book of mysterious deaths (epi 7)


Haiii guyzzz…thnqq so much for ur comments and support…I m really happy to see ur comments and suggestions…guyzz first of all let me clear u one thing some ppl are feeling that I m giving less importance to abhigya but that’s not right because in this ff abhigya are main leads. I agree that I m arshi fan but I started this ff keeping abhigya on my mind. Later I felt that as a fan I should keep arshi roles in this ff. So from today I’ll begin with abhigya’s scenes and in the end I’ll keep arshi scenes so that u may feel the difference and I’ll add some more scenes between abhigya…hope u guyzz like this change..Ok let’s go to the story…

In abhi’s room
Abhi: my childhood friend called me to convey his wishes so I was little bit late.
Aaliya: ok now tell me bhai.
Abhi: one evening I messaged her casually she asked me not to disturb as she was busy. I replied her ok. After an hour I again messaged her but she didn’t replied me at that my friend called me to meet him as he came from London. So I went to meet him but in the middle I saw pragya going somewhere.
Aaliya: where was she going bhai?
Abhi: I followed her. She stopped at one place and started talking with rag pickers to cover her article. I watched it from distance. But
Aaliya: what bhai?
Abhi: I thought she just came to cover her article but I was wrong she didn’t come only to cover her article but she supplied them food packets. I was touched by her act. She is really something different from others.
Aaliya: wow bhai!!! Bhabi is really great. I thought she is just like other reporters but she proved herself that she is not like rest. So tell me what happened next?
Abhi: I messaged her “I love ur actions”
Aaliya: bhaiiiiii!!!!! What did she say for that?
Abhi: asusual she replied me “be in ur limits”.
Aaliya: then when did she start treated u normally? I badly wanted to know that. Tell me.
Abhi: I’ll tell u but before that I would like to share one more incident later I’ll tell that story.
Aaliya: ok bhai! Tell me.
Abhi: one day I went to jeweler shop to buy ornaments to dadi. I saw pragya there with her mom. She started seeing different types of necklace sets. She picked different models. I started seeing her. Every set looks beautiful when she keeps them to her neck. Because she herself precious.
Aaliya: wow bhai!!!! U changed to romantic mood.
Abhi: no no aaliya I was just describing her beauty that’s it.
Aaliya: ok continue what happened next?
Abhi: I messaged every necklace looks beautiful when u keep it to ur neck. She gives shocking expression. Her beautiful eyes again started searching for me.
She replied don’t flirt with me. I m not here to listen whatever nonsense u say.
Aaliya: bhai! just now i said she is different but one thing she is so arrogant. How dare she to talk like that to my bhai?
Abhi: aaliya I m ur bhai so ur saying like that but think once from her point of view if any stranger will message u how will u treat him?
Aaliya: yes bhai! Ur right but bhai one thing u will not allow anyone to scold bhabi right?
Abhi: what scold? No one should dare even to talk rude if anyone do so I m not going to leave them.
Aaliya: so sweet of u bhai! She is so lucky to have u.
Abhi: even I m lucky to have her.
Aaliya: ok ok continue.
Abhi: I messaged her it’s not nonsense ok I will select u one necklace. Pick that necklace which was at ur left side.
She replied me I don’t like that and why should I pick the one which u select? It’s my wish I m going to pick which is at my right side.
Aaliya: then what she picked at last bhai?
Abhi: just try to make a guess?
Aaliya: she picked the one which u selected. Am I right?
Abhi: wow aaliya!! Ur absolutely right but how did u guessed it?
Aaliya: I said na bhai u started using ur brain for bhabi so u’ll surely do something to make her purchase which u selected.
She started smiling. Abhi gets angry and says ur making fun of me go from here. I’m not going to continue my story.
Aaliya: sorry bhai!! I’ll not make fun of u. plz tell me na.
Abhi: ok. After seeing her message I remained silent. She picked the necklace which was at her right side but a worker went near her and said to her that sorry madam this piece was already sold. I smiled and thought now I will see what u will pick. She is sure that it’s my plan.
She messaged me I know its ur plan but I m not going to purchase the one u selected I’ll pick another. I smiled at her that my girl is really too intelligent.
Aaliya: then what happened bhai?
Abhi: she picked another one but sarla aunty said that was not nice and asked her to take the one which I selected. I felt very happy that aunty helped me in succeeding. Without saying another word she grabbed that.
I messaged her see aunty also likes the one which I selected. She replied I will catch u today. Get ready.
I replied her ok try ur best. I stood up and went near her. She saw me and stood.

On other side
A lady starts cooking something in kitchen. She prepares all her hubby’s favorite dishes as it’s her hubby’s birthday. Meanwhile she gets a call. She picks the call.
Lady: hello!
Man: hello mam! Is dr. kailash there at home?
Lady: yes but who are you?
Man: I m his asst. He should attend an op today even some patients are waiting for him. Till now he didn’t attend so I thought to intimate him once.
Lady: ok ok I’ll tell him.
She thinks today also he is busy but what was he doing in his room till this time. I know since few days he was in depression but I don’t think that he will neglect his work and stay in his room like this. There is something wrong. She goes to his room and was about to open the door but the door didn’t get open. Then she knocks the door to open but he didn’t open. She tries in different ways but he didn’t respond. At last she goes near window and sees him. She gets shocked seeing her husband dead.
She calls police. Police inspector comes. She starts crying badly. Her family members try to console her. Inspector comes near her.

In raizada’s mansion
Its night, khushi starts thinking about arnav and talks to herself I wanted to talk to u arnav ji but I know u’ll be doing some work at this time. Still I m feeling like I should talk now but what to do. It’s been week days I don’t understand how I stayed without u and am getting scared of thinking that I have to stay without u for some more days. She gets sad and goes to sleep then her mobile rings. She sees her mobile and jumps on bed with excitement. She lifts the call.
Khushi: hello arnav ji…
Arnav: hey khushi!! What are you doing without sleeping at this late night? I thought u’ll sleep and felt that I m disturbing u.
Khushi: what arnav ji ur saying like that? I was thinking about u only.
Arnav: wow!!! What are you thinking about me?
Khushi: today I’ve seen ur surprises and felt like ur here with me. I was rejoiced but again started missing u like rest of other days. I was missing u badly arnav ji.
Arnav: khushi don’t be sad like this…u know na even I can’t stay without u but still I m trying. If u be like this tomorrow I’ll leave my work and start to India.
Khushi: no don’t that. I know it’s very important for u otherwise u won’t leave me and go like this but still I wanted to see u…
Arnav: ok khushi then I’ll book ticket for u. come here I’ll pick u in airport.
Khushi: no arnav ji if I come there who will take care of nani and anjali di. Even lav is coming tomorrow.
Arnav: wow! Then u both is going to have great time there.
Khushi: yes arnav ji but it would be nice if u were here.
Arnav: don’t worry khushi I will complete my work soon and land there within few days.
Khushi: I’ll be waiting…love u arnav ji…!
Arnav: love u too khushi…take care…bye.
Khushi gets happy talking to him and cuts the call. She sleeps.

Its morning
Khushi gets ready and started preparing lav’s favorite dishes. Nani comes there and asks khushi whether she made all arrangements for lav. khushi says everything is ready. Anjali comes there.
Anjali: khushi!! Have u completed cooking?
Khushi: yes di! Almost everything is completed.
Anjali: ok then come
Khushi: where di?
Anjali: hey khushi! Did u forget? Yesterday we planned to buy a saree and ring for lav na.
Khushi: yes did I completely forget about that. Come let’s go.
They both leave. They both enter into the shopping mall and go to saree counter. Khushi sees sarees. She picks one saree and remembers fb.

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi…I wish u guyzz don’t feel any kind of bore or drag…thnqqq so muchhh each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers to get better story…keep supporting me like this till the end..byeee guyzzz…

Credit to: arshi fan

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