Born for u….living for u (epi 8)

Hai guys… thanks for immense support … there is a role for an obsessed lover of ragini who is the villain …so suggest someone I was thinking about sahil from swaragini…or yuvi from tashan-e-ishq ….so comment and tell me…and so sorry because I cannot unite ragsan for some more time… but there will be romantic scenes between them… so here goes..

Sanskar takes ragini with him. They reach rohit’s house.
Ragini gets down from the bike .Her dupatta get stuck in his bike and as she is about to leave but due to her dupatta she lands on his chest hardly..sanskar holds her …both are lost in each other’s eyes…her hands are on his chest. His one hand isaround her waist and the other one is balanced on his bike stopping him from falling….
Slowly without breaking eye contact
Ragini: M..Y……tta
Sanskar:(huskily leans towards her)wh….at.
Ragini: M..Y……tta(she repeats again stammering)
Both come out of their trance suddenly and embarrassed,avoid each other….
Ragini: thanks(without making eye contact)
And runs from there…and sanskar unknowingly smiles to himself

Sansakr POV:
What is wrong with me… why I am behaving like this…when she fell into my arms …I felt like I could hold her forever… she makes me forget everyone around me …argh this girl…what r u doing to me…sanskar don’t forget that u r someone’s else property…
End of POV

Ragini’s POV
Why do I feel so restless near him….the moment when I fell into his arms at station I felt alive for the first time in twenty years…as if for the first time blood started to flow in me… as if someone was giving me high voltage current shocks….and after that on his bike I felt completely different… and now again same feeling what is this…no ragu.. u can’t have this kind of feeling…u are someone else’s property
End of POV

That evening as sanskar and swara were about to leave…rohit come to them ..
Rohit: guys come here tomorrow as we have to take raglak along with us..
Swara: yeah I forgot to ask…in which event r u participating in ragini
Ragini: singing
Sanskar was glad suddenly
Swara : oh ever sanky is in singing.. I am for dancing
Laksh: mee too
Swara: oh thank God… someone is there for me…otherwise sanky left me alone..
Sanskar:oh drama queen… bas kar bak bak ..waise mere itne bure din nahi aye ki Bandar ke saath nacho..
Swara: aww sanky…tell me the truth how I dance..haan
Sanskar: haa laksh swara dance karti hai to aisa lagta hai ki Bandar bharatnatyam kar raha hai..
Raglak are trying hard to control their laugh..whereas swara holds sanskar ‘s ears..
Swara: now say na…? Bandar haan?
Sanskar: sorry baba leave na its paining.
Swara: hmmm that’s better..come lets go ..bye guys..
Sanskar: bye guys..
They leave

A room is shown is filled with ragini’s pics….
A guy:where r u jaan… when will u come…u know na I can’t stay without seeing u… then why did u leave…u know bua told me that u wont be coming for two weeks…and that shekhar uncle send u away from mee…. I got so angry that I wanted to kill him…but bua stopped mee..i can’t go against her …but if anyone comes between u and me than I’ll kill that person….haaa..ha ..haaa(he laughs evilly)
Sumi: don’t worry beta she is yours…but remember the deal…her body is yours and property is mine..
Guy: haa bua… I just want ragini…I don’t want anything else… wo meri junnon hai..bachpan se chaha hai use…par apka wo pati..(he says angrily)
Sumi: what u think that I stopped u because I love him no no .. I want to know about his property that’s why i stopped u… once we knaow about that one will come in our way…
Guy: bua do whatever u want to do …. But quickly… I can’t wait anymore….i want her in my arms as soon as possible…
Epi ends with evil faces of sumi and that guy..

Precap: the competition…

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