book of mysterious deaths (epi 6)


Haiiii guyzzz…thnqqq so muchhh for ur comments and support…I m feeling so happy after seeing ur comments…guyzz so many of u are asking for this romance track even after starting horror I’ll surely continue this track even after starting my horror track so don’t worry about that..Hope now u guyzz will enjoy both horror and love track…ok lets go to the story…

In raizada’s mansion
Khushi thinks about arnav and smiles. She picks her mobile to talk to arnav. She calls him but call doesn’t connect. She gets sad and sees mobile. Then she remembers. Fb begins.
Arnav in his room thinks about khushi and her activities. He starts smiling. He thinks to see khushi once but thinks how it can be possible. He remembers that lav gave her remember. Without thinking anything he calls her but lav didn’t see her mobile as she went out of her room. Khushi sees lavs mobile and thinks why this guy is calling lav at this time. She keeps quiet as she didn’t see that. Again he calls her at that time lav enters the room. She asks khushi about the call. Khushi replies her as she is not interested to see her call.
Lav sees her mobile and gets super excited seeing arnav’s number. She scolds khushi for not saying her that it was arnav’s call. Lav picks the call and goes out of the room. Khushi thinks herself to listen what they are talking so that she can keep distant from each other. She stands near the door and tries to listen.
Lav: hey arnav! What a surprise? U called me at this time.
Arnav: actually lav I m feeling bore then I remembered u so I called u.
Lav: wow! That’s great…I thought u’ll not call me. Ok leave that tell me arnav what are you doing?
Arnav: I said na lav I m feeling bore.
Lav: ya ya sorry ok tell me something then
Arnav: lav I have one idea.
Lav: what?
Arnav: let’s go to have ice cream.
Lav: wow!! That’s a great idea but
Arnav: but what lav?
Lav: khushi will not allow me at this time.
Arnav: don’t u trust me lav? We are good friends na. Ok do one thing bring ur friend along with u then she can’t stop u.
Lav: ok arnav will text after talking to her.

She cuts the call. Khushi goes inside the room and sits like she didn’t hear anything. Lav comes to her and tells her what arnav said. Khushi says no and asks lav not to go. Lav requests her but she didn’t accept at last lav says I m going if u want to come I will wait for u near gate. She leaves from there. Khushi thinks herself if I don’t go he may do anything to lav its safe if I go with her. Lav waits for khushi. She sees khushi coming and smiles. They both leave.

Arnav waits for them and gets happy seeing khushi coming. Lav greets arnav. He too greets her and looks towards khushi and greets her but she turns her face other side. He smiles. Arnav asks them about what flavor they want. Lav says she wants strawberry. Khushi says butterscotch. Arnav says wow!! I too like that flavor then khushi immediately changes flavor. Lav asks her what happened. She says I m bored of that so I’ve changed it. Arnav says no problem lav I know how to satisfy khushi and goes from there. Khushi thinks what he is going to do now. Whatever I shouldn’t eat that. He brings 2 flavors ice cream and gives her. She says now I m not interested to eat ice cream. Arnav understands that she don’t want to take ice cream from him. Meanwhile lav asks him about his ice cream. He says there is only one ice cream left I thought to give that to khushi but she said she is not interested so now I’ll eat this. Khushi immediately grabs ice cream from his hand and starts eating. He smiles. Lav feels bad for arnav and gives angry look to khushi. Then man comes and gives ice cream to arnav. Arnav looks at khushi and smiles. Lav too smiles. Khushi gives an angry look to both.

In abhi’s room
Aaliya: tell me bhai
Abhi: she searched for me everywhere when she came to know that it’s me. At last she caught the mask and shouted once. She removed the mask and shocked to see one uncle with that mask. I watched this from behind and smiled seeing her like that. She got confused and left from there.
Aaliya: but bhai
Abhi: I know what’s ur doubt. You are thinking how mask changed. Right?
Aaliya: yes
Abhi: actually after her call I thought to escape from there then one uncle stopped me and asked to take his mask. I asked him what happened. He said his wife was chasing him. I thought this would be the best way to escape. He asked me why was I giving him my mask I said my fiancé was chasing me. He smiled and we both escaped from changing masks.
Aaliya: hahaha very funny bhai! However both of u escaped. Ok what happened next?
Abhi: its final day for our challenge. I thought to escape and started thinking different places but I thought those are not the right places. I didn’t get any idea how to escape for that one day then payal called me to remind me that I had concert that day. I asked her to cancel but she said it’s a big one. So I said yes then I thought it will be good place to call pragya there so that she will hear my songs.
I messaged her place. She replied me ok. I reached stage and started singing then she came there. I saw her and lost myself. I forgot that stage and started staring at her. She started searching for me. I smiled myself seeing her like that. In between she looked at me. She slowly started enjoying my songs and forgot to search me. Program has completed and I was about to leave but she came straight towards me. I got tensed that she found me. She came near me and asked for autograph. I was glad that she asked me autograph. At that moment I thought even if she asks me I will immediately give myself to her. I felt really happy and gave her autograph. She gave little smile and left from there. I felt like I m blessed at that moment.

That night I texted her that she lost her bet.
She replied me who are you? Why are you playing like this?
I said I m not playing with u I was just hiding my identity to get a pure friendship from u.
She asked me what’s the problem to reveal my identity and then she can treat me as her friend.
I replied her it’s not friendship after knowing about each other’s identity. Its starts between two ppl who trust each other so first trust me then I’ll reveal my identity.
She replied she can’t do that but as she lost her bet she agreed and asked me some time to treat me as her friend.
I replied her ok.
Aaliya: then what happened bhai? Did she treat u as her friend?
Abhi: she used to talk little as she treated me as stranger only but I used to watch her articles in net whenever I m free.
Aaliya: then how did she become close to u?
Abhi: I’ll tell meanwhile abhi gets a call. He excuses and leaves from there. Aaliya thinks what now only he should get call I m eager to know what happened next.

On other side
Pragya starts thinking what to do now and walks in tension. She gets worry about marriage. She takes her mobile and thinks whether to talk or not. But then she makes a call to Ronnie and tells him something. She cuts the call. Only 20 min left.

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi…hey guyzzz are u feeling bore? I know guyzzz this epi is little bit small but for next epi I’ll try to give a long update plz forgive me…thnqqq so muchhh each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers if u feel worth…keep supporting me like this till the end..byeee guyzzz

Credit to: arshi fan

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  1. U r always not giving importance to Abhigya… If its for both fans u should give equal importance… Abhigya part is very less…

    1. Relax aasha i can understand ur frustration but let me clear u one thing even am also fan of abhigya thats y i implemented their characters and once i start my thriller track u’ll get to know who are going to play major role in this ff..till then plzz be patient and i’ll add some more scenes between abhigya..thnq for commenting..keep supporting..

  2. super….i love abigya scenes… smart ya….

    1. Thnq..keep supporting..

  3. I am really much more eager to know abhigya’s past ……i am mad on ur ff di…but di one doubt did pragya loves abhi or not di…..

    1. Yup thnq so much for supporting my ff like this..and coming to pragya whether she loves him or not will be revealed soon..

  4. Love it yaar.. superb.

    1. Thnq..keep supporting..

  5. awesome but asha is right u r not giving important to abhigya I dont like arshi ff coz I never watch it & I am confused that what is name of arshi serial (itna karo na pyar ) or( iss pyar ko kya naam do)

    1. Shriti its iss pyaar ko kya naam doom

    2. I started this ff keeping abhigya on my mind but i m a big fan of arshi so i kept their characters but that means its not like giving imp to arshi just i m giving imp to each and every character and i would like to tell clearly that abhigya will be playing key role once thriller starts that doesnt means their romance will be limited..i will add some more scenes between abhigya..thnq for suggestions..keep supporting..

  6. Superb yar but I have a doubt that pragya loves abhi or not??

    1. Thnq..i will reveal it soon in upcoming episodes..till then plz be patient and keep supporting..

  7. Very interesting epi
    I really loved arshi scene
    Y don’t you post long episode
    All are very short

    1. Thnq..i will try to give a long update..keep supporting..

  8. Super episode 🙂

    1. Thnq..keep supporting..

  9. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Really Interesting…….

    1. Thnq..keep supporting..

  10. Actually i am also a very big arshi fan after them its abhigya and i really like ur way of combining both my favourite pairs in one ff and esp in a horror ff!

    1. Haha thnq..even i like them so much thats y i started this ff..happy to see ur comment..keep supporting..

  11. wow super…

    1. Thnq so much..keep supporting..

  12. Superb ???

    1. Thnq so much..keep supporting..

  13. Guys… be patient… let us please allow the writer to write her ff as per her view…. if you guys ask her about the particular character a lot….. the writer may change the story…. that will not be fair enough… till now everyone loved the ff… just hold your breath until the complete of the story… i had already known the story lol… that was an amazing… hope you guys enjoy lot of twists and romantic horror…. ..
    Amazing thought arshi fan… we all are with you… support you every time… waiting for your next epi… try your best.. good luck!!!

    1. Thnq so much angel..keep supporting me like this..

  14. actually arshi fan i m also a fan of arshi & abhigya

    1. Thats nice to hear hope u’ll like this ff as both are ur favorite..thnq for commenting..

  15. Oh my god oh my’s awesome n superb yaar really it’s interesting yaar

    1. Thnq so much durga..keep supporting..

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