help but you were saying that I was there to hug you and I was a dream there!” Abhi “ That means you were really there?” Pragya “ Haan but u were sleeping with your eyes opened!”

Abhi “ Listen Ms Pragya, I was just kidding. Please don’t take anything seriously….” Pragya “ I know…” Abhi “ You know?” Pragya “ Yes I know everything now…” She said very calmly making Abhi amazed.

Abhi, She is CALM and that is a HARM to me!

Pragya walked away making her dupatta caressed his face by turning away.

New staff interrupted: So she is calm towards him from now onwards?
Purab: Love makes her have calmness towards him.
New staff: Why? She can be normal as usual na?
Purab: That’s the magic of love it makes a difference in you just like how it happens in your favourite show kumkum bhagya!
New staff: Sir…this is the logic I don’t understand…
She said innocently.

Purab smiled and carried on walking by her side.

New staff impatiently: Then who confessed their love first?
Purab: Nobody!
New staff: No way Sir! I know what would have happened, Boss would have feel the difference in the way Pragya behaves and she would have confessed first that she had fallen in love with him. From then Abhi would have find it very weird to see her! Just like how it happened in the show….

Purab teased her by saying: Arrey u missed something! The kidnapping track!

New staff frowned with her arms folded.

Purab chuckling: Sorry! but both of them never confessed their love or proposed to each other!

New staff: What? That means they never proposed to each other?
She asked worriedly
Purab: Kind of as they didn’t get the chance to do so….

New staff: Why? There is no tanu here na!

Purab: You are really unbelievable!

New staff: But why? Don’t say there is tanu here too!

Purab explained to her about his help to them. He looked at her and she never walked further in shock.

New staff: It’s because of you! Why do u have to call Dasi at the place where the three of them were!
Purab:  I was thinking she would be of some help but never expect that she would create confusion!

New staff walked ahead being upset and Purab thought that she is taking the story too serious! How can I convince her now?

Purab: I am sorry darling….but my help made it interesting…
New staff: Interesting?
She asked in a mocking tone.

Purab: I genuinely did to help but I never knew it would end up in confusion.
New staff looked at him and understood that the fault was not his.

New staff: It’s okay…we are reaching the bus stop already.
Purab: So what? I can continue in the bus too!
New staff: No way! I will wait for this after work….
Purab with disappointment: Why? Are u upset on me?

New staff turning away thought, I am scared you will finish telling the story fast. I want to listen to you more….I don’t want the time spent with you to be stopped.

Purab: Say something…
New staff: I always have the habit of listening to music in bus so I don’t want that habit to be changed….

Soon bus arrived and new staff boarded on it leaving Purab to walk from there as he said he have to meet his friend on the way.

As this happened, Pragya was making a call to Abhi with Abhigya and Prabhi by her side.

Pragya: Kiddos! I am putting the phone in speaker! Talk when u hear Puppa speaking! Ok?
Abhigya and Prabhi squealed: Ya ya!
Pragya chuckled and was eagerly waiting for him to pick up the call.

Abhi: Hello Pragya!
Abhigya and Prabhi screamed: Puppa!! Puppa!

Abhi moving his phone away was not asking them to lower down their volume.

Pragya hearing that giggled and signalled to her kids to be silent.

Abhi let a deep sigh when they were silent.

Abhi: Pragya! U are there enjoying them shouting at me right?
Pragya: Yes Boss!
Abhi: What’s the matter? I am looking at the quotations now…
Pragya: Take a break Boss! U have been seeing that from yesterday night!
Abhi closing the file asked: Ok Boss! Now tell me!
Pragya: Abhigya and Prabhi are asking something…
Abhi: They are asking or u are asking?
Pragya sheepish tone: All of us….
Abhi: Haan so what’s the matter?
Pragya: The matter is….
Abhigya and Prabhi started to scream something and Pragya frowned at them making them silent.

Abhi chuckling: Tell me the matter fastly before they get mad at u!
Pragya: You forgot about it?
Abhi: What did I forgot?
Pragya: Bad Boss! How can u forgot?
Abhi: Oye! First tell me what did I forgot?
Pragya: Our wedding anniversary!
Abhi: It’s not today right?
He asked panickingly.
Pragya: Ofcourse no! It’s on Wednesday!!
Abhi: Ya it’s on Wednesday….
Pragya: Boss! You are repeating what I am saying!
She said with annoyance and her kids looked at her being puzzled.

Abhi: Sorry….So much work na that’s why….but I will make the day big Boss! Promise!
Pragya was silent and signalled her kids to start and they yelled: Puppa!!!
Abhi: Oh gosh! Pragya please listen to me ask them not to scream like this! It’s deafening!
Pragya signalled to them and passed the kids’ soft toys to them.

The kids were playing with it and Pragya: I thought u will not forget Boss…It’s special this year as this is the first year with kiddos…
Abhi: I know…sorry…
Pragya: Punishment is u are throwing a party for us! Bye!
Abhi: What? Party? How can I?
By then she ended the call and Pragya looked at her kids.

Pragya: Kiddos! We must punish Puppa!
Abhigya and Prabhi looked up and said: Ya ya!
Pragya: You two always say Ya ya!
The kids again said ya ya making Pragya hug them close to her.

Pragya: You two are ya ya babies!

The kids liked that and squealed in happiness as they loved the name.

Abhi: Is she looking at us?
Pragya whispered: Yes Boss…
Abhi: She is looking blankly….
Pragya: Yes Boss…
Abhi: Now she is looking at them…
Pragya: Yes Boss…
Abhi: Ok now she is walking up to them but….
Pragya in amazement: But what Boss?
Abhi: Look closely there…
He said by pointing at a direction.
Pragya looked closely at the direction and Abhi smiled looking at Pragya.

Thank u everyone for reading!

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