Born for u….living for u (epi 21)

Hai everyone thanks a lot guys for u r support..i am really happy…i am missing tejaswi a lot..i wish she comes back with a bang…guys plz suggest some ff of ragini..plz… so here goes..
Ragini comes to swara’s house…
Swara: dad this is ragini, sanky’s fiancé….
Sanjay could notice the pain in swara’s voice..
Ragini: Namaste uncle…
Sanjay: beta call me papa..swara told a lot about u…u call her dii na then how can u call me uncle…
Ragini has tears in her eyes listening to this…she felt as if shekhar is back…she immediately hugs him…
Swara:now u forgot me not fair…
Sanjay: ya I got a daughter finally…
Swara(pouting): dad
Sanjay and ragini laugh..swara also laughs..
They trio hug..

Its been a week now ragini is staying with swara..
She is feeling as if she found a new family ..she found shekhar in sanjay…and a sister in swara for whom she always craved…in two days she will be engaged to her love ,her sanskar..she will get a family who will actually love her…she is really happy..but somewhere deep in her heart she is scared …happiness is always a guest for comes and goes..she feels as if something is going very wrong but she tries to brush the feeling..
Next day at a mall..swaragini are at mall for ragsan engagement shopping …
Swara: ragini u should have called him na..
Ragini: he said he is busy..he wont be able to come..
Swara: this is not done…its his engagement and he is not finding time for u..i call him now …
Swara calls sanskar..
Sanskar: hello shona…
Swara: where r u sanky..
Sanky: wo..i came to meet a friend..
Swara: not fair sanky..till u found her u were restless now u r busy with others leaving her..
Its ur engagement ..we r at xyz mall come soon..
Sanky: sorry shona..i really cant come sorry..please forgive na..u guys buy whatever u would I know what girls need..plz shona manage the situation..plz
Swara: okay this time I am leaving but next time this should not repeat okay..
She cuts the call…
Ragini looks expectantly towards swara..
Swara: sorry ragu..he is busy..
Ragini’s face fell..swara notices this..
Swara : its okay come we will buy..
They leave..someone is observing all this from behind the pillar and smirks..

Swara is selecting dress for ragini whereas ragini is looking at some shirts closeby ..when suddenly she feels a hand from behind on her waist..she looks behind and is shocked to see sanky wrapped in a red coloured saree (u thought yuvi right. And also sanky was wrapped in the same saree that ragini wore in the song ang laga de..she looks like angel in that..i love it)she starts laughing but sanky pulls her down ragsan r now in sitting position behind a dummy.. I look so funny…
ragini is still trying to control her laugh..
ragini: no..(again laughs..)
sanky: princess not fair I came for u and u r laughing..
ragini: accha sorry..u said u were busy na….
sanky(cupping her face): what could be more important than u…
ragini(smiling): love u sanky..
sanky: love u too princess..(he kisses her forehead)
ragini: why did u lie to swara di..
ragini: if I come here for shopping for u then ur swara di will tease us the whole day..i cant take the risk..
ragini laughs..
swara: ragini where r u ..
ragini immediately gets up..
ragini: dii.i am here(she says nervously)
swara: what r u doing down..
ragini: wo dress fell down so I was picking it..
swara: is this
she shows a orange saree..ragini is about to say something when sanky marks a cross on her bareback indicating a no..
ragini: no dii I don’t like it..
swara: then how’s this…
she shows other saree..
again sanky marks cross..
ragini says no..
this goes for over an half an hour..
swara: never ever iam going for shopping with u..
ragini: dii plz na..
she stresses plz especially for sanky..he smiles..
swara shows a peach coloured saree…sanky marks a right mark on her back..
ragini: okay di this is perfect..we will buy this..
swara: finally..
suddenly sanky’s phone starts ringing…he goes from there hurriedly..
ragini looks at him..
ragini: buddhu..
she looks at saree he left behind and picks it up and hugs it..
ragini: dii I want this saree..
swara: this saree? looks cheaper…neither does it has any design..its so simple..
ragini: plz diii..
swara : okay come..lets go..
epi ends with smiling faces of ragsan

precap: everything fine…

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