Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 1

A man is seen talking to his new staff during lunch time.

New staff: That means our Boss & wife were in love before in this same company?
Man: Haan and guess how the love story started?
New staff: Like in movies, the girl should be the newly joined staff & our Boss gets impressed with her beauty and brains!
Man: Nah…wrong guess!
New staff: Then what? Is it the other way around?
Man: No! This is different! Think differently!
New staff was scratching her head to think & that’s when she passed them.

Pragya: So Purab, u have started telling our love story to her?
Purab: No Bhabhi…I just want to find out by when will I find a person who can guess Abhi & your love story in the right way!

Pragya shook her head and said: It’s been 3 years we are married! We have 2 children now but u are still rewinding the past!

Purab: It’s such a pleasant past na…that’s why…
He said looking sheepishly.

Pragya: You wait here! I will go & call him to claim copyright issues for our love story!
Purab: Bhabhi! Please na…only this time I will do this!

Pragya never listened to him and walked towards Abhi’s cabin.

Purab let a sigh of relief making the new staff to look clueless.

Purab: Why are u looking like that?
New staff: You are not scared that Boss will scold you?
Purab: Oh…now he won’t have that mood as when Pragya Bhabhi is beside him, he if full of romantic mood!
New staff blushed hearing that.
Purab: Excuse me! Why are u blushing?

New staff: I saw him a while ago, he even winked at me.
Purab: It wasn’t you…It was at Pragya Bhabhi who was standing behind you.

New staff became upset hearing that.

Purab smiled inwardly looking at her.

Purab: Fine, I will give u a hint of their love story, if u find it then I will do half of your work for this month!

New staff got elated hearing that.

Purab: Opening scene is where our Boss collides with Pragya Bhabhi who is carrying a file.
New staff: Then Boss holds her by grabbing her waist to prevent her from falling. Next scene is eye-lock and Allah Wariyan or Saiyaara tu Saiyaara song plays in the background. Haan papers also fly! Love starts!
She said that in a filmy tone.
Purab hearing that burst into laughter which made her angry.
Purab: Which serial did you saw this at?
He asked by trying to control his laughter.

New staff with an annoyed look: Kumkum Bhagya!
Purab: Oh that serial…Please! It’s still have the lead pair not being together!
He said sarcastically.
New staff: They are together! They are eternal pairs for love! It’s just that there is some misunderstanding again….
Purab: This is off track! I want you to guess my Pragya Bhabhi’s love story!
New staff: Okok! They collided with each other.
Purab: Yes then what happened?
New staff started to think & Purab was looking at her like a love stricken puppy.
New staff: I can’t guess the next scene. You tell the scene first & after that I will guess again.

Purab with a smile: Fine, so what happened next was ….
When he was about to say that he saw two empty glasses on the table.
New staff wondered why he pause all of a sudden, when he took the glasses & looked at her.

Purab: I will tell the story with a demo. This blue glass is Boss and red glass is Pragya Bhabhi.
He said by topping the glasses upside down.

New staff: Oh..then?
Purab: When two of them collided, one fell down!
He said by making red glass lying down in sideways.
New staff: What? She fell and he never helped?
Purab sadly: Yes he didn’t, as he doesn’t like women!
New staff was shocked hearing that and couldn’t believe him.
New staff: You are kidding right? He looks so charming and enchanting, and how can he don’t like women?
Purab: Looks could be deceiving too!
New staff: So they fight with each other?
Purab: Why fight?
New staff: He made her fall na, so she would have scolded him and both would have an argument.
Purab: Very funny! Nothing happened except that both parted ways.
New staff: Huh? I am not satisfied with their first meeting, Change this scene!
Purab: Hello! This already happened and I can’t change the scenes like you wish!

New staff gave a grumpy look and asked: Then what? Who talked first?
Purab taking the blue glass placed it on top of the red glass.

New staff: What does this means? He was on top of her?
Purab giggled and said: Yes…
New staff: I don’t understand….
She said with a puzzled look.

Purab: Now I will tell but will pause at a place where u should guess what happened next! Are you fine with that?
New staff looking at him: Sure!

Purab narrated the rest of the story,

Pragya was walking towards his cabin and looked at him for his response.

Abhi “Don’t you have the manners to knock the door before coming in?” He asked looking at his files.

Pragya “I am not your staff to ask permission! I am also a Manager like you!” She said.

Abhi “I know that but where is your manners? I don’t understand why uncle had recruited women who always don’t have basic manners!” He retorted.

Pragya “Tell me anything about me but not about women! Why do you have to generalize it?”

Abhi still looking at his files asked “I am busy! What makes you come here now?”

Pragya “Your uncle called us to his cabin, I called your phone but after hearing my voice you ended it! How rude is that?”

Abhi “Uncle called me? Why did u never tell this before?” He said as he rushed out of the room by passing her.

Pragya “Hey wait! He wants both of us together!” She said as she was running behind him.

New staff interrupted: I don’t like Boss after he said women don’t have basic manners.
Purab: Listen fully, then u will know why he is like that.

He continued by looking at her,

“Uncle! I will do anything to become the Boss of this company not like women who waste time by running after me!” He said as Pragya looked at him with anger.

“I know you made her run after you! I said I want to meet both of you together but u ran first, which made her run after you! So the fault is yours!” He said.

Abhi hearing that scowled at Pragya and she smirked at him.

“Coming back to point! Abhi and Pragya both of you should work together!”

Both stared at each other in dismay and were keep on saying no.

“Shut up! If you two never work together, then I will kick both of you out from this Manager post!”

Both were alarmed and agreed to Uncle’s words.

Pragya was leaving the room first when Abhi purposely rushed and made her fall again.

Pragya “Abhi!!!” She said by gritting her teeth.

Abhi “Women are always like this, they keep their eyes only in front!” He said by chuckling.

Uncle seeing that fumed in anger and asked him to help her.

Abhi reluctantly forwarded his hand and she held it to stand up.

Pragya coming close to him “My time will also come!” She said by taking her hands from his and walking ahead by keep on turning back to stare at him.

Abhi, Women are always with empty threats!

New staff: Is Boss like that? Poor Pragya…How many times does she have to fall?
Purab: You are not interested to know how this position happens?
He asked by signalling her to see the glasses.
New staff nodded and Purab: Anyways it’s common to fall in love and that’s why Pragya Bhabhi had falls.

New staff: Lame reasoning! First continue the story!

Purab smiled and continued his narration.

Abhi “That Pragya is always crossing in my way! Either colliding me on the first day of work if not now colliding with me to become as Boss! I hate her!” He said by crushing one of the important documents in anger.

Pragya barged into his room and he looked at her breathing heavily.

“What have you done? Why are you crushing and tearing our document papers??” She shouted.

“What? Are u dreaming? How could I do that?” He asked as he looked at the papers and realized they were really document papers.

Pragya folded her arms and shook her head.

“I thought it was some unwanted papers…” He said trying to justify himself.

“What will you do now? That’s why Uncle passed me the papers to keep it safe, but you snatched all these from me!” She complained.

“Don’t complain! Only women complain for every single thing!” He said

“Abhi! I have told you many times, you criticize me for my mistake, then I am fine with it but criticizing women as a whole for my mistake is not fair! Totally not fair!” She said firmly.

Abhi huffed and called using his mobile phone ignoring Pragya’s baks baks.

Pragya “Who are you calling?” Abhi “Uncle! To tell him the papers have been lost…”

Pragya “Are you MAD? If he knows we never took care of the papers then we will be fired!!! Don’t you remember he warned us to keep the papers safely for a week!!!” She said looking at him with a tensed face.

Abhi “But most of them are torn into pieces, only the cover page is crushed….” He said in a stressed tone.

Pragya “Where is your eyes now? “ Abhi “Huh?” Pragya “Never mind! You are very much stressed….let’s do this way…” Abhi “What way?” Pragya “Hmm…We will contact dealers to get a copy of this papers again!” Abhi “Okay…Let’s go!” Pragya “Arrey wait! We need to call and make an appointment with them! You think they will easily give us the papers ah?”

Abhi “Oh..I totally forgot about that!” Pragya smiled and passed him the number to call.

Abhi “Why me? You call and ask!” Pragya “Who did the mistake?” Abhi looking down “Me…” Pragya “So u must call! Talk in Uncle’s voice!” Abhi exclaimed “Uncle’s voice??? How can I?” Pragya “Don’t act! I know u make prank calls to my cabin in Uncle’s voice!” Abhi “You know?” Pragya “Yes, I am smart enough to know that!” Abhi smiled sheepishly and asked “Why u didn’t complain to Uncle?” Pragya “I am not a small kid like you to do prank calls and complain to Uncle as if he is the teacher!” She said by rolling her eyes.

Abhi “Alright! I will call!” He sighed and called the dealers and got an appointment successfully.

New staff: PAUSE!!! From here they become friends right? Then they fall in love!!
Purab smiled seeing her.

New staff: Why are u having a goofy smile?
Purab: As I am finding your assumption funny!
New staff: What funny? She helped him so they should be friends now na…
Purab: Well, technically you are correct but you know this is different.
New staff: Can u like fast forward this story? As I am curious to know about the glasses position!

Purab: Oh…so u are eager to know this position.
She in response nodded her head heavily with excitement.

Purab: Okay scene shifts to bench at a park
New staff: Park?
Purab: Just listen…
New staff: Ok continue.

Pragya is seen sitting on a bench as Abhi sat on her lap with a scary look.

Pragya “Abhi! How heavy you are? Don’t you have mercy on my petite body? How can u sit on my lap?” She yelled.

Abhi “Just two minutes! I know you won’t sit on my lap, as I have talked bad about you but please let me sit on your lap!” He pleaded looking at a direction anxiously.

Pragya struggling to move but his strong and well-built body is making her difficult to move.

Pragya “You are just squeezing me yaar! After this, I won’t even able to stand!”

Abhi finally stood up and looked sorry for his actions as he saw Pragya closing her eyes in pain.

He without saying anything carried her in his arms and she protested him to let her down.

Pragya “What are you doing? Because of you my favourite red saree is crumpled!”

Abhi “I am sorry….even my favourite blue shirt is crumpled as you are holding my back firmly…” He said and winked at her.

New staff: WAIT! Is he like going to propose her???
Purab: Make a guess!

He said that and gestured to her that their lunchtime is over.

New staff: Huh? What is the suspense? What happened in between and the next scene?

Purab was keep on smiling and went towards Abhi’s cabin.

He knocked the door and Abhi opened a while later.

Purab: Where is Pragya Bhabhi?
Abhi: Did she came here?
He asked innocently.
Purab: She should be here! I know she came to look for you…
Abhi: Oh you remember ah?
He said by ruffling his hair with hands and giving a silly smile.

Pragya from inside the washroom “Purab! I will come and see you later…I need to deal with your Boss first!” She said in a fierce tone.
Purab whispered: Oh Abhi….What did you do to her? Why does she sound so angry?
Abhi with a naughty smile: I never let her talk…
Purab: Why? She was eager to tell you something yaar…
Abhi coming closer to him told something in his ears.
Purab: Very mischievous!
Abhi gave a proud look and said :I need to go before she fumes at me more! Bye!

He said that and locked the door.

New staff who was looking at this from a distance found this shocking.

New staff, Boss romance like this in office itself? I know romance to your loved ones is unavoidable but even in workplace, is it necessary?

To be continued……

Thanks for reading!

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