Born for u… Living for u…. (Epi 2)

Hi again….thank u guys thank u so much and I am sorry pairs are already decided so plz don’t vote on pairs and lead lady is my Ragini as I am a big fan of Teju… and yeah I have given wrong age of swara … she is 22 same as sanskar…so here goes…..

A beautiful girl is shown sleeping,with blanket completely wrapped on her…her closed clearly depict her distress.Suddenly she wakes up with a jerk..looks at the clock and holds her head.
Girl: Ragini …how could you sleep till 8 today..oh God maa is gonna kill me today
She gets up and hurries and gets freshened up and goes to kitchen …
Lady: where is this girl today….I am losing my grip on her … I have to teach her a lesson..
Ragini enters with coffee. Lady looks at her angrily(yes guys she is Sumi).
Sumi: keep it there.
As soon as Ragini keeps it there sumi slaps her tightly
Sumi : how many times I have to tell you not to show your unlucky face in the morning..why couldn’t you get up early.
Ragini : (still holding her cheek ,with tears )sorry maa I am not well so couldn’t get up early I won’t

Repeat it again and goes from there
Sumi: waste girl iske paiso ke liye I have to bear her…chi.
Shekar who was witnessing all these has tears in his eyes .Ragini sees him.
Ragini: papa why are you crying…see I am fine..
Shekar: all this is becoz of me… beta I am sorry…I am helpless..If I say anything then that devil is gonna make you suffer more.. I am sorry beta..
Ragini: don’t worry papa …these sorrows won’t be long….My prince will come one day and will take me away..(saying she giggles)

Shekar: I know beta.(and leaves).

A handsome boy is shown laughing with his friends…still his eyes are towards the entrance waiting for someone .
Rahul: stop it Lucky how many times are you going to stare there …she will come.
Laksh:she always comes early…first time she got late hope she is fine..
Rahul: yaar itna pyaar ..see she came
(Ragini enters wearing a beautiful purple anarkali lokking stunning)
Laksh is mesmerized seeing her..just cant take his eyes off her.
Ragini : hai lucky…

Ragini: lucky???
She shakes him to bring him out of trance
Laksh: yeah… bolo ragu
Ragini: where were you lost…
Laksh : nothing like that just thinking …by the way why are you late ..did the devil..
Ragini : (interrupting him with a angry glare)Lucky don’t she is my maa.. don’t call her devil
Laksh : not maa step maa…she hurts you so much but still why.
Ragini: if you want to talk like this then I am going …don’t talk to me(with fake anger turns to go)
Laksh holds her dupatta to stop her
Laksh:sorry baba know na I cant stay without talking to you sorry ab chale(Saying so he holds her arm)

Laksh(tensed): Ragu you have fever… oh God come lets go to hospital..
Ragini : lucky I am fine..Its okay
Laksh : its not okay …are you coming or do I have to take you forcefully…
Ragini(with puppy eyes ):Okay baba come lets go..

@ hospital
Doctor checks her
Doc: she is fine.. Its just because of stress that’s it(she takes an injection).
Laksh : thanks doc …(and sees he the injection in her hands) whoa doc what are you going to do..
Doc: inject her..why
Laksh : no you cant …can you just give her some tablets…injection will be painful na..
Ragini:Ya doc please just give me tablets but no injection pls..
Doc: Am I doc or not let me decide what is good .
Saying so she gives injection to ragini
Ragini clutches laksh’s arm tightly and looks at him… he already closed his eyes tightly…
Later after coming out ..
Laksh POV

Ragini I cant see you in pain … I wanna rescue you from that devil…tell you that I LOVE YOU…but cant ..if you don’t love me than I cant even imagine it …I cant loose you
Ragini POV
God ..thanks for gving me Lucky….he cares so much for me …. You always take my loving ones away from me…please don’t take lucky please…
Episode ends with emotional faces of raglak

Precap:Swasan intro and bonding

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