Born for u….living for u (epi 28)

Hai guys ..i am really happy today ..i have two things to say 1 : our princess is coming back as princess on sony channel..the show is called “pehredar piya ka”..amazing concept ..based on royalty…male lead not yet decided..its definetely not varun as he is doing savitridevi..i wish it should be someone too good …if its namish then it will be awesome…lets hope for the I request everyone to say LOVE U TEJA..with ur comments as we r not together to celebrate this…
2: I am ending this ff after 1 or 2 episodes…this ff is really special to me as its my first ff ..i don’t want to spoil it by I will be ending this…

Here goes..
Sanskar: swara!!
Swara was shocked..everyone look at her..
Laksh: she cant do this…
Swara: i..i didn’t
Yuvi flips his finger indicating her to move aside..
Swara moves aside to find the person was sanjay..swara’s father..
Ragini stumbles backward but sanskar holds her…
Swara: dad..aap?
Ragini: no papa u didn’t do this na…
Yuvi: oh jaan how innocent u r..
Swara(shouts): dad tell me…
Sanjay: yes I did this..i planned my own kidnapping..i did this.
All were shocked…
Sanjay: I did this..and what is wrong in this…..sanky u know my shona loves u..
Ragsan look at swara while swara glares her father..
Sanjay: that day before the engagement..

Yuvi enters ragini’s room..he fumes looking at them hugging each otherand sleeping peacefully..
Yuvi: enjoy sanskar..this is u r last day..
Yuvi grabs a knife and goes towards sanskar and is about to kill sanky…but someone hold his hand..yuvi immediately tries to kill was sanjay..
Sanjay: don’t kill me..I’ll help u..
Yuvi relaxes ..and leaves him
Sanjay: but don’t kill sanky…
Yuvi looks at him doubtfully..
Sanjay: my daughter loves him…
Yuvi: so what should we do..
Sanjay: kidnap me and threaten ragini to marry someone else..
Yuvi: what??meri jaan marrying someone dare u speak like that..
Sanjay: don’t worry we just make her agree to marry some one and force swasan to marry each other..once my daughter is married u can do whatever u want to do with ragini…
Yuvi smirks…
Fb ends..

Everyone looks on …
Sanjay: I never wanted sanskar to find this girl….this ragini is a biggest emotional I took advantage of that…and u ragini remove that doesn’t have any sanskar married my shona first…
He goes to remove the mangalsutra..ragini is terrified she moves behind..sanjay is about to take off the mangalsutra..but sanky holds his hand..
Sanky: no uncle ..i never expected this from u…and ragini is my legally wedded wife..and shona I never married her..
Sanjay and yuvi looks on shocked..
Sanjay: but u married her we saw that..
Laksh: its me who married swara…we know that u guys r watching so I imitated sasnakr’s that u believe it was sanskar….how did u think that we will let ragsan to get separated..
Sanjay:no this is lie…(he looks at ragini angrily..who was shocked with this relevation)I will not leave u..he gets hold of her neck and try to kill her but sanlak pulls him back..
Swara: stop this..

Everyone look at her
Swara: why dad..please don’t say u did this for me…
Sanjay looks at her..and tries to say something but she shows him her palm indicating him to stop
Swara: this girl(pointing towards ragini)the one whom u were calling emotional fool..was trying to sacrifice her life for u…and ur trying to kill I loved sanky..but he is living for ragini…even if he was married to me the next moment he would have died….and ragini she loved u as her father…but u..She calls me comes from her heart..she is important for me can u do this to her…I hate u dad…inspector arr..est him..(stammering)
Sanjay was shocked and police try to take him….
Ragini: no..please sir leave him..he is my father..
Everyone look at her..sanjay keep on looking at her..
Swara: ragu he tried to..
Ragini: no was his love for u….please sir leave my father..
Sanjay bends his head in shame..
Swara: oh so ragini u forgave him..but I cant..
Ragin: di..
Swara: I need time for this..please ragu ..i am tired..
Everyone leaves..

That evening they reach sanskar’s they r in Mumbai swalak rituals were also done at MM..
During the ring ceremony..
First for swalak..
Pari my dear sister come devrani..u should get the ring..
Aadarsh: no ways my laksh will win..
Swalak look at each other embarresed .while ragsan smile…
Swalak search for the ring everytime their hands touched they looked at each other uncomfortably..finally swara found the ring..
Pari: saw….i told ne we will win..
Aadarsh: what laksh..meri naak kata di..koi ragu will win this…
Pari: hello my brother will win..

It was ragsan’s turn..
Both of them search for the ring…ragini is busy searching for the ring but sanky is lost in her tired face..he smiles a bit and resumes searching for the ring…atlast he finds it..but looks at ragini who is still looking for the ring..he immediately holds her hand and places the ring in her hand..without anybody’s notice..ragini looks at him with love….
She shows the ring to everyone…
Aadarsh: I told u …so sanky u have to listen to my sis..u have to follow her
Swara: waise jiju..he already follows her..
Ragsan blushes..
Pari: ek minute..sanky..u never lose I know that..
Sanky tries to avois their eyes..
pari and swara : oh god.. u deliberately did this….
Pari: he already became a slave…
Sanskar: please di…my life is for my princess then whats wrong in following her..
Everyone tease him while ragini blushes..
Epi ends…don’t forget..LOVE U TEJA

Precap: ragsan moments…

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  1. Dharani

    awesome shri yes i am also very happy to see our teju back love u so much teja

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks akka…eagerly waiting

  2. Follybraverl

    Awesome shri…….LOVE YOU TEJA

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks folly love u teja

  3. Lovely7


    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks lovely

  4. Rakhi

    Awesome… Excited to see her on a new show.. Love her

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks rakhi

  5. Asw

    Am sad u ending this ff but it’s okay ? amazing keep going love u teja

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u dear..for u r constant support

  6. Awesome..

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks sinni

  7. A12345

    This part was awesome..
    Ya i m very excited for her new show.. Bt the sho will resemble lamhe
    Movie.. And the hero vl be 10 yr boy…. We hv to wait till he gets grown up… Who vl play his character…. 2nd lead search is going on….

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks Aliya…I am excited too…I don’t think he will grow up…let’s see

  8. Episode is awesome and iam very happy that is came back with unique concept of triangle love story.”I LOVE YOU TEJA SO MUCH”.

    Iam happy and feeling bit low also at a same time bcoz some swasan fans are mocking at our in twitter that she got offer in Sony channel in which every serial trp is less than 1 and today one site name” Bollywood life” mentioned that teja is going to romance 10 years old boy and ph of channel is searching for another male lead in b/w these three there will be an love triangle this series as concept of lahme movie released in 1991 and teja is choosen for sridevi role and afookhan (10 years old boy)is choosen for anil kapoor role and they saying that teja as got such a role which is suitable for her who romance with kid and aunty to romance a kid.
    In swaragini teja is addressed by “aww mera bacha” and now this series they address her as “aww mera budda” by reading this i got angry on them i felt like if they were infront of me i would punch them.
    How can they moke teja unless it not aired promo also and belived that article and started taunting teja how shame she is romancing with kid and etc…..
    And that article stated” teja as lefted with nothing to do after sr is finished” and mentioned teja played role of swara and just helly shah sister role and always in negative role and that article is praising helly more instead of giving information of teja role and series infirmation stupid article.
    Note: swasan fans before barking at me go find what your friends are doing in twitter i have mentioned there way of thinking only in my comment” if you found that iam wrong you can bark at me and here iam mentioning all swasan only some fans who mocked at teja in twitter.

    1. Shrilatha

      First of all a big hug and a big thanks ….and now why do u want to spoil ur mood on those bashers…trp seriously….helly fans talking about trp….big joke…and that stupid site…ufff…the show is about love between teja and this child…that site nor these people know the meaning of love…for them love means romance and s*x. ..what can u expect more from them…and coming to aww mera baccha…u know there is a factor called jealousy…and these bashers r brand ambassadors for don’t bother about them..trp doesn’t define our love for teja…moreover it requires lot guts to do such a challenging role..IAM PROUD OF TEJA IN TRUE SENSE NOW…I DONT CARE ABOUT FILTHY STRAY DOGS….take care u

    2. Asra

      really helly fans r talk about trp…Ohhh it’s a best comedy i ever heard….They r talk about channel trp….They don’t know onething that channel only telecast the superbbb hit serial….They didn’t know about Erica shaheer Jennifer kushal…They everyone r doing a series in that channel….helly fans didn’t compete with Erica….Thn saying flop channel…Ufff whn they are going to grown up….u talk about Bollywood news…i read in fb….it’s fake…don’t believe that….don’t take their words dear….They r in jealous…first they say teju didn’t get any chance…if she get big opportunity…They r talking like thz…They only talk like thz….tkcr dear….

  9. Kitkat

    finally an update….. was egarly waiting for it…… awesome one sweetheart……. LOVE U TEJA…..

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks u

  10. My favorite ff, loved this episode so much dear

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u rehna

  11. Sindhura

    I love her

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks akka she loves u too

  12. AMkideewani

    Superb love you Teja

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks Sam…love u

  13. Sreevijayan

    Vry sweeet update dear….

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks akka

  14. Awesome love u teja

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks aleeza..teja loves u too

  15. Nice

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks Avika u

  16. Asra

    awesome dear….loved it alot….ohh Sanky back with romantic mood….eagerly waiting for nxt one….
    yaaaaaaaa yiippeee teju back… sooo happy….u know yesterday tamil new year…i got a great news….thz s my best gift from thz new year…am sooooo happpyyyy….love u lot teju…my princess back….let’s enjoy celebrate shri….
    tkcr dear…

    1. Shrilatha

      Oh asra I am on cloud nine..what to say…it’s a tight slap for the bashers….have u heard what they said….I am not on twitter but I wanna say one thing to the bashers…I had a hearty laugh today…so don’t joke saying trp and all…and he asra thanks and I celebrated..I had 3plates panipuri…and skipped dinner..mamma scolded me..but I was smiling like idiot.haha…take care dear..

  17. Keerthu

    Nice dr

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks keerthu…say I love teja..I know u love her dear

  18. hearing tejus return i jump like little disappointed about helly fan saying she is romancing little boy but they r finding a male lead right. It would be happy if it was siddharth gupta of tashan e ish

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks’s love between teja and this small boy…and these people can think of romance only by the name of love.and yes they r finding male lead…even I thought about siddhant..he is good

  19. LOVE U TEJU awesome dr don’t end so soon its my request. you know na now a days there are less very ragsan ff. don’t do this dr pls extend atleast 5 more chappy for poor ragsan fan and ur fan

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks aditi…I know there r less ragsan ff…but I can’t extend dear….try and understand

  20. amazing waiting for ragsan moments don’t end soon yeah I LOVE U TEJU

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks mk but I have to end dear try n understand

  21. Fairy

    Omgggg mindblownggggg uodate…sanky is super cute yaar?????awwww!!!loved it sooo much Shri????such an awesome amaznggggg n fabulous update sweetheart??????…
    Hehe yeah dr our priencess is coming back????jst can’t able to ctrl my excitement ????? so so soooo happpy for her…. N u know na I truely loves her jst like u do?? bt still LOVE U TEJA ALWAYS FOREVER????….we r sooo lucky n proud to b a tejaholiccc????????
    Keep rokcng n stay blessed sweetheart??? u r such a sweetesttt teja fan ever i have seen??? loadzzz of love..umaaah?????

    1. Shrilatha

      Awww that’s so sweet of u di…and comparing to u I am nothing ….we r tejaswians….we should be proud of her…love u too

  22. Darshini

    Shri am so sorry dear for being late…and I love u so much my dear sweetheart teju darling ????
    Don’t think about that article…now v r n celebration…let’s celebrate…
    Hehe!!u ate 3 plates of panipoori…for me ? u knw wat yesterday my mom prepared ashoka halwa…i njyd teju’s return with my favourite sweet??
    And abt the trp n channel…that’s so funny thing…that channel is famous for super hit show nd our teju’s show also gonna be like that only…
    Wow…finally everything get sorted and am hpy for ragsan…u gonna end it…not fair shri…bt I respect your decision…come back with another ff…ok…tata!!
    Njy ur day and tc dear…

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks akka that is so sweet…oho…full on enjoying ha…love u akka

  23. awesome.write a new ragsan ff after this.yes of course i love teja and all the teja’s fan

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u ammy…I’ll try dear

  24. Varshni

    Awesome ????? loved ragu ‘s character and sanky’s love for her ???


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