book of mysterious deaths (epi 9 & 10)


Haiiii guyzzzz….thnqq so much for ur comments and support…I m really happy to see ur comments and suggestions…sorry guyzz I can understand ur really excited about abhigya’s past that’s why I extended this story just to give u some cute scenes so I’ll end this…this is the combine epi of 9 & 10..hope u enjoy it…ok lets go to the epi…

In abhi’s room
Abhi comes to room after the call.
Aaliya: bhai!! Give me ur mobile. She grabs it and switches off the mobile.
Abhi: hey aaliya what are you doing?
Aaliya: all are disturbing in the middle of ur story. I don’t want anyone to interrupt in the middle of ur story. See even I have switched off my mobile.
Abhi: ur really crazy aaliya.
Aaliya: bhai! Whatever you think no problem. I m eager to know ur story. So now continue.
On other side, pragya calls abhi but his mobile is switched off. She thinks why he switched off his mobile. I thought to tell him something important but now I can’t. What to do now?
Abhi: I went near her window and was shocked to see pragya crying on bed. I thought to go near her but I felt that is not right time to go near her.
Aaliya: thank god bhabi is safe but what was the reason behind her sadness?
Abhi: I didn’t understand what to do but I couldn’t see her like that. I thought to go to her office and send anyone of her colleague to find out the matter. I forgot my car keys and went again then she got call. She got scared seeing her mobile. She picked up her mobile and started talking in a scared voice not to do anything. She was requesting them for something. I didn’t understand her conversation but I understood something clearly.
Aaliya: what is that bhai? Who are they?
Abhi: they kidnapped sarla aunty and started blackmailing pragya for some proofs but she refused to give them as they are important for to save innocent.
Aaliya: then what happened bhai? Did they harm to sarla aunty or bhabi?
Abhi: arey aaliya! Ur bhai is there na so how can they harm ur bhabi or sarla aunty.
Aaliya: actually what happened bhai?
Abhi: after listening to her conversation I went to her office and enquired about the article that she covered. I gathered complete details of that gang. Because of some of my friends help I found their place where they kidnapped sarla aunty. I went there and saved sarla aunty. I found her unconscious so I admitted her in hospital and messaged pragya about sarla aunty. She reached there.
Aaliya: wow!! At last u became hero and I think now she trusted u. am I right?
Abhi: no ur wrong. Why are you so hurry? I will tell u what happened next?
Aaliya: what bhai? Still didn’t trust u but y?
Abhi: listen…She reached hospital. I messaged her after some time about sarla aunty. She replied fine but where did u get my ma? How did u know about this when I didn’t share this info with anyone?
I replied her don’t think about that aunty is safe na take care of her but she forced me to tell how I came to know all these. I tried to make her leave about that topic but she didn’t then I said that I came to her house and heard about that. She was shocked at first but later she gave me shock.
Aaliya: what? But how?
Abhi: she suspected me. She thought I was one behind her ma’s kidnap.
Aaliya: what bhai? How can she think like that? What a girl she is? This is not fair bhai.
Abhi: cool down aaliya. Don’t talk like that. First u listen completely.
Aaliya: ok bhai! Tell me
Abhi: she started scolding me that it’s my plan. I felt bad hearing those harsh words which I didn’t expect from her. At last I understood that whatever I do for her she will not realize and trust me. She will never accept me even as her friend. So I decided not to disturb her anymore as she is not interested. I said her same thing. She said ok and thanked me for taking this decision. This hurted me even more. From that day I stopped messaging her.
Aaliya: bhai! Just now I got a doubt.
Abhi: what is that?
Aaliya: she likes u so much as a rock star so if u tell her that ur the one messaging her like that then she will talk to u na without hesitation.
Abhi: no aaliya. She loves my songs that’s fact but what she thinks if she comes to know that I m the one who is messaging her. She may talk to me but she will surely don’t trust me again and there is a chance to hate me too. So that’s y I thought to make her my friend before she comes to know my identity. I can tell one thing I thought she should love me without knowing my identity because I loved her when I saw her for the first time.
Aaliya: ur right bhai! Ok what happened bhai?
On other side, pragya thinks what to do and calls Ronnie again. She asks Ronnie to come near her room. Ronnie comes near her room and knocks the door. She opens it and tells him to go to abhi’s room and tell him that she wanted to talk to him once. He says ok and leaves from there.
Abhi: days passed I started missing her so much but for my surprise she messaged me “sorry I was worried about my ma that’s why I behaved like that but I didn’t use those words intentionally. Please forgive me. Thank you so much for saving my ma. She is the one whom I have in this world and I wanted to be ur friend will u accept me as ur friend? At that moment I was in cloud nine and replied her immediately.
Aaliya: wow bhai!!! That’s awesome. Ok continue.
Abhi: from that day she started trusting me and used to treat me as her good friend. She used to share her happy and sad moments. After this she never asked my identity. Days passed she started liking me so much…one day I messaged her that I m interested in her. She smiled and replied that she doesn’t know all that but she needs my company all the time. I felt very happy hearing this. I understood she too likes me so much.
Ronnie comes near abhi’s room and is about to knock the door but sarla ma stops him and gives him some important work. He leaves from there. Pragya calls Ronnie but he didn’t lift her call.
Aaliya: then what happened bhai?
Abhi: finally I thought to reveal my identity so I called her to park to meet her. I thought the most awaited day came in my life. She came to park and started searching for me. I was about to go near her but suddenly I got call from dadi. She asked me to come home as early as possible. So without talking to her I went from there. After reaching home dadi said she selected a girl for me but I was shocked hearing this. I tried to say dadi that I love her but as her health condition was not good I didn’t talk even a single word but I planned after seeing that girl I’ll reject her. So dadi called them to our mansion. She came and sat in front of me. We both looked at each other and were shocked.
Aaliya: why bhai?
Abhi: because she is ur bhabi. After seeing her as bride I can’t control my happiness. I continuously stared at her but she looks tensed then I understood the reason behind her tension. So this time I thought to reveal the truth but she messaged me that she is going to marry rock star then I replied her then what was there between us. She replied me I like ur company so I want it all the time. I messaged her then if u marry someone u can’t have good time with me like this. She replied me that she is not in a position to tell anything as it’s her mother’s wish to marry him. I messaged her then what should I do now. She said we will be good friends like before. I said ok from today I won’t disturb u…bye…I removed that number.
Aaliya: but bhai! Why u did like that? If u have revealed ur identity she might be so happy na and she even don’t have any confusion.
Abhi: ur right aaliya. She started liking me but as of her ma’s wish she agreed to marry me but I m scared to reveal my identity because once I reveal it she may hate me or she may not trust me again in life. Even there is a chance that she can cancel this marriage. So I remained silent and I also thought that if I message her like this she may feel guilt and feels sad. I m the reason behind all these so I thought to go out from her life as stranger. That’s why I removed that number so that she will not think about him anymore.
Aaliya: ur wrong bhai! She will not forget u because she started loving u.
Abhi: may be aaliya but she don’t want to go against her ma wish. Whatever she is going to marry the one she wants the company all the time.
Aaliya: yes bhai! But it would be nice if bhabi knows this truth.
Abhi: don’t worry aaliya. I’ll make everything alright after this marriage. She smiles and hugs him.

Pandit calls bride and groom to mandap. Pragya sits beside abhi with tensed face and hides it with smile. Abhi observes this and feels bad. He thinks once we get married I’ll give u all the happiness and I’ll reveal my identity. Marriage rituals take place. Finally they both get married.

In shopping mall
Anjali and shyam goes to arnav. Suddenly anjali holds arnav’s ears then he turns back and gets shocked. Khushi and lav look at each other with confused face. Shyam smiles.
Arnav: di you?
Anjali: yes it’s me chote.
Khushi and lav says at once “di” and smiles.
Anjali: what are you doing here chote? U said u has an important work. Is that work is this?
Arnav: di…actually…I
Anjali: don’t try to say anything chote. I requested u to come but u refused and came her with friends. I got hurt chote.
Arnav: di! It’s not like that. U can scold me at house plz leave my ear they are seeing.
Anjali leaves him. Arnav introduces lav and khushi to anjali. They both greet her.
Anjali: tomorrow chote’s birthday that’s y I asked him to come to shopping but he didn’t. We are arranging party so without missing both of u attend to party.
Lav: hey arnav! U didn’t say that tomorrow is ur birthday.
Anjali: chote don’t like to celebrate his birthday. He is so simple but as am his di it’s my responsibility to celebrate this birthday that’s why I m inviting u both.
Lav agrees to come but khushi hesitantly agrees. They all leave.

Khushi and lav reach their room after meeting editor. Lav says hey khushi we have to buy something for arnav. Khushi says if ur interested u buy but I m not interested so leave me. Lav says hey khushi why are you saying like that? U saw na how anjali di invited. It won’t be nice if we go with empty hands. khushi says ok . They both leave to buy something.
Anjali calls khushi. She comes out of fb. They finish their shopping and leave to raizada mansion. They complete all the arrangements and waits for lav but she didn’t come. They wait for her. Its evening, lav didn’t come. Khushi gets worried. She tries to call lav but her mobile didn’t reach. She gets more worried. Anjali and nani consoles her. Shyam leaves to airport to enquire about her. Khushi calls arnav and shares with him everything. He too gets worried and says he will come to India within two days. He cuts the call. She starts crying and fb begins.

They both leave to arnav’s birthday party. Lav greets him and gives him gift. Arnav turns towards khushi.
Arnav: u didn’t wish me khushi.
Khushi: why should I?
Arnav: it’s my birthday yar…
Khushi is about to say something but she sees anjali coming there so she wishes arnav. Arnav feel happy but after seeing anjali. He understands everything. Anjali greets them. They both too greet her. Arnav asks khushi for gift. Anjali interrupts and says arey chote! I have never seen u asking anyone like this. Arnav says di! Actually khushi is my special friend so I m excited to know what will she gift. Khushi gives him gift. He smiles. Anjali too smiles. She takes both of them inside.
Party begins. Different events take place. Lav and khushi sees all of them with excitement. Arnav comes near khushi and says thanks for the gift. Khushi says ok don’t disturb me. Anjali calls everyone. arnav cuts the cake and feeds it to anjali and nani. He thinks to feed it to khushi thinks how suddenly power goes off. He thinks it’s the best time and feeds it to khushi. Power comes and khushi gives him an angry look. Anjali observes khushi’s mouth and smiles. She shows it to shyam and nani. The trio smile at arnav’s act.
Later khushi comes to arnav and asks him about feeding the cake. He says because ur my friend so I did like that. khushi asks him then y didn’t u feed lav. he thinks what to say and says because I can feed lav directly she won’t always scold like u. khushi says whatever I don’t like ur act and leaves from there.
Anjali takes khushi and lav inside mansion and shows them every room. At last she takes him to arnav’s room. Lav blushes seeing arnav’s room. She gets excited. They all sit in his room.
Lav: di! Why arnav don’t like to celebrate his birthday?
Anjali: this day my parents passed away in accident so from then he don’t like to celebrate his birthday.
Lav: sorry di!
Khushi feels bad listening to this. Shyam comes there and asks her for cheque. Anjali says sorry I forgot about that if chote comes to know about that he feels bad. She opens his cupboard and gives it to shyam. He leaves from there. Khushi asks anjali about that. She says that he will donate money on his birthday to orphanage in the name of their parents. Both lav and khushi gets touched.

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi…guyzz I dragged abhigya’s track these days but now I m going to concentrate on my thriller track…thnqqq so muchhh each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers if u feel worth just keep leave a comment even it’s a single word…keep supporting me like this till the end..byeee guyzzz…

Credit to: arshi fan

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