Boss Ke Nakhre…Offo!!! – A ShivIka/AnShi One Shot…

” So bring a cup of Tea for me…” Anika smiled at Shivaay.

Shivaay looked at her opening his mouth , ” Thats not my Job…” He said rebelliously.

” Ok , then I am firing you…” Anika passed him a mischievous smile.

Shivaay was definitely not buying it , ” No…I am here to be working on files, not on my foot bringing you tea..” Came the rebellious tone again , Anika looked towards him and squinted her eyes , Don’t you believe me?

” I’ll type the firing letter , come and take in 1 hour…” Anika turned her gaze back to her Laptop.

Shivaay closed his eyes and then reopened them , He couldn’t refuse , ” No Ma’am , I’ll just bring the tea…I’ll even sweep the floor if you want…” He exaggerated.

He turned to go.

” Well , thats coming next…” Came the taunting voice of Anika from behind , Shivaay turned only to find her engrossed on her laptop , This Girl’s crazy and will make me crazy someday.

Shivaay turned back and went to bring a cup of tea , certainly what his boss demanded.

Shivaay was back in a few minutes , ” Good…” Anika remarked taking the cup from the table while she was still looking at her Laptop , Shivaay stood in front of her , he saw Anika had a sip of the mug , he couldn’t resist a chuckle.

” Chi…Yeh Kali Chai Hai…??” She asked angrily standing up and keeping the Mug down.

” Black Tea…” Said Shivaay passing her a rather weird forced smile now.

” Ok , Do I drink Black Tea Mr.?” Anika asked stressing the last 3 words , Shivaay looked at her indifferently.

” No Ma’am , I didn’t knew na…Sorry , I should have asked…” He smiled with a tincture of mischievousness.

” You are lying Shivaay , you know it already…” Said Anika opening her eyes and mouth as wide as she can.

” But How can I know , I am not your husband na…Anika Ma’am…” Shivaay was trying hard to resist laughing.

Anika was about to burst out but a knock at the door stopped her , ” Come in…” She ordered while a girl entered.

” Ma’am files…” The girl kept the files at the desk and left , Anika looked towards Shivaay who held his head downwards trying to act like he was feeling guilty.

” Take these files and start working, I am sending more…” Anika ordered while Shivaay raised his head up , passed a smile to Anika (Who gave back by passing him a taut smile) and held up the files.

” Sorry Ma’am…Again…” Shivaay said as he was leaving.

” Wait…Mr Shivaay…” Anika called from back while Shivaay turned , SPLASH , A glass of water fell over Shivaay’s clothes and face , Shivaay barely managed to save the files , He looked towards Anika with his green eyes, his eyes were the glimmering colour of emerald.

” I am sorry , By Mistake…” Annika said as she passed some horrified over acting looks to Shivaay.

Shivaay looked at her , ” I was drinking water , I called you , you turned , I don’t know how , sorry…” She even didn’t knew how to lie.

” Go home, Change your clothes , I won’t cut your salary , Its your first day na…” Anika didn’t even let Shivaay speak while she passed him a cute smile.

Shivaay glared at her and left , for home.


Next day:

” I don’t know why I am checking this record , I didn’t join in for doing this…” Shivaay complained to himself as he sat at a desk in the office checking some random files which were of no importance to the company.

” Actually…I Agree , then you do this…” Anika stood behind him smiling with a sweeper in her hand.

She handed it to Shivaay taking back his pen from him , Shivaay remembered their conversation last day , he blinked his eyes , Was She serious?

” I am serious Shivaay…” This girl was a mind reader.

” But this is Marie’s work…” Shivaay said getting up.

” This is my office so I’ll decide who’ll do which work , start your work…” Anika ordered , the staff around giggled while Shivaay sweeped the floor staring at Anika who was now sitting in her cabin engrossed in her work with anger filled in his eyes.


Next day:

” These are less Ma’am , I think you need to send me more files…afterall you just have to sign them , main work is my duty” Shivaay smiled at Anika with a new zeal within himself , He definitely knew how to fight back.

Annika smiled , ” True , I’ll just send more Mr. Shivaay…” She went back to her cabin.

Shivaay caught up his head looking at the piles of all old data’s of Oberoi Industry kept in front of him , it would take him months to complete it.

Shivaay , Concentrate, Work.

He made himself understand and sat down to work , as he was occupied in his work now , he fell some liquid coming down from his head and falling on his file , He got up away from the file , turned.

” Sorry…” Anika whispered to him as she was talking on phone to someone.

Shivaay looked at her , He’s angry for sure , ” Ouch…” Anika screamed when she realized that Shivaay just dropped the files on her foot.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction- Thought Shivaay.

Anika’s phone was on floor , ” Sorry Ma’am , I got hyper…” Shivaay replied.

” I was on an important call…” Anika said leaving angrily , Shivaay smiled , then looked at the files and got down to work again.


Next day:

” Shivaay This , Shivaay That , Shivaay Tea , Shivaay Sweep the floor , Shivaay bring something to eat…Am I here to work or be her slave…” Shivaay sat down on his desk again.

” And then she wants me to complete this , this mountain till tomorrow…” Shivaay wished to hit his head on the desk, ” She won’t even let me breath…” Shivaay continued.

” I am not a devil…” Shivaay froze.

Anika laughed , ” I am loving it…” She continued laughing , ” Feeling like a true devil…” She continued , ” I am enjoying it but I need these files to be done…” Anika walked to her cabin.

” Shivaay Tea…and Rajmah -Chawal too…” Annika screamed from the door , Shivaay held his head again.


Next day :

” I want to leave…” Shivaay stormed in Anika’s cabin , Anika got up.

” Are you sure because I don’t have any problem but…” Shivaay looked at her with a feeling like he was almost going to cry , he was working day and night on these insignificant files but this girl seemed to be not affected.

” I am going…” He stopped at the door.

” …To Work again…” Anika smiled.

” I told you Shivaay , You’ll regret it but you didn’t agree , now I need you to leave by today so today’s gonna be bad , sorry Shivaay.” Anika looked at him going with a helpless look.

Shivaay sat down to work , ” Just one more day Shivaay , Today’s last day , don’t worry ,just one more day…” Shivaay told himself and tried to concentrate on work but he was worried that how he’ll be ever able to complete it by today.

” Shivaay tea…” Anika shouted , Shivaay held his head again.


” Here’s your tea..” Shivaay had that sternness in his voice which Anika was already expecting.

He turned to go , Anika had her mouth turning into a bubble now , she looked at her watch , ” 4 hours Anika…Gear up..” She thought to herself biting her own lips thinking how she could get Shivaay to resign.

An idea clicked her mind , ” Arey Wah…” She said with a smile trying to raise the invisible collar of her dress , “I am the best…” She praised herself.


” Arey Bhaiya , You are working day and night on these files…SSO is listening to his so called Boss , How can you? Really bad , leave that Job…” Rudra whispered to Shivaay as sat next to Shivaay , Shivaay was working.

” No Rudra , its just one day , then I’ll win the challenge…” Shivaay said , his eyes still in the files.

” SSO , Shivaay Singh Oberoi , you are Shivaay Singh Oberoi Bhai , How can you listen to her , Bhai leave this job , we’ll enjoy , I haven’t even seen Om do it and you are to SSO…” Rudra tried to ignite the fire.

His words didn’t seem to affect Shivaay.

” Shivaaayyy, Maggie..” Shouted Anika while Rudra laughed.

” Bhai ,I didn’t knew you were also doing all this , Preparing Maggie too…” Rudra laughed more , Shivaay turned to him.

” I am not , I am just doing my work…” Shivaay told him sternly.

” Shivaaayyy…” Anika shouted in full mood.

No reply, ” Shivaay…” Anika continued shouting , Shivaay seemed to boil up.

Getting no reply , Anika came out of her cabin.

She tapped Shivaay’s shoulder , ” I am here shouting for my food and you are here talking to your brother…” She angrily bursted out.

The Last straw. SSO came out of Shivaay.

” What haan , you think I am enjoying here , I am doing my work , this Rudra (He hit Rudra on his shoulder) , Your Devar , Your Lovely devar came here to disturb me , he is continuously talking not I and yaa , How , How dare you tell me to prepare Maggie for you , Am I am your servant , Am I…I am a well qualified businessman and now… you have made me a chef , I know I cook well but you can’t say like that to me…I should do one work at time na , I am not super boy , I am not…I am going , I am not completing them…Bye , I’ll send my resignation letter…Ma’am…” Shivaay was almost screaming and the last word literally shaked Anika.

Rudra looked at his bhaiyaa -Bhabhi wiping his sweat as the staff looked at Shivaay going and Anika standing , angry.

She suddenly turned and went to Shivaay , Pulled his arm and made him face her , ” What , How dare you threaten me in front of everyone , what , I am your boss… I’ll not leave you…you know what I want Divorce…from being your boss as well as being you wife…” Anika pointed her finger at Shivaay who was left shocked , she looked at Shivaay almost wishing to kill him and then walked out without saying a word next.

” Anika , wait , what do you mean by divorce , What I did , Divorce…” Shivaay walked behind an angry Anika who sat in her car and drove off.

Behind him , Rudra laughed , ” Bhabhi , you are magical…as well as mad…” He told himself as he remembered how Anika called him and told him to ignite this fire.

” Bhaiya , You did really wrong..” Rudra came from back with a serious look.

” Rudra , you told me…” Shivaay was saying confused when Rudra intervened.

” Now Leave , let me tell you how to save yourself from Bhabhi’s wrath…”

Shivaay squinted his emerald green eyes knowing his brother was upto to something , Rudra whispered something in Shivaay’s ears.


” Mumiji , see you know he scolded me in front of the whole staff and now shamelessly came home…” Anika pointed to Shivaay who was entering through the door , she was seriously crying with a dramatic tone while Pinky eyed Shivaay .

” You’ll not improve na Shivaay…” Pinky said as walked to Shivaay.

Anika cried further , ” Mom…” Shivaay was saying when Anika got up.

” Leave him Mumiji , he just knows how to hurt…” She walked off , On the way winking at Rudra.

Shivaay held his head , ” This girl will make me mad…” He thought to himself as he went up the stairs and to his room.

Anika wasn’t there , she was in bathroom to change her formals with in formals , she hated going to office.

” Perfect…” Shivaay thought as he remembered Rudra’s plan.


Anika came out of bathroom , the lights of the room were switched off , she very well knew that she had switched them on , then how could they be Off ? She thought as she went towards the switch board.

Jo teri khatir tadpe pehle se hi
Kya usey tadpana o zaalima, o zaalima
Jo tere ishq mein behka pehle se hi
Kya usey behkana o zaalima, o zaalima (x2)

Anika heard the tunes being hummed somewhere , she turned towards the Balcony , she started walking up there as the song continued.

Aankhen marhaba, baatein marhaba
Main sau martaba deewana huaa
Mera na raha jab se dil mera
Tere husn ka nishana hua

Jiski har dhadkan tu ho
Aise dil ko kya dhadkana
O zaalima, o zalima..

Jo teri khatir tadpe pehle se hi
Kya usey tadpana o zaalima, o zaalima

She reached the balcony and saw Shivaay standing holding the railings ,his lips moving as if he was humming the song , Anika moved up to him smiling while he continued singing.

Saanson mein teri nazdeeqiyon ka
Itrr tu ghol de, ghol de…
Main hi kyun ishq zaahir karun
Tu bhi kabhi bol de, bol de… (x2)

Leke jaan hi jaayega meri
Qaatil har tera bahaana hua

Tujhse hi shuru
Tujhpe hi khatam
Mere pyaar ka fasaana hua

Tu shamma hai toh yaad rakhna
Main bhi hoon parwaana
O zaalima, o zaalima..

Jo teri khatir tadpe pehle se hi
Kya usey tadpana o zaalima, o zaalima

Anika tapped his shoulder and handed him the speaker which she found hidden behind a curtain nearby , ” Kitne Bade Phaikon Hain Na App Shivaay…(You are such a big exaggerator Shivaay)…” Said Anika walking back when suddenly Shivaay held her hand and pulled her , he turned her towards himself and smiled , ” Maybe , I am Exaggerator in Singing but not in Love…” Anika couldn’t help but smile while the song continued.

Deedaar tera milne ke baad hi
Chhoote meri angdaayi
Tu hi bata de kyun zaalima main kehlayi

Kyun iss tarah se duniya jahan mein
Karta hai meri ruswayi
Tera qusoor aur zaalima main kehlayi

Deedaar tera milne ke baad hi
Chhoote meri angdaayi
Tu hi bata de kyun zaalima main kehlayi
Tu hi bata de kyun zaalima main kehlayi


” So I won the bet…” Anika told the whole Oberoi family smiling looking towards Shivaay mischievously.

” What Yaar Shivaay , It was just for 5 days , couldn’t you have managed , Afterall Anika wasn’t trying to kill you…she was just giving you some work…” Omkara complained while Anika looked towards Shivaay making a puppy face agreeing with Omkara.

” She was even worse , wait , just get married then you’ll know what the wives are…dangerous…” Shivaay said looking towards Anika angrily.

Anika laughed , ” Say whatever Shivaay…I am the best , I proved it , I won this bet , Now you need to say Anika you are the best’ everytime before starting our conversation…”

She gave a Hi-fi to Rudra who too giggled along with her.


So Yes , this was a Bet between ShivIka, A bet which made them fight…play…Hate…Love…


Author’s Note: Hello friends , so to be honest , It didn’t come out as I wanted it to but still , hope it wasn’t bad…Embarrassed

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