Born for u… Living for u…. (Epi 6)

Hai guys and a very happy new year… so sorry I could not reply u …I was not well from 3 days that’s why…so here goes my story..
Rohit: are sanky are u guys free tomorrow
Sanskar: yaa why?
Rohit:U know na pari di’s wedding is there after two weeks so tomorrow jiji’s family is coming to Mumbai so we have to go and receive them…
Swara: are wah..jiju is very fast..he cant wait to see di..
Rohit : its actually jiju’s brother and his friend are also participating in the youth competition ..
Sanskar : fine we will receive them..

Laksh ,Aadarsh and DP come to GM to persuade sumi..
Laksh: papa plz don’t tell her about the auditions plz..
DP: but laksh we cant hide this from her..
Aadarsh: but papa if she comes to know then she wont allow rago to come to Mumbai u know na..
Shekhar: haa DP ji …plz don’t let her know about the competition
DP: shekhar ok if u all think it is good then I don’t have any problem…
They go inside and talk to her
Sumi: what for two weeks ..u know DP ji icant stay without her for even oneday…even though she is not my daughter I love her so much(faking love)
Shekhar(thinking): so new drama … see how I will flip it
Shekhar: sumi I know u cant stay without her but ragini Is*xcited to go na.. and u love her so much than u should let har go(smirking)
Laksh: haa aunty.. I know u love her a lot so can do anything for her…this is just for two weeks
Sumi: let me talk to her(In mind) I will make sure that she doesn’t go)
Laksh: aunty waise its early morning train so we rago will stay with us tonight…I will pick her from college and take her home directly u don’t worry ok
Sumi is about to say something
Shekhar: haa laksh is right …
Laksh: ok bye uncle ..bye aunty(they leave before sumi could say anything)
Shekhar: abb main gaya but anything for my ladoo

Next day @ Mumbai
In railway station
Ragini gets down the train and feels something
Ragini POV
Why do I feel like my heart just started to beat…as if my breath found a reason for existence.. why do I feel that thid id my destination…
End of POV
Sanskar is also in the same station.. as soon as ragini gets down the train he also feels something
Sanskar’s POV
Why is my heart beating so fast….why am I feeling restless as if some lost part of myself is close to my heart…it feels like a reason for my life.. sanskar u are becoming filmy that’s it..
End of POV
Screen freezes on restless faces of ragsan

Precap: ragsan meet

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  1. Waiting for ragsan face off

  2. it’s so awesome amazing excellent superb excellent mind blowing brilliant no words to describe and love and respect all raglak ff writer that they keep their favorite couple alive and plzzz guys write more and regular bcoz we missing raglak badly and see Swasan ff are very much in comparison to raglak And bit jeleousy in me bcoz I am crazy raglak or temish fan

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  4. awesome & Very Happy New Year

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    awesome dear…loved it…waiting for ragsan meeting….tkcr dear…

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