Born for u….living for u(epi 7)

Hello everyone….I am really sorry for not replying individually really sorry… I know last episode was very boring …but I was not getting any idea regarding that scene…. And my last episode got posted as epi 6 instead it was epi 5.. so I m posting this epi as epi 7… so today’s episode is….
@Mumbai station…
Ragini is still lost in her thoughts
Laksh Zrago.. what happened kab se awaaz de raha hu.
Ragini: wo I was just thinking by the way lucky… I want to talk to papa.. my phone is dead give me u r phn na..
Laksh: my phn is also dead yaar
Ragini noticing a public phone..
Ragini:Lucky I’ll call papa through public phn u wait here..i’ll be back

Ragini calls her papa and after that she notices that lucky is not there ..
She gets tensed and keeps on walking.. when she collides with a guy.. and is about to fall when two mascular hands hold her… he is none other than sanskar..he is mesmerized in her angelic beauty…ragini opens her eyes and is lost in the depth of his eyes..they share a eyelock…
They brake their eyelock and compose themselves…
Ragini: thank u..(tensly)
Sanskar: no mention….bye the way I am sans…
Swara: sanky ..u r here… I was looking for u…
Sanskar: what happened..
Swara: wo ladke wale came …come we must go… aadarsh jiju ko milna hai na…
Sanskar: are baba aa raha hu…
Ragini: did u guys came to pick aadarsh bhai?
Swasan surprised
Sanskar: yeah how u know.
Ragini: actually I came with them…but got lost here..
Swara: oh then comme with the way iam swara and he is sanskar..
Ragini: ragini
Sanskar in mind:why do I feel sofamiliar…when she fell into my arms I wanted the world to stop there itself…no sanky u can’t think like that..u only love u r ladoo
Laksh was searching for ragini and spots her talking to swasan..he immediately goes and hugs her
Sanskar felt a deep pain in his heart unknown to him..
Laksh: where were u rago…I was so worried for u..
Swara: laksh u found her na..
Sanskar: shone do u know him
Swara: yeah

Laksh was searching for ragini when he collides with swara
Swara: cant u see and walk..
Laksh: I am sorry..
Swara: I know u guys u see a beautiful girl,collide with her,,talk to her sweetly and flirt with her but swara bose is not like that…
Laksh: oh hello …look I didn’t do it purposely.. and by the way… please check u r mirror..i think u are mistaken u r not beautiful..atleast not even close to beautiful. Okay
Swara :uuu
Laksh: yaa mee what now..
Swara: u r gone..
Rohit and Aadarsh comes there and finds swalak fighting..
Rohit: swara stop …he is jiju’s brother
Swara: what!!! But he was misbehaving with me..
Aadarsh: laksh???

Laksh: nobhai actually I was searching for rago and collided with her(pointing towards swara) but this girl started fighting..
Aadarsh:where is rago.. how could u leave her? And swara soory but laksh is not that kind of guy he is actually tensed about that’s why he talked to u like that
Laksh: soory swara … I shoudnt have behaved like that
Swara: hey its okay..i can understand… but please tell me I am beautiful
Laksh: smiling ..yaah u r beautiful…fine?
Swara smiling yeah….
Fb ends
Sanskar gives a impossible look to swara whereas ragini smiles at her..
Laksh: come lets go
Ragini in mind: why do I feel connected to him… when I was lost I was so worried but when I met him it was I was very safe …it felt like he took my worries…why …
Outside the station all were seated in the car..only raglak were remaining ..and swasan had their bikes..
Rohit : swara nad sanky take ragini and laksh with u
Swara was about say ragini to come with her but
Sanskar: ragini come with me and laksh u go with shone..
Swara and rohit were shocked as he didn’t allow anyone to sit behind him apart from swararagini goes with sanskar and laksh goes with swara..
What is happening to u sanky.. u askled someone to sit behind u on the bike and that too a girl u barely know.. ragini.. what r u doing to mee…
Pov ends
Episode neds with confused face of sanskar

Precap: some scenes of ragsan..
Guys ragsan were separated when they were kids so they didn’t recognize each other and ragini knows sanskar as bunty and sanskar knows ragini as ladoo..

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