Born for u… Living for u…. (Epi 4)


Hai guys thanks for u support… so I am going to reveal the pairs…it is ragsan ff it may or may not be swalak…sorry swasan and raglak fans….there r many ffs on swasan….also I love the chemistry of ragsan…swara and laksh play a vital role in my ff…
So here goes my story
Anusha: so swara what is going on between u guys?? Haan?
Swara (blushing):nothing guys…. Nothing..
Vinay: he already made us fools u don’t join him… tell us the truth..
Swara: seriously there is nothing…
Vinay: swara no need to hide from us …ok leave all that come lets go to class…


RP is in deep thought..Sujatha observes him
Sujatha: are u thinking about sanskar?
RP: so many years sujatha still he didn’t forget her…
Sujatha: they are born for each can they forget each other…
RP: I know sujatha …but how can I forget what shekar did to me..
Sujatha: how can we blame laado for shekar bhai’s mistake….moreover did u forget the promise made to janki…
RP: no sujatha… I did not..but I don’t want to see his face for what he did…
Sujatha: but laado and sanskar..
RP: sujatha leave it ..i don’t want to discuss this…

Sujatha leaves..

Ragini is seen sitting in cantten reading something… suddenly she feels someone closing her eyes…
She immediately recognizes him..
Ragini:Aadarsh bhai..
Aadarsh: are rago how do u know its me…
Ragini: when it is our loved ones we can easily recognize them
Aadarsh smiles and pats her cheek…
Laksh: so dhule raja finally u came to meet u r rago
Ragini: dhule raja …u r getting married and u didn’t inform me .. go bhai I am not talking to u..

Ragini pouts..
Aadarsh: sorry rago… I wanted to inform u…but my stupid bro spoiled it..
Laksh: what I did?
Ragini: accha leave this ..i want to see my hone wali bhabhi
Aadarsh: here is her photo.. her name is parineeta
Ragini: she is pretty
Laksh(in mind): not more than you.
Aadarsh: so rago wedding is in Mumbai so u are coming with us only..
Ragini : but bhai u will be going two weeks earlier ..what will I do there for two weeks…

Aadarsh: u forgot about auditions?
Ragini: what auditions ?
Aadarsh: lucky u didn’t tell her?
Laksh bitting his tongue:I was just going to tell her..Rago there is a reality show which is going to conduct auditions for youth in Mumbai
Ragini: so?
Laksh: u and I are going to participate in it…I thought of giving u r name of singing
Ragini is shocked and tensed
Ragini: Lucky I don’t think I can do this… I cant sing infront of so many people and what if..
Laksh comes near her and cups her face and makes her to look into his eyes
Laksh: look into my eyes ..Rago I trust u… just close u r eyes and think for a moment and tell me..cant u do it
Ragini closes her eyes
A small boy is holding a small girl’s hand

Girl: Bablu I cant sing in school..everyone will tease me
Bablu: laado ur bablu is with u ..if anyone ays anything to then I will break his neck like superman..
Laado: but I get scared…and will make a fool of myself..
Bablu: when u get scared.. just imagine that only I am there with u.. u don’t get scared when I am with u right???
Laado(smiling): no …I feel very brave when u r with me..
Ragini opens her eyes with smile
Ragini: I will do it Lucky. But what about maa.. she wont let me go with u all that too for two weeks..
Laksh: are why fear when lucky is here..
Aadarsh: enough of your heropanti..rago.. papa will talk with u r maa.. he will convince her ok
Ragini smiles..

Sanskar: what !!! talent show …Great yaar ..lets give our names…
Swara: yeah rohit give mine and sanky’s name for dance.
Sanskar: no give my name for singing…
Swara: but sanky u dance so well na..then.. why singing
Young Ragini(Laado) is shown crying and young sanky(bablu) comes there
Bablu: what happen laado why r u crying..
Laado shows her hand which has a cut…
Laado: maa hit me again..and cries more loudly
Bablu (wipes her tears):don’t cry baccha..
Laado: bablu sing for me na..Plz(she says very cutely)..
Bablu sings for her…
Laado forgets her pain in his voice…

Laado: promise me that u will sing for me whenever I want
Bablu: don’t worry laado I will become a singer for u and will sing for u what say…
Fb ends
Sanskar: nothing shona u know na I love singing that’s why…
Swara(sadly): but I wanted us to be pairs in dancing..
Rohit: no problem swara waise bhi they will pair us randomly with other contestants.. so let sanky take part in singing..
Episode ends with sad face of swara and smiling faces of ragsan..

Precap: ragini comes to Mumbai..

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