Born for u….living for u (epi 9)

Hai guys thanks a lot for u r support….I know u want to see ragsan united ….but guys love is the most precious thing..and if u get it easily u won’t know the value of it…so please be patient for some more time..and thanks for u r suggestions..the villain will be yuvi only… na dif u want me to stop then please tell me i will here goes..
A hospital is shown where two mwn are pacing restlessly whereas one woman is shown careesing her son..a doctor comes out of the room…
Man 1:how is she doctor…is everything fine..
Doctor:Mr. shekhar we are sorry to say that her condition is very critical…we already informed u about the complications in her pregnancy…it’s a baby girl..but u r wife’s condition is out of our hands..she has only few hours ..u can talk to her..once again sorry.
Shekhar is shocked and falls to the ground as a lifeless body and RP comes to hold him…all of them go to meet her..
They enter the room to see a pale figure lying on the bed battling with death ..
Sujatha: janki…(but fails as she breaks down)
Janki: suji…don’t cry for me…time has come for me to go…
RP: don’t say that janki….u r daughter needs u..
Janki: bhaisa she is u r daughter from now onwards..please promise me that u will take care of her..
Sujatha and RP promise her..
Janki: u also promise me that u will marry again
Shekhar:I can’t janki …I can’t give u r place to anyone..
Janki cries…and makes him promise..
Janki looks at sanskar who is seen playing with the baby
Janki: suji..will u make my laado ur daughter in law please..
Sujatha: haa janki…she is my daughter in law…u don’t worry..
Here sanskar is playing with the baby when she suddenly wraps her little pink hand around his finger and sansakr tries to leave her but her hold is tight..
Sanskar: janu see na she is not leaving my finger..(he says excitedly)
All look at them..

Janki: bablu she is u r wife na that’s why she is not leaving u…
Sanskar: what is meant by wife(he asks her innocently)
Janki: wife means she is born for u…u should not leave her..
Sanskar becomes happy
Sanskar:yayyy I got a wife…(he talks to the baby) see u r my wife I‘ll not leave u …pinky promise..
Janki: bhaisa please take care of my ladoo please..and she breathes her last..
RP wakes screaming janki’s name..
Sujatha also wakes because of his scream..and gives him water..
Sujatha: same dream again..
RP nods..
Sujatha: we promised her
RP: I know ..but I v cant forget what shekhar did..
Sujatha: what is ladoo’s mistake in it…we left her there to suffer..
RP: sujatha I don’t want to talk about it
He sleeps
Sujatha: ignore as much as u want..but u cant forget the promise …janki’s words will haunt u till u fulfill the promise…

Next day at the auditions..
All the four stars are worried…ragini is the most worried one…
Laksh notices her..
Laksh: rago..chill yaar… u can do this..
Ragini: lucky I am scared..
Sanskar: ragini no need to be scared ..this is our chance to prove be confident..okay
Ragini smiles nervously..and then swalak goes towards dance room and ragsan towards their room for auditions wishing eachother goodluck
Ragini is literally shaking with fear when sanskar looks at her..
Something strikes him..
Sanskar: ragini I am leaving..i cant do this… oh no.. I will never do this…(he acts to be hell nervous)
Ragini: sanskar u can’t leave like that…u have to be strong…see these thinga might make u nervous but one day u will rule just close u eyes.. take a deep breath..and conquer u r dream…
Sanskar just keeps on smiling and comes close to her closes her eyes
Sanskar: take a deep breath…and conquer u r dreams..
Ragini understands that he was not nervous..he was actually cooling her…she smiles and goes when her name is called..
Ragini goes on the stage but suddenly feels nervous again and looks at sanskar who signs her to close the eyes and take a deep breath..
She does as he told her and starts singing(she sings pareshan song from ishqzaade…. Sorry guys I cant write a scene with a please forgive me )
Everyone is lost in her voice…and she looks into his eyes the whole time..finally she completes the song and everyone its sanskar’s turn..
He goes on the stage and sings the song manchala..(I don’t know the movie sorry)
Later the four of them meet at canteen and are waiting for the results..
Swara: ragini how was u r audition…u were so nervous na..
Ragini: thanks was good and sanskar thanks…
Sanskar smiles at her assuringly…

Later the results are to announced..
Everyone is nervous..
The pairs which are selected for singing are..
Soniya and raman
Sanskar and ragini and so on..
Sanskar and ragini are so appy that they hug eo but realize their position and sanskar hugs swara and ragini hugs laksh..
And for dancing swara and laksh are paired..
They too hug eachother…
They come out and decide to have a party ….they go for panipuri
Sanskar is continuously looking at ragini while she gulps down panipuri as if someone is going to eat them if she doesn’t finish them off first.. and smiles to himself..

Precap: RAGSAN and ragini’s worst nightmare..

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