Born for u….living for u (epi 11)

Hey guys ….thanks…and I don’t want to talk a lot today..i know u want to know about death issue…so here goes..
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(Guys I don’t know much about north Indian weddings…so I’ll try to brief the functions…we will directly start with marriage of aadarsh and pari.. so some days have passed and swaragini and sanlak’s bonding also increased..even ragini came out of depression and started to enjoy because of swara )
Scene starts with Aadarsh trying to find his shoes..
Swara: kya hua jiju..finding u r lost love..
Aadarsh: nahi shoes are missing..
Swara: are jiju..i can give them if u give me my commission..
Laksh: no bhai don’t accept their conditions…..hum aapke shoes dhondege..kyon ragu..
Ragini: haa laksh ..but small correction..hum nahi tum.
Swara smirks
Laksh: kya..u changed the party…ragu not fair..
Swara: oh ..cry baby…chalo u cant win against us so accept u r defeat and give us the money and get u r shoes..
Sanskar: itni bhi jaldi kya hai…I am with laksh..
Swarag are shocked..
Swara: how mean sanky..
Ragini: haan this is not fair sanky..(pouts)
Sanskar: look who is saying this…
Swara: ok lets us see who wins it we have hidden it some where find it within 30 min
Sanskar: if we win then.what will we get..?
Swara: what u want..
Sanlak think for some time
Laksh: ok if u win u’ll get double neg and if we win then u have to do what we say for 24 hrs..
Swarag thinks and agrees..
Swarag settles on the sofa and crosses their legs..
Allthe boys search whole house and not able to find them..then sanskar sees ragini’s foot which is filled with ragoli colour and sees all around.. and finds her footprints and smirks..swara nad ragini who are observing him understands
Swarag shouts: noooo……
But sanskar already runs that way..

Whereas swarag try to stop him and runs behind him…laksh also understands the scene and tries to stop them and holds swara by her waist..but ragini runs behind sanky..
Both reach the room where ragini’s footprints end and sanky is trying to find them…when ragini comes there..both place their hands on their hips and glare at each other..
Then sanky finds them under the mattress and tries to grab them but ragini tries to stop him when both fall on the bed in such a way that sanskar is on top of ragini both are lost in the fight that they forget their positions and both try to grab the shoes …one shoe is in ragini’s hand whereas other one is in sany’s hand..both r still not aware of their positions still and fighting like kids to grab the shoe from other’s hand when suddenly sanskar’s lips brush against ragini’s lips… both are lost In each other as they realize what just happened now…both sit up..embarrassed and suddenly sanskar grabs the shoe and runs ..ragini who realized what happened try to run behind him..but her pallu of saree falls on the lamp kept aside and catches fire.

Sanskar stop listening to her and comes running to her and sees the situation…he immediately pulls of her saree and throws it down and hugs comfort her…
Ragini who is fully scared now is not understanding anything..and sanskar is unaware of the fact that tears are continuously flowing from his eyes…later he composes himself and sees that she is just in her blouse and he takes a blanket from the bed and wraps her…
Sanky: ragini nothing happened to you..just get dressed and come down …don’t worry u r ok..hmm??
Ragini is still lost ..he is about to leave..
Ragini(blaberring): ag …ar hum mar jate toh?
Sanskar: to shayad main bhi jinda nahi rehta..
Ragini: what??
Sanskar realizes what he just said..
Sanskar: nothing..u just get ready..
Ragini: sanskar don’t tell anyone about this ..please.
Sanky: okay (and leaves).
Ragini gets dressed up in another saree and come downalong with the shoes that sanky left in the room..
Meanwhile laksh and swara were arguing about soon as swara sees ragini with shoes she becomes very happy and comes to her..
Swara: ragu we won yayyy..
Ragini: swara voh..
Sanky interrupts her
Sanky: congrats girls..and leaves from there..and laksh pays their neg ..
Sanky’s pov
why did I say that I would have died if she dies…why did I cry when I saw her like that.. wht is wrong with me..
ragini’s POV
why did he say that…does he really care for me that much

Yuvi is shown caressing ragini’s pic..
Yuvi: jaan when will u come back…
Sumi enters angrily and throws some papers on the table..
Yuvi: what happened bua..why r u so angry..
Sumi: that shekhar he made all the property on that ragini’s name..and after marriage it will be on her husband’s name
Yuvi:clever move and smiles.
Sumi: ..he didn’t leave anything to me… yuvi time has come for our plan…
Yuvi suddenly smiles..
Yuvi: really bua..finally I’ll get my jaan to myself(he says enthusiastically)
Sumi:But remember her body is yours and property is mine..
Yuvi: well u know that I am not interested in her property..i just want her in my bed…finally I’ll get her thanks bua…
Sumi: what is there in her by the way….i know she will be one of those girls whom u left after u r done with them right..
Yuvi laughs evilly..
Yuvi: no bua… she is not for one time use..
Sumi smiles
Shekhar:you b**ch and u ra*cal how can u think about my laado like that…I will never allow this..
Sumi(smirks): what will u do..get her married to that bablu…?? After what u did to them will thay accept your daughter never..

Sumi is shown hitting ragini when bablu comes and bites her hand..
Sumi: how dare u to bite me..
Bablu: why r u hitting my wife..
Sumi laughs: u r wife who said that..
Bablu: jaanu told me she is my wife..
Sumi: I can even hit ..
And starts hitting both of them..when RP comes their and stops sumi…
RP:why r u hitting them..
Sumi: u r son is dreaming of marrying her..
RP:whts wrong in that..
Sumi thinks and after some time again starts hitting them and RP tries to stop them….in the mean time sumi tears her blouse and pulls her hair which is unnoticed by RP..shekahr and sujatha come their and sumi noticing them starts shouting for help and acts to cry..
Sumi: u r friend was trying to molest me…and cries..
RP ,sujatha ,shekhar are shocked to hear this..
RP: I didn’t do anything.. trust me shekahr ..sujatha I really didn’t do anything..
Shekahr:enough of this..i don’t want to see u r face again I never thought that my own friend was eying my wife…chi… is it only with sumi..or did u even did it with janki
RP was broken with this..janki was a sister to him not real but more than that..and shekhar who was his best friend was accussing him of bad eying her..he left the house with his wife and son and never returned back..
Fb ends

Sumi: u believed me and doubted on u r friend..(smirks)
Shekhar: I knew that my friend was not at fault..but still I blamed him because I wanted him to go away…I know that if they stay here u will keep on ploting against them I had to do this to keep them safe..
Sumi is shocked..
Shekhar: but now for my ladoo I will tell everything to my RP
Saying so he goes to call his friend
Sumi: yuvi..kill him we don’t need him anymore..
Yuvi nods and goes towards shekhar..and see him taking the receiver..yuvi snatches the receiver from him an strangles shekhar with the receiver and kills him..
Scene ends with evil faces of yuvi and sumi..

Precap: not decided..

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