book of mysterious deaths (epi 5)


Helloooo guyzzz…thnqq so muchhh for ur comments and support…I felt very happy after seeing ur comments…guyzz ur asking me for abhigya scenes so I’ll try to keep more scenes between them meanwhile I’ll keep arshi scenes also so that both arshi and abhigya fans will enjoy reading this ff…so let’s go to the epi…

Khushi comes out happily. She goes to lav. lav sees her.
Lav: khushi where u went till now?
Khushi: I went that side.
Lav: I and arnav searched for u everywhere but we didn’t find u.
Khushi: who?
Lav: that accident guy his name is arnav and he became friend of me. U know what khushi he is really a nice guy.
Lav starts complimenting him…khushi gets irritated and asks lav to stop it. Lav feels bad and becomes silent. Khushi says lav that let’s purchase some books. Lav says ok. Arnav watches them from behind and follows them.
Khushi sees one book and goes near that book. She is about to pick that book but arnav picks it. She gives an angry look towards him. He smiles at her. Lav sees him and asks him.
Lav: hey arnav what are you doing here? U said u has work.
Arnav: yes lav but what to do I have more important work here.
Lav: (confused) what? I didn’t get u.
Arnav: actually my work got cancelled in office and I thought to purchase some books so I stayed here.
Lav says ok then arnav goes a side and smiles. Khushi searches for the same book but she didn’t find the same book. She gets sad. Lav asks her not to feel bad as she will ask arnav that book.
Khushi: no lav don’t ask him.
Lav: don’t worry khushi he is a nice person. He will surely give it to u.
Khushi: no lav I don’t want to take from him.
Lav doesn’t listen to her and goes to arnav. She says about that book. Arnav says lav if ur friend want this book let her ask I’ll give it for sure. Lav says but. Arnav asks her what? Lav says nothing ok I’ll tell her. Lav goes to khushi and tells her what arnav said.
Khushi: what???? Me impossible…I’ll never ask him.
Lav: don’t say like that khushi he is not our enemy but our friend.
Khushi: if he is our friend then why is he not giving u book? And he will never become my friend. I m leaving from here if u want to come u can or else u can talk with ur friend.
Lav: khushi first of all be cool and think once before coming here u promised me that u will present that book to me even u felt bad when he took that book. Then y cant u do this small thing for ur friend.
Khushi thinks and heads towards arnav hesitantly. She goes near him and says see Mr. then he says arnav. Khushi says whatever I want that book. Arnav says its looks better when u ask me with a smiling face. She gets irritated and looks towards lav. she requests her. Khushi gives a fake smile and asks him. He gives her that book. Lav smiles. Khushi leaves angrily. Arnav smiles at her. Fb ends. Khushi thinks herself sorry arnav ji I misunderstood u but I never expected that u love me this much. I m lucky to have u. she smiles.

In abhi’s room
Abhi: on 1st day I messaged her to come for restaurant. She said ok. I reserved her one table and waited for her. She came there when I saw her I lost myself. Then I messaged her to sit in table which I booked. She sat there and started looking at each and everyone. I messaged her don’t stare like that I m very close to u…she immediately started seeing for the guyzz who are holding mobile but luckily there are so many ppl holding.
Later she went to washroom I kept a bouquet near her table. She was surprised to see that and messaged me where are you?
I replied I said na if u catch me in these 3 days I will surrender u.
She said how can i? At least u give me a small indication I’ll surely try to catch u.
I said ok I wore black t-shirt. She replied me see now I’ll surely catch u.
She started searching and there are 3 more guys wearing black t-shirt in that restaurant.
Aaliya: wow bhai! How can this be possible?
Abhi: hey aaliya! U know what I saw 3 more guys thats why I gave her that hint otherwise I would have given her some other.
Aaliya: no words bhai! She completely changed u…ok tell me what next?
Abhi: then she went to those 3 guys and started enquiring. I enjoyed her act seeing from distance but then she understood that those 3 guys were not the guys who she was searching. At last she saw me from back.
Aaliya: then did she see u? Did u caught? What did she say? What u said?
Abhi: aaliya aaliya come down I m saying that only.
Aaliya: ok bhai tell me.
Abhi: she saw me from back and headed towards me. She was about to keep her hand on my shoulder but suddenly she got a call. When she was on call I left from there.
Aaliya: bhai! Ur really luck otherwise she would catch u. god saved u.
Abhi: what aaliya? Now only u said I m intelligent again ur talking about luck and god. Actually it’s my plan.
Aaliya: what????
Abhi: yes when she enquired those 3 guys I m sure that she will come to me next so I messaged my friend to call her number and divert her so he called her and diverted her attention from me.
Aaliya: bhai! I m not getting what to say but one thing I have to appreciate her that she gave work to ur brain and laughs.
Abhi: means what? Do u think that I don’t use my brain?
Aaliya: I can’t say that from my mouth as u know very well about urself.
Abhi holds her ears and says day by day ur becoming naughty so now I’ll not leave ur ear.
Aaliya: sorry bhai not like that. We can fight later u continue ur story.
Abhi: ok. That night she messaged me I know ur playing hide & seek with me but remember I’ll surely catch u tomorrow.
I replied her ok good luck. I started thinking deeply about the next place because she is sure that she will catch me. I didn’t sleep that night properly thinking about that. In the morning I got a call from my friend that it was his birthday. I said sorry and wished him. He invited me for party then I got an idea. Immediately I messaged her to attend that birthday party. At first she hesitated but at least she agreed to come there.
Aaliya: but bhai why did u call her to that unknown place?
Abhi: because it will be easy for me to handle her as she can’t suspect anyone so easily.
Aaliya: of course ur right. Ok tell me what happened there?
Abhi: I wished my friend and waited for her. She came there like a beautiful angel coming from heaven. At that time I felt that I should get her love at any cost. Her eyes searching for me…I have sent her a balloon with kid. She asked him about that. He tried to show me but I left from there.
She again messaged how can I catch u in this crowd? It’s very difficult here. I replied her ok I will try to give u some hint after sometime. She said ok.

Later my friend gave different types of masks to everyone. Then he said these are not ordinary masks they are couples masks. And also said that it’s a task to catch ur partner who will have the pair of ur mask. Later u have to dance with ur partner. I started searching who have the pair of my mask then for my surprise I saw pragya with that mask. I’m in cloud nine to see her. I went near her and gave my hand to dance. She hesitated but gave her hand. We both had a lovely dance for some time.
Aaliya: wow bhai!!! Romance!!!
Abhi: no aaliya nothing like that.
Aaliya: I know…ok tell me next
Abhi: After the dance I messaged her thank u for the dance. She gave a shocking expression and replied me is it u?
I said yes I m. she says ok I will catch u. ok try to catch me.
Aaliya: did she catch u? Or did u escaped again? If so how?

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi…guyzz I know some ppl are waiting for my horror and thriller I’ll start that soon but plzz be patient till then and enjoy this love track…I will try to give some more better scenes between arshi and how khushi realized arnav’s love…so plz support arshi scenes too…thnqqq so muchhh each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers to get better story…keep supporting me like this till the end..byeee guyzzz…

Credit to: arshi fan

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  1. Haha… most of the kushi part resembles like you…. lol.. romantic hide and seek… well going… badly waiting for the next epi..

    1. Haha am bit different..anywyz thnq..will update next epi soon

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    1. Haha my pleasure..thnq..keep supporting me..

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  4. karthi srithi

    Abhi is too notty very nice epi

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  6. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superbbbbbbbb…….

  7. Abhigya scenes r awesome dr

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  8. Oooo what to say it is really nice .. Abhigya part is very enjoyable also kushi and asr…. I like ur uff very much…. Pls next episode jaldi upload karonaa… I’m waiting..

    1. Thnq so much..i m happy to see that ur liking my ff so much..will update soon

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  10. Ohhhhhhhhh god it’s really awesome n soooooo cute abhigya scene actually I’m super excited while reading abhigya scene yaar really it’s amazing thn frankly to say I want to continue lk tz only actually I don’t want to have tat horror scenes anyway I don’t b permitted to chance ff track bt u can request u tat even u started ur horror track plzzzzz keep some scenes of our abhigya’s cute scene lk tz yaar…

    1. No worries durga even after thriller track is started their romance will continue so dont feel that u’ll miss abhigya scenes..thnq..keep supporting..

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    Hi can’t control my eagerness ur ff…. you handle both pair equally….

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  12. You… I was reading it in a great eager and you suddenly stopped it. I got irritated , i cant wait till tomorrow.
    But you have a very nice imagination
    cute scenes of arshi and abhigya

    1. Haha if there is a little bit suspense in the last scene u’ll enjoy next epi more…thnq..keep supporting..

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