Born for u….living for u (epi 27)

Hai everyone..this would be the last update I would be giving in this week next update will be on 14 april as my written exams will commence from day after tomorrow here goes…
The whole wedding hall was decorated like the bride but the brides were not happy..swaragini were looking like damsels ..both were in maroon coloured lehengas while grooms were in wheat coloured sherwanis…

In swaragini room…
Pari enters with shagun.and notice that they were sad..
Pari: oh my look at my sisters looking like angels..
Ragini is lost..
Pari: shonu what happened dear..
Swara: di I am missing dad..
Ragini comes out of her dreamland.and looks at swara..
Pari: don’t worry baccha we r their na…uncle will come..
Swara gives a faint smile..

Ragini: haa di papa will definitely come today..(in mind ): I promise soon as u get married yuvi will take me and will leave papa ..a tear escapes her eyes..but she wipes it before anyone could see..
sanky’s room
sanky: r u sure about the plan?
Laksh: haa sanky don’t worry..everything will be alright..
Aadarsh: do whatever u want but I don’t want my ragu to face any problem now..
Laksh: don’t worry bhai..everything will go according to the plan…
Sanky places his hand on his ragini does the same..
Both the brides are brought down to the mandap…
Here sanlak are also present in the mandap their faces covered with flowers…swara sits next to sanky and ragini sits next to laksh..ragini feels something weird but ignores swasan marriage timing was earlier raglak were doing some pooja..ragini was looking at laksh with suspicion..
It was time for ghatbandhan (I don’t know what u call it)ragini was still feeling weird..
Pari comes forward to do the ritual..
Sanky: one sec di..i want ragini to do my ghatbandhan..
Ragini became pale..
Ragini(in mind): don’t make it too difficult for me sanky..
With heavy heart she does ghatbandhan..
Sanky(in mind): I thought u wont do it princess..but again u broke my trust..why princess..why..

Ragini sits next to laksh and swasan marriage is completed..every phera was stabbing her heart…
It was time for raglak marriage…pari does the ghatbandhan..and they stood up for pheras..but there was loud clapping sound with a evil laugh..
Everyone was dazed to find yuvi and with him was blood covered sanjay(swara’s father)
Swara: dad..
She runs to him yuvi pushes him forward..but swaragini hold him before he could fall..
Yuvi holds ragini and hugs her back..sanskar clenches his fist in anger ..
Yuvi: finally mission completed…sanskar and swara became swasan and ragini my jaan u r mine now no one can stop this…
He laughs evilly ..both sanlak attack on yuvi..and all the three were became difficult to find out who was laksh and who was sanky both remove their sehra..
Yuvi pushes both of them and take mangalsutra and goes toward ragini…laksh comes from behind and hold him from behind..while sanky snatches the mangalsutra from yuvi’s hand..
Sanky looks at ragini
Sanky: u okay na..
Ragini nods..
Suddenly yuvi pushes laksh and kicks sanskar from back ..sanskar falls on ragini and the mangalsutra in his hand falls in her neck..i.e accidentally he makes her wear the mantras are played in bg…
Ragini is looking at the mangalsutra in her neck with shock..while sanlak are fighting with yuvi

Suddenly police come their and arrest yuvi..
Yuvi: leave is not over yet..jaan u r always mine…
Sanky: shut up..what u thought haan ..u will play with her emotions and we will watch everything silently..
Laksh: this was our plan ..we always knew ragini loves sanskar ..and we knew someone was black mailing her..
Sanky: how can u even think that I will leave my princess in pain..
Yuvi who was shocked till now laughs loudly..
Yuvi: okay u win ..but I am not alone in this..
Everyone looks shocked..
Ragini was not registering anything she was still looking at the mangalsutra…
Sanky holds his collar..
Sanky: who is it..who is with you..
Yuvi points his finger everyone look at the person he is pointing…
Sanskar(in shock): swara!!
Epi ends with shocked faces of everyone

Precap: revelations

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  1. Dharani

    omg swara did this it is awesome all the best for exams shri

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks akka.

  2. Varshni

    Superb sissy !!!

  3. Lovely7

    Omg gr8 twist

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      Thanks lovely

    1. Who married swara?laksh or sanky?

    2. Shrilatha

      Thanks ammy ..sorry ammy I can’t say that but he ragsan r married now

      1. All the very best for your exam dear

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks akka

  4. Amazing

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks aleeza

  5. A12345

    Swara no ways.. I think he is putting blame on her….
    U r very bad… Leaving with confusion filled mind… Bt its ok concentrate on ur exams.. All the best..

    1. Shrilatha

      Haha aliya even u left with proposal yesterday in ur ss…thanks dear

  6. Concentrate….. Not neglect study…… Supr dupr update

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      Thank u angel..I don’t know ur name na

  7. Follybraverl

    Hey shri Darling awesome dear I love it

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  8. awesome twist dr all the best for ur exams

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  9. Asw

    Amazing why swara did like this? Swasan are friends keep going

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks Asw…u will know dear

  10. Too good….all the best for ur examz

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u many and sorry for late reply

  11. Lahari


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  12. Aasthu

    confusing twist….is ‘Dare which started….’ yours???? when will you update it??? after exams??? best of luck….

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks aasthu and yes that’s my ff I will update it after my exams sorry for late reply

  13. Inu

    Superb. I am so confused. Plzz update next one soon.

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u inu I will do after my exams and sorry for not commenting in u r ff’s awesome

  14. Asra

    awesome shri dear…what a twist dear….i think uvi creating misunderstanding between them….it’s too bad dear…u end it on correct point…thz s not fair….waiting for ur update…
    All the best for ur exam dear….tkcr dear….

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks asra. Holding my ears

  15. Adreen18

    Awesome..waiting for ur next update
    All the best for ur exam

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  16. Rakhi

    Awesome dear.. Waiting for the suspense to unfold

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  17. Nice episode.All the best for exams dear

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      Thanks anisha

  18. Astha

    Hi…. Hope u remember i told u that I’ll read ur story once i get free…
    Here I’m…
    Characters was good…
    I love suji n rp n they r sanky’s parents.
    I’m not interested in sumi she is negative.
    Laksh love n care was good…. Even swasan bonding too good.
    Sanky telling ragini to sit in bike that competition…. Accident… Union…. Everything was good.
    Yuvi… Omg… Really worst character… Basically i like yuvi so it was tough for me to imagine him as negative… But what to do… The villain also should be in ragini’s level so we have to agree a handsome hunk in neg role.
    Sanky’s love for ragini was soooooo adorable. Laksh… Basically i don’t like him that much but in ur ff i loved him.
    Swara…. Utter shock… I don’t like her yet its tough to imagine her in such negative character… Hope that’s not true… Yuvi is plotting.
    Swara can’t stoop such low… I believe u r not like CVS… She can’t do such work… It will break sanky’s heart.
    Good story…. I think its nearly end… Isn’t it?
    All the best for ur exams. ?

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u akka I am not bad as CVS..u will get to know in next part….thanks for commenting

      1. Astra

        u know, i came here, after reading this comment scrolling in recent comments and read this epi.. I’m shocked and later excited. ‘what happens next?’ it’s a wonderful story line..!! awesome.

  19. Shrilatha

    Thank u Astra means a lot

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