Born for u….living for u (epi 10)

Hey guys… so sorry for not replying u all but what to do I have got practicals and classes…so sorry and special sorry to nikky and aparna… u guys wanted cute scenes between ragvi(rag+yuvi) but I don’t know how to give them as according to storyline rags is scared of him…but I’ll definitely give obsessed romantic scenes between them..and nikky this is second time I am disappointing u…I promise if this ff goes well then I’ll try to write one ff on here is my story…

Swaragini and sanlak enjoy their day …and forget time it becomes late ..
Sanskar: guys its late now house is close lets go their and stay for tonight.. I’ll inform ur families…shone u also stay with us today..
Raglak hesitates but eventually they go to sanskar’s house..
When they are about to go inside suddenly ragini slips and hurts her leg…so swara and sanskar support her ..swara is holding her hand and places her other hand on her shoulder and sanskar is supporting her by holding her waist..swara goes to open the door whereas sanskar is holding ragini..
As sanskar is holding raginithey both enter the house together bg music plays with gruhpravesh song ..and there is a photo of goddess in the entrane and the garland of the photo falls on both of them such that it encircles both of them.. and they share a cute eyelock…swara sees them and starts laughing..
Swara: u both r looking like newly weds..
Laksh too sees them and starts laughing
Rag san breaks their eyelock embarrassed hearing newlyweds…
They talk for some time…soon the four of them bond well..
Sanskar: yaar I am feeling hungry..lets order something.
Swara:haan please..jaldi kar
Laksh: swara why to order rags and u cook something na..
Sanskar: swara don’t take laksh’s words seriously..plz…I wanna live for some more days…pakka jab marne ka mood aaya to tere hi haath ka khana kahyunga..
Swara gives death glares to him…
Sanskar: laksh nowadays girls don’t know to cook so please I don’t want to take risk with these two
Laksh:I don’t know about swara but ragini is the best cook for me..
Swara : really..please ragini..teach me also na..
Ragini:okay baba come ..
They both go into kitchen while sanskar looks at ragini
Laksh observes this…
Laksh: what happened??
Sanskar: ragini she is different…in the evening she was so happy and again she is so quiet..she seems like a closed book to me..
Laksh: ragini is like turtle sanskar initially she is scared of everyone..and hides inside the shell but once she feels comfortable she starts enjoying like child…she is very pure..
Sanskar smiles and nods
Later they have food prepared by swaragini..and go to bed..
Swarag sleep in one room and sanlak sleep in other room…(guys RP and sujatha are out of station at that time so ragini doesn’t know that its their house)

Next day
Ragini is shown making coffee when someone enters the kitchen it is shown to be yuvi who lustfully eyes her from top to bottom…she is wearing a pink colour chudidar which shown her curves ..
He runs his finger on his lips looking at her..he moves close to her..ragini doesn’t notice him as she is facing away from him… he moves close to her…he is just inches away from her when he suddenly encircles his hands around her and starts kissing her nape from back..ragini understands its yuvi and is frozen to spot ..with fear…she tries to jerk him..but his hold is too tight for her… he suddenly bites her on the neck…she is holding her dupatta tightly in disgust…he pins her to the wall and she cries helplessly when suddenly they hear shekhar’s scream…yuvi leaves her and she runs to her room and cries..
Ragini wakes up and shouts loudly due to which wveryone comes running to her and see her like a lifeless body..
Laksh gets worried and goes to her ans shakes her
Laksh: what happened rago..r u alright..
Ragini: he came here..lucky he came here..
Laksh understands..
Swara: who came ragini..
Laksh: yuvi…(he shakes his head wheras swasan r confused)ook ragu..see no one is here..look.
Ragini(she continuous blaberring) he came…he wont leave me…see he bit me here..see(she shown her neck..)
Laksh takes to the mirror and shows her that there r no marks ..
Laksh: see there is nothing ragu… it was a nightmare..see he is not here..
Ragini realizes it’s a dream and hugs laksh tightly
He makes her sit down… swasan r confused and worried for ragini
Swara: who is yuvi laksh.
Laksh: yuvraj thakur..i s ragu’s cousin..
Swara: then why is ragini so scared of him..
Laksh: because he is obsessed with her…he is the worst nightmare of ragu..
He s*xually harrases her..she is so scared of him…

Sanskar who sees ragini so literally broken inside… he signs swara and she nods understandingly
Sanskar: laksh come we will make coffee for them..and drags him out..
Swara looks at ragini who is lost..ahe goes close to her and places her hand on her shoulder.and ragini immediately hugs her..swara has tears inher eyes as she can feel her pain…she breaks the hug and cups her face..
Swara: ragini look …I know some battles are really tough for us..but u cannot really tell that without fighting right..i know u r scared…but how many days r u going to hide..see,sanky,lucky all r there for u…but it should be u who should stand for u..try to overcome u r fear..i am always beside u…so be brave dear…and remember..we girls don’t need someone to fight our battles as we r the strongest ..
Ragini looks on..
Swara is about to get up when ragini holds her hand..
Ragini: thanks swara…can I call u di..
Swara: no..
Ragini’s face falls
Swara: my sister can’t be a cry baby…so smile then I’ll make u my sister..
Ragini smiles and hugs her..
Here laksh is worried for ragini
Laksh: she will be fine na..
Sanskar: haa baba ..see she came
Swarag comes smiling at eachother..
Laksh: ragini are u okay??
Swara:oh hello..with great difficulty I made her smile don’t remind her again.. buddhu
Laksh: soory par buddhu kisko bola..
Swara:I am talking to u then obviously then its u only na..
Laksh:sanskar tell me onething why she always fight..
Sanskar: her birth right..
Ragini laughs..

Laksh: ragu u say something to her na see she is calling me buddhu..
Ragini: lucky don’t say anything to my di..waise she is right..
Sanlak: dii???
Swarag smile at each other
Sanskar: chod lucky.. these r girls.. even the one who made them cant understand them..apna dhimag math phod..
Episode ends happily..

Precap: shaadi and death…

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