book of mysterious deaths (epi 8)


Haiiii guyzzz…thnqq so much for ur comments and support…I m really happy to see ur comments and suggestions…some ppl are having doubt whether pragya loves abhi or not. This suspense will be revealed soon till then plz be patient and enjoy this track…ok lets go to the story…

In abhi’s room
Aaliya: bhaiiii!!!! Why did you go? What did she say?
Abhi: relax aaliya!!! She said na she will catch me so I tested her whether she will catch me or not if I go near her.
Aaliya: then what happened bhai?
Abhi: I went near her. She saw me and asked “ur abhishek mehra, a big rock star na.” I was about to say something but she continued. “I never heard ur songs but because of one person I attended ur concert and heard for the first time. I felt like I lost myself hearing them…from that day I became ur fan. I never liked anyone but for the first time I started loving ur songs…I thought to tell u all these things that but I was not able to tell u.” sorry I was talking without giving u any chance.
Aaliya: wow!!! bhai. I can understand how u feel when she said like that but I want to know what’s ur reaction. Tell me.
Abhi: I didn’t get even a single word when she talked like that. I just smiled and said am happy that I have a fan like u…it’s my pleasure. Then sarla aunty started speaking. She said pragya never get excited like this. This is the first time I was seeing her like that. Who are you beta?
I was about to say something but again she interrupted and said about me. I said I m glad to see such a fan like u. she asked me ok but why u came to me? I asked her to select bangles for dadi then she picked beautiful bangles.
Later I asked her u said na u came to concert because of one person. Who is he? She at first hesitated what to say but later she said that he is her friend. I smiled inside for her answer.
Aaliya: that’s great bhai at last she accepted u as her friend.
Abhi: I also thought like that and messaged her thank u for accepting as ur friend.
She replied me I will never accept u but how ur hearing all these? I m getting a doubt on u.
I messaged her what? She replied me I think rock star is ur friend. I smiled at her message.
I replied her ok if u have such a doubt then follow him.
Aaliya: then what happened bhai?
Abhi: as my suggestion she followed me till my car and confirmed herself that we both don’t have any relation.
Aaliya: bhai this means she started following ur ideas.
Abhi: yeah even I also want that only.
Aaliya: ok next.
Abhi: she messaged me then how did u know what I have talked with him. I replied her that’s not a big deal when u saw him u got excited and started talking to him continuously. Ur diverted concentration from me so I came near to u but u didn’t observe me. She replied what? I messaged her yes. She replied me ok I’ll see how many days u’ll play like this. I replied her ok u can try.
Aaliya: ok then what happened next?
Abhi: days passed but her behavior didn’t change. I tried in different ways but she didn’t believe me. One day I messaged her. She didn’t reply me I thought she was busy. Again I messaged her but she didn’t respond. I thought to call her once to know the reason why she is not responding to my message. But her mobile was switch off. Again I tried but it didn’t reach.
Three days passed but she didn’t respond I got worried about her. I was in thoughts. Different thoughts came to my mind. I m scared of those. I didn’t understand what to do so at last I went to her office and enquired about her. They said that she didn’t attend to office since 3 days. I left from there sadly.
Week days passed. I turned on tv and started changing channels but suddenly I saw pragya’s program coming then immediately I called her but its busy so I went to her office but she didn’t come to office. I asked them about that program then they said that was the last day she came to office. I was shocked.
Aaliya: bhai! What happened to bhabi?
Abhi: Then I asked her house address and went to her house. I thought to knock the door but I went near window to see what was happening and was shocked.
Aaliya: what happened to bhabi? Why are you shocked bhai?
Again abhi gets a call and leaves from there.

In pragya’s room
Pragya gets tensed and walks. She thinks what was this Ronnie doing? I asked him but till now he didn’t call me and there is only few min left. She goes to drink water then someone knocks the door. She opens and sees her friend. Her friend greets her and gives her bouquet. She receives it and keeps a side and again starts thinking. Her friend asks her what happened. She says nothing but again her friend forces her to tell. She tells everything. Then her friend tells not to worry everything will be fine and leaves from there as sarla calls her. Pragya is in thoughts. Ronnie calls her. She lifts and talks something. She cuts the call. She thinks I have to talk to abhi but how? Now it’s not possible. Ok let me call him and talk to him.

On other side
Inspector: I know ur sad but what was the reason behind his death? Did u fight with him?
Lady: no sir nothing like that. He used to be very friendly with me and he don’t have such a big issues to commit suicide.
Inspector: then what might be the reason madam? At least tell me how he used to behave last few days?
Lady: sir actually I don’t what happened but since few days he was in depression. When I ask him what’s the reason he didn’t say anything. He used to talk strangely. I even don’t understand what he used to talk. I thought due to work tensions he was behaving like that but I never this incident will happen.
She again starts crying.
Inspector: madam plz don’t cry like that. Just tell me about his interests.
Lady: he used to read different types of books. Whenever he gets time he used to spend most of his time on books only.
Inspector gets shocked hearing that. He remembers editor’s death case. He says ok.
Lady: I forgot to tell u. since few days he stopped reading books and got scared to see books in his rack.
Inspector asks his constables to collect all the books and bring them to station. He leaves from there.

In shopping mall
Khushi recalls. Both lav and khushi comes to their room. Khushi scolds arnav about the incident that happened. Lav requests her not to scold him but khushi doesn’t stop meanwhile lav gets arnav’s message that thnq lav for coming and ur friend too…good night! Lav blushes seeing it. Khushi grabs her mobile and reads it. She gets more anger and starts scolding. Lav closes her ears and goes to sleep. Khushi stops.

Its morning, Lav and khushi wakes up. Lav asks khushi to get ready soon as they should have shopping.
Khushi: ok but I have to go to editor to discuss about my book.
Lav: don’t worry about that we can go to him in the evening. Khushi says ok. They both leave.

On other side
In raizada’s mansion, anjali gets ready. Shyam sits in sofa and waits for anjali. He sees his watch and calls anjali to get ready soon. Arnav comes there and asks where they are going.
Shyam: today ur sister ordered for shopping.
Arnav: (smiles) so u both are going to have great time there. Right!
Shyam: it’s not great time but test for patience. She will take me to all shops.
Arnav laughs and says if my di hears this she will surely do what u said. They hear a voice saying I already heard so surely I m going to do that. Arnav and shyam turns. They see anjali. Arnav laughs.
Shyam: nothing like that I was just kidding.
Anjali: I know what’s ur feeling so don’t act smart.
Arnav: ok u guyzz carry on I m leaving to office.
Anjali stops him and says no chote! ur not going to office today. U will come for shopping with us. Arnav requests her that he can’t come as he has some work and leaves from there. Shyam and anjali leaves for shopping.

Khushi and lav reaches shopping mall. They both start seeing different dresses. Lav thinks to call arnav and tells that to khushi. khushi says no but lav doesn’t listen and calls arnav. He says her that he will come and cuts the call. He smiles. Anjali and shyam reach the same shopping mall. Arnav too reaches the shopping mall.
Arnav: haii lav and khushi
Lav: hello arnav!
But khushi turns her face and doesn’t wish him. Lav asks arnav to select dresses. He says he doesn’t know anything about girl’s dresses. Lav requests him at least to select color. He says ok. Khushi doesn’t care them and starts picking. Arnav sees her and says khushi ur selection is too good. Come with me and select some suits for me. She gets irritated and asks him to keep quiet. Anjali and shyam come there. Anjali is busy in selecting but shyam sees arnav with lav and khushi. He calls anjali and shows them.

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi…guyzz i know today arshi’s part is less but for next i’ll keep a long one..I wish u guyzz don’t feel any kind of bore or drag…thnqqq so muchhh each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers to get better story…keep supporting me like this till the end..byeee guyzzz…

Credit to: arshi fan

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  3. dont drag this much.. pls.. it’ll reduse the taste of story yar..

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  8. It’s superb

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  11. If we say directly what happens at last… then it won’t be like a story… guys please be patient…. its not at all a dragging one… you are just reading a story.. so please think and keep your comments….don’t ask for to end the fb as soon!!!…. Its an amazing one… lovely ff… keep going on… fantastic framing of words… love your ff alot good luck…

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