Born for u….living for u (epi 12)

Hai people….well thanks for ur support..and here goes..


Its shekhar’s funeral.. sumi creates it as heartattack….
Yuvi: bua call ragini na …
Sumi: are yuvi she has only few days left to spend let her enjoy for the last time…
Yuvi: waise u r right but she has to see her father for last time na..
Sumi: I don’t want to give her that satisfaction….he wrote all the property on her name na.. so let her suffer..

Yuvi smirks..
Neighbor: till now shekhar bhai was there for ragini but now…pata nahi use koun sambhalega..


at the same time ragini stumbles and is about to fall but sanskar,laksh and swara hold her at the same time
Swasanlak: be careful ragini..
As if this was a indication that god always opens other door when he closes one..he took shekhar and gave three people to look after her..
After three days ragini still doesn’t know about shekhar..raglak along with aadarsh ,pari and family are leaving for Kolkata…
Sanlak hug and swarag hug…
Laksh: thanks swara and sanskar …u really made us comfortable here..we’ll miss u..
Sanskar looks at ragini..he is feeling as if some one close to his heart is going away from ragini also feels as if she is leaving something behind..
So raglak leaves to Kolkata..


RP is reading newspaper when sujatha comes to him crying..
Sujatha: enough ji..I had enough….
RP: sujatha what r u talking about..
Sujatha hands him sanskar’s diary in which he has poured his heart…
RP is shocked to read it..and had tears
Sujatha: from so many years he has has kept a mountain of sorrows inside himself just to respect u… my baccha has been suffering silently..
RP:he still loves her..i cant believe this…I thought he just missed her..
Sujatha: these years his love grew along with him…now enough jii..please bring his laado..plz forget everything..plz.

Sujatha: no but and vut…forgive shekhar bhai and think about our son..our egos must not come in our children’s happiness..
RP: u r right sujatha..i wont be a barrier in my son’s life..
Sanskar comes at the same time..
RP: sanskar come here..
Sanskar: haa papa
RP: ..tell me one thing truthfully.. do u still love ladoo.?
Sanskar is shocked and doesn’t know what to say…he closes his eyes
Sanskar: I always loved her papa and will always love her..but cant go against u…
RP: then go u r love..sujatha was very happy
Sanskar is not able believe his eyes..
RP: haan beta go..
Sanskar happiness knew no bounds..

@ swara’s house

Swara is lost in sanky’s thoughts..
Sanjay observes her and smiles..
Sanjay runs his hand on her head and she looks at him and smiles…
Sanjay: so thinking about him.
Swara smiles
Sanjay:when are u going to propose him..
Swara: I am nervous dad..
She gets a call from sanky..
Swara: ha sanky bolo..
Sanskar: swara I am so happy…I need to meet u..
Swara: kya hua ..why are u so excited..
Sanskar: I have been dying to tell u this..but could not..please can u meet at xyz park..
Swara: yeah and cuts the call..

She hugs her father and twirls him…
Swara: dad he wants to say something to mee….
I think he is going to propose to iam so excited..
Sanjay: swara iam also very happy something wear something hot to impress him..and don’t feel so shy infront him..and haan..nakhre maat dekhana..accept him..
Swara was glaring at him.. are u sure that u are my dad…
Sanjay looks at shocked..
Sanjay: shona I have enough doubts on my mind please don’t add more..
Swara: what is this then..behave like my a guy is going to propose ur daughter instead of being angry..u r giving me tips to imoress him..unbelieveable dad..
Sanjay: what is wrong inthis waise we are friends not father and daughter..forgot..
Swara hugs him and goes..

@Xyz park

Swara is waiting for sanky when she sees him coming…
Sanskar comes running and gives her a bone crushing hug…picks her in bridal style and twirls her and keeps her down..
Sanky: u don’t know how happy iam
Swara: really what happened…
Sanky: its about my love shona..(swara becomes excited).. I have been dying to tell u this..but could not shona …
Swara: even I am waiting sanky..please say..
Sanky hugs her :I LOVE MY LADOO..

Swara felt as if someone stabbed her right in her heart..tears started rolling down her cheeks..but she didn’t want her sanky to about her tears..she wipes them but heart never listens to anyone they found they way out of her eyes ..and suddenly it started to rain…
Sanky: u know I love her from the moment she was born…..i could not see her tears….we could not stay away from each other..
I love her so much.. but papa had some issues with we got separated..but know papa has finally agreed for our relation …
Swara breaks the hug…

Swara: u idiot u didn’t tell me this till now..and starts hitting him..
Sanky: I wanted dad to agree for this first..
Swara: so tell me how she looks is she beautifull..
Sanky: very beautiful..but I don’t know how she looks now..
swara: how will u recognize then..
sanky: I still remember mamu’s house..i will find her there..dont worry so tomorrow u and I are going to Kolkata to bring her…
swara: okay..
epi ends with happy face of sanky and broken face of swara

precap: ragini’s rape

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  1. Rasha

    if u need that in story let yuvi try but dnt make complete it rape with rag… already thr r lot of things going in real life not in fictions also. to b frank just now in another ff also they showed rag raped here u too again cnt b tolerate…

    1. Rasha so sorry to worry u but plz be patient plz

  2. A.xx

    amazing and ur precap so straight forward,,loved it and post soon xx

    1. Thanks dear thank u so much

  3. AahanaReddy

    It’s awesome. Waiting for their meet but please don’t let it happen what you gave as precap. Nothing should happen to ragini. At that time only sanskar should come and save her or if it is Laksh also fine. Please and don’t break raginis heart. She can’t take that. Waiting for the next part eagerly

    1. Thanks akka for suggesting..u don’t mind right if I call u akka

  4. i think sanky saves her and marry her. Soon update nxt.i m huge fan and silent reader of urs…. Happy pongal to all tamilian readers.

    1. Thanks meetu. And happy pongal but sorry no marriage ..still time is the for ragsan marriage

  5. what oo god next part soon

    1. I’ll try nikky..and thanks

  6. Asw

    Nice keep going

    1. Thanks Asw

  7. awesome, but precap was noot good next part soon

    1. Thanks and sorry for the recap

  8. Oh no!! Precap is not good

    1. Thanks for reading and sorry for precap

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    1. Thanks lovely

  9. poor rag

    1. I know lisa well thanks for reading

  10. MI_MAHI

    Superb… chappy… loved it…?

    1. Thanks dear

    1. Thanks j

  11. Pls pls no rape yaar… poor ragini kitna suffer karegi

    1. Thanks tani

  12. Inu

    Nice epi but i am scared of precap

    1. Thanks inu and sorry for precap

  13. Ragz_teju

    superb loved it so much..

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  14. Supppppprbbbb precp ohhh gd plz no rp plz

    1. THANKS Poona and plz wait

    2. *pooja

  15. superb dear

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  16. Hemalattha

    Nice. Precap seem interesting. Continue.

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  17. Asra

    awesome dear….omg ragini rape…no yar…waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…Happy Pongal dear…

    1. Thanks asra and happy pongal to u too

  18. ShivanyaSharma

    Amazing and interesting

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  19. Jazzy

    amazing dear but precap is scary

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  20. It’s same lyk the tolly wood movie janki weds Sriram

    1. Yeah pari and I already mentioned it in my 2nd epi’s comments

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