Bored of kumkum bhagya present track !!


Hello evryone I am Sindhu, nd u guys don’t knw me.!!
Guys I used to love kkb, it is only zee show I used to see, evn my parents used to watch but then comes..
They kidnapped Pragya nd they dragged that track for one whole month, they were running round the jungle..! Nd the goons following them, I got bored but post kidnap Abhi started to feel for kidnap, I thought it will be a happy time for Abhigya but no, Pragya comes to knw abt Tanu’s pregnancy .!

As Pragya sacrifices, she sacrificed Abhi for Tanu, Alya I can’t evn describe her, she is back of Pragya only because she could not get Purab, nd she plays all dirty tricks, she does not have any shame three times Abhi slapped her evryone started to her but still she is same ?..!!
Then comes the leap, Pragya changes her attire, nd becomes rude after few episodes we get to knw that she knws the real truth of Tanu, 1 year completes nd still Tanu did not get the baby bump like seriously guys baby bump can be seen from fourth month I think ?

In one of the episodes Tanu fell down from the stairs, nd still she did not suffer from miscarriage nd is Abhi that dump that he can’t find out what is going in his own house nd in recent promos they showed that Abhi will get to knw abt Tanu’s truth but last minute Tanu plays her trick nd Pragya gets blamed again ?..!

I stopped watching the show guys..!! I don’t evn read the written updates I am fed up with the present track ?? it is just headache nothing else I feel like, nd the cv’s don’t change the track also

So how many of u are bored of the present track

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  1. am not bored sindhu.
    ya its extremly true that kb track is dragging for past one year…….but i love abhigya lot so i luv kkb but sntimes i also feel lk borng but abhigya’s love insists me to watch kumkum bhagya{sry if u r hurt}

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Hey u did not hurt me, I also love Abhigya but that does not mean that I will them nd dragging plot..! Anything shuld have a limit but this Tanu drama does not evn have that limit

      1. yaa ry888

      2. Sindhu_Varma

        I am just getting mad, again Pragya gets kidnaped ?

  2. I oso join the club.. I oso stop watching the serial and read written episode too

  3. me…………………………………

  4. VarshaVenkat

    Me…..I’m sick of this serial….

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Hi5 varshavenkat

  5. This is more likely a comedy serial so in that way i love it 😛 Lol Sorry Sindhu i stopped watching it in last august so i m always just skimming through the updates and same story as usual so i was also bored of this whole rubbish thing but once you read it in another way na like to be honest it turns out to be funny 😛 Seriously abhi’s foolishness makes me laugh so i enjoy it 😛

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Right,I agree with u.!

      1. And don’t forget me haha A New member in your club ?

  6. Me…………………………too……………………. I love abhigya but the directors r irritating us with their non-sense thoughts n twists.i too stoped watching n reading kkb.i too join ur club.

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      I totally agree with u nd welcome to the club ?

  7. Ya really like is serial is now getting worse day by day..why cant they just expose tanu..and if they cant then atleast be real how can a baby take 1 year to be born..come on zee tv other tv serials take leap for 9 months and here u need more than the reality ??????i havent seen any episode since last 4 months and until now the story is same ufffff??

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Roma u knw being a science student I did not knw that it will take 1 year for a baby to come out ??..
      Whatever I read in the books they show it takes only 9 months , but kkb proved the books wrong ???

  8. Yup…. it was a nice show… were were gud ttracks running initially… by now… dragging off to heights……good show has been ruined…..d current track shud b ended… n dey shud let d baby , tanu and audience a sigh of relief … lol……dis endless period of pregnancy……killing us…..anywaz… ekta lost control over d show….let s c… if dere s hope….s only thing to b love is abhigya… d couple….

  9. I am also bored . but I am watching the serial because I am waiting for that day when tanu will be exposed

  10. I am completely with u sweety!

  11. honestly lyk dey r stretching dis pregnancy track a lot smetyms I feellyk I shld go nd kill d writer right nw only, hw cn a pregnancy last fr a year widout evn d baby bump visible hahaha bt I luv abhigya a lot me too wid u only Sindhu 🙂

  12. Adhya

    Seriously…it’s too boring and dragging. Sindhu….but most common thing in all of us is We LOVE ABHIGYA….But unfortunately their chemistry is not found in show…. i really want to find the director and writter of this show..becoz i really want to ask them that wither they had no brain..or they thought viewers had no brain? they will drag the story as much they can..yaar… it’s so simple problems to solve …but they r just dragging to solve them for yrs..and yrs…

  13. mstnahidafordaws

    Its really got more boaring , annoying day by day…tannu was pregnant through 15month…really…and one thing was continue through month…if you have no new story then stop this pls…but don’t do this…do something new….

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