Born for u… Living for u…. (Epi 3)


Hai guys …thanks a lot for your support and love…and I am sorry i am not able to reply and a huge sorry as I think I am going to break your hearts by the end of this episode ….so please don’t hate me… here goes….

A handsome, dashing, hot guy is seen sleeping peacefully with a smile that could kill girls, on his face.
“Sanky,sanky where are you !!! “
(Yup he is our Sanskar )
He woke up with a jerk
Sanskar: oh God….chudail came beta sanky u r gone …run
A beautiful girl is shown with a frustrated look…
Rp:shona u this early beta …what happened ?
Sujatha: Am I dreaming ….ji just pinch me am I alright….how can Shona wake so early…..

Swara: (giving a angry glare) Aunty shall I pinch u…
RP: sujatha don’t take risk can’t u see…she is so angry… and I think your son’s hand is in this …
Swara: oh no no no…not hand uncle poori ki poori body hai aapke nalayak bête ki..
Sujatha :shona
Swara ; no aunty …today iam not going to listen to anyone…uncle u r son is gone today..
(saying so she snatched the rolling pin from sujatha and went to sanky’s room…he was sleeping with the blanket fully wrapped on him)
Swara:Idiot ,monkey you spoilt my sleep and u r sleeping peacefully…now wait and watch beta
She came with a full bucket of water
NO response
Swara : what the hell yeh to kumbhkaran ka baab nikla..(she took off the blanket)
Sanky was not there…she came down…

RP: what happened shona?
Shona:uncle sanky is not in his room..last night he told me that we should go for a walk in morning and asked me to meet him in the park at 5 but didn’t turn up…see I spoiled my sleep and was waiting for him and inka ata pata nahi hai..
Sanskar:hai dad… shona why didn’t u come for walk… see I was waiting for u..
Shona:really (with confused look)…I came but u were not there… I think we didn’t see each other…(with a stupid face)
Sujatha(not noticing shona):sanskaar u didn’t had problem na to get down from you room through balcony…shone didn’t see u na…
Sanskar:(bangs his head on the nearby wall)stupid friend aur usse bhi stupid maa…
Shona with angry glare started chasing him: donkey it was your prank??….meri neend kharab kardi..I will not leave u..(and starts beating him with rolling pin)
Sujatha:stop hitting him..

RP:he deserves it for hurting my princess..
Sanskar clench his fist with anger
Sanskar:dad …she is not your princess..
RP and Sujatha looks on..
Swara: leave him uncle he just jealous of us…. oye monkey come and pick me for college…
Sanskar: what??
Swara : yeah..this is u r punishment…bye
Sanskar(smilimg): jhalli kahi ki

@ swara’s place
Sanjay bose(father of swara): shone …all the time you behave like boy …but when it comes to get ready…. U become a girl…
Swara: (from room angrily):dad …
Sanjay : fine …
(sanskar comes)
Sanjay: hai buddy
Sanskar:hai uncle…where is the hitler..
Sanjay :getting ready
Sanskar: kya …shona (saying he goes into her room)
Sanskar enters her room …here she is trying to pull up her zip of her top…
Sanskar with irritated expression goes to her pulls her towards himself..she falls on his chest with a thud… before she could realize what is happening…he pulls up her zip… she is lost in his eyes…

Sanskar: kya yaar… kitna late karti ho…
Swara:(realizing the position) wht the hell…don’t you know u r not supposed to enter into girls room like this..
Sanskar:???huh??? can I ask u something.?
Swara (with irritated face ): yeah
Sanskar: who is the girl here??(and burst out laughing)..
Swara: you are so dead Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari…and she starts hitting him with pillows….sanskar holds her wrist and twist it behind and pushes her to bed such that she is lying on her stomach…and he sits on her back…
Swara: leave me sanky ..its hurting
Sanskar: say sorry first…
Swara: sorry… my foot never…
Sanskar:accha and he twist it more..
Swara: okay okay…sorry ab chod
Sanskar leaves her: waise I would have left u …even before u could say soory…I cant see u in pain na…but tu to pehle hi har man gayi….pagal
Swara(in mind):I can loose thousand times for u sanky.. and smiles like mad.

Sanskar and swara come on bike
Rohit:Sanky I have some work … come with me na..
Sanskar: okay come lets go…..(Rohit is about to sit on sanky’s bike)
Sanskar: hey stop .. get u r own bike..
Rohit: kyon… I will sit on your bike na…
Sanskar: only my shona and my mom can sit on my bike
(In mind) and my angel, my princess,my love ,my life my LAADO can sit behind me that’s it…
Episode ends with dreamy face of Sanskar..

Precap: some past..

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  1. Janavee

    Hi its good ? but I felt it’s janki weds Sriram film

    1. Yeah u r right I love the concept very much so I am adapting it

      1. Janavee

        It’s a cute love story with best songs.. just love it . And your story too

  2. I think sanky,ragini both are related to one family

    1. Not exactly yar

    2. Not exactly yaar

    1. Thanks

  3. pls reveal pairs

    1. Next episode pakka but I think I just gave a hint..thanks

  4. Owwww so sweeet my laado aww osmmmmm dear lve it

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  5. Zelena81196

    nice chapter… continue soon…cant wait… ps- sanskar climbing down the balcony was hilarious…

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    Awsm and hilarious..

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    Superb… just loved it….?

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    loved it dr….its sooo awesomeeee!!!post nxt part sooon..keeep rockng n stay blessed dr 😀 😉 😉

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  10. Pirassenadevi

    So it’s ragsan ff

  11. IQRA222

    but pls make it a raglak and swasan ff

  12. it is ragsan ff. right?

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    awesome dear….

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    wow loved the end… it’s amazing dear

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