book of mysterious deaths (epi 49 & 50) the end


Haiiii guyzzz…thnqqq so much for ur comments and support guyzz…guyzzz finally I reached my 49th epi successfully so as a treat I m giving you two epi..its a combined epi of 49 & 50..but feeling sad to say that this is the last part…but no worries guyzz I will come back with season 2…so coming to the story…

Arshi is left in confusion. Abhigya look at each other. Megha is left in thoughts. Girl goes inside and brings them coffee.
Megha: hey if you don’t mind can we take lav’s belongings?
Girl: yeah sure but don’t have her things much except some of her books.
Megha: ok they are enough.
She asks to follow her. They all follow her to one room and observe lav photo with garland. She handovers lav’s things. They all thank her and leave from there.

She closes the door and leaves inside. That room is shown again there beside lav photo girl’s photo is also shown with garland and that mysterious book in shelf.
They come out and wonder what’s happening around them. They leave from there and start thinking what to do next?
Arnav: khushi do you know that lav friend?
Khushi: no arnav ji! lav never said about her.
Arnav: then how to find who is she?
Megha: no worries if we check lav’s social networking site.
Pragya: yes that’s a good idea.
They start surfing net and finally they find her details. All get shocked as she is from Tokyo.
Khushi: oh no!!! This means lav went to Tokyo.
Pragya: yes she went to Tokyo for her story.
Megha: ok why late? Get ready for Tokyo. Our last halt!!!
They leave to Tokyo.

Finally they reach Tokyo and start gathering for jenni but they didn’t get any info about her.
Khushi: I guess if we go to library and search articles, magazines then we can find any clue.
Arnav: are you mad khushi?
Abhi: no no what she said is right if we search like that we can find a way.
Arnav: but it will take time na.
Megha: no arnav ji let’s split and gather info.
He agrees. Megha suggests arshi to go separately. She asks abhi to gather info about jenni. Megha and pragya together leave to another library.
They split and start searching for different articles but didn’t find any clue or something strange. Other side abhi gathers about jenni but he too don’t find any clue.
Finally they get tired and plans to take rest for some time. So they leave to their respective rooms.

Its night
They all leave to restaurant. There they again start discussing about jenni and gets disappointed as they didn’t find her yet. They all finish their dinner and ask for bill. Arnav takes the bill and gets shocked to see name jenni. Abhi asks him what happened. He shows the bill to everyone. They too get shocked. Arnav stands up and goes to search by that time she leaves. They feel bad and leave from there.

Its morning
Abhi wakes up from sleep. He observes pragya sleeping peacefully and smiles. Then he gets a call. He lifts it.
Man: good morning sir!
Abhi: who are you?
Man: yesterday you met me and assigned a work na.
Abhi: what?
Man: don’t you remember me sir? I’m your fan. Yesterday you said na you are searching for a girl. I found her address.
Abhi: really?
Man: yes sir. I will come and give her details.
He thanks him and feels happy. pragya wakes up and sees him happy. She asks him the reason behind his happiness. He shares with her she too gets happy.

Later man gives him address. They all leave to that address immediately. Abhi knocks the door. A girl comes out.
Pragya: are you jenni?
Girl: yes but who are you all?
Megha: we came here to talk something important.
She invites them inside and asks the matter. They ask about lav. she gets shocked.
Girl: no I don’t want to talk anything about her.
They share everything with her and request her to tell everything. She gets touched seeing pragya and agrees.
Girl: I and lav became close friends on facebook. One day she said she wants to write a book on thriller and horror but she didn’t have any idea about her then I suggested her to come here. She agreed and reached here.
Megha: later what happened?
Girl: she used to go to different libraries to read some articles on magazines but one day I took her to one museum there she found one thing interesting.
Khushi: what is that?
Girl: a newspaper.
Megha: what’s there in that?
Girl: they exhibited a newspaper and a description about that. she read that description.
Pragya: what’s that description?
Girl: an unknown newspaper used to circulate in Tokyo city those who read one particular article in that newspaper they will die in 80 days.
All get shocked at once and asks to continue further.
Girl: she got impressed reading that and started collecting details about that finally she wrote a book related to that newspaper.
Abhi: oh no!!!
Arnav: ok we want to go there give the details of that museum.
She agrees. They all leave there. They reach there and read about that newspaper. Finally pragya observes the newspaper and gets shocked to see the same website. She shares this with them. They too gets shocked.

Finally they traced mystery but still don’t understand what to do. Arnav remembers that newspaper name and starts searching in net about that. He reads the article about that. There it’s written so many people read that newspaper and died on 80th day. So that newspaper was banned. They collect the details of that newspaper and leave to meet the person who is the editor of that newspaper.

They leave to that editor’s house. A man opens the door. They ask about that editor. He asks to come inside.
They introduce themselves and ask about editor.
Man: he is my dad but he is no more.
They apologizes him and share their problem.
Man: oh my god! This means again so many lives are in trouble.
Megha: yes so can you help us?
Man: ok tell me what should I do?
Megha: just tell me details how it started?
Man: when I was little I heard secretly my dad sharing this to my mum. One day a lady went to their office for job but she didn’t get selected as her passion is to join in that office she used to go there regularly and requested for a job. But it became a dream. Days started passing one day my dad went to his office like rest of the days but got shocked to see her body. Few months later she cursed that newspaper. Till now no one knows how she died but she only did all these.
All are left in shock.
Abhi: ok do you know any solution to get rid of this.
Man: I don’t know my dad said those who read that newspaper they will be cursed but he also said that there might be a chance who will survive on 80th day from death. They will get rid of them.
They thank him. He asks them to go from that place and try to keep pragya safe on 80th day. They agree and leave from there.

They all reach india. Days start passing. Finally the day comes. Abhi and his family members get worried about pragya. dadi and aaliya leave to temple. arnav and khushi sit near pragya. megha asks abhi not to leave her alone for a single min and leaves as she has to attend important seminar. he agrees.

As time starts passing they get more tensed. Suddenly all slip to sleep. At once abhi wakes up from sleep and remembers about pragya. He thinks how I slept like this. He looks for pragya but doesn’t find her. He gets tensed and searches everywhere for pragya but no use. Arshi too gets worried and go out to search pragya. Abhi too leaves out to search pragya and gets mad about her.

Other side, pragya walks on road. She thinks today I m going to die but I don’t want abhi to see my death as he can’t bear it. He will surely break. Sorry abhi, I don’t want to give you pain so I m leaving. She walks further. Abhi searches for pragya. Finally arshi and abhi meet at one place. They share with him that they didn’t find pragya anywhere. Abhi gets sad.

Suddenly he observes a lady passing he stares her from back and sure that its pragya. pragya in thoughts she looks around and gets shocked to see lav and co. she gets scared. They start coming towards her. abhi calls pragya at once she turns back and sees abhi. She thinks now I should leave from here and she runs from there. Abhi asks pragya to stop but she don’t listen and runs further. They follow her. Suddenly a truck hits her. arshi and abhi left in shock to see pragya. they run to her and tries to wake her but she didn’t. abhi lifts her in his arms and admits her in hospital.

Abhi left in tears. Doctor treats pragya and comes out. Arnav informs megha about pragya’s accident. She gets shocked and leaves to hospital. Abhi asks him about pragya’s condition. Doctor informs him that her condition is serious and he can’t assure until she gain conscious. He gets sad and starts crying.

Later he goes to room and sit near her. He holds her hand and start recollecting memories from the first day he saw her. He cries badly. Megha comes there and feels bad.
Megha: bhai!
He stares at her sadly.
Megha: I know bhabi’s life is at risk but you have to be strong at this weak moment.
Abhi: how can I megha? She is only my strength but now her life is at risk if she don’t gain conscious then we can’t save her anymore.
Megha: bhai! Its already 10 we have only 2 hrs left so we should make her wake up in this time.
Abhi: but how?
Megha: even she is not in conscious whatever you speak to her it will surely reach her sub conscious so now her life is in your hands only. Tell her how much you love her.

Pragya in white dress starts walking. Suddenly lav and co surround her. They smile at her and tell so finally it’s the day you are coming with us. Pragya says no!! I won’t come with you. Leave me. lav says no use you are almost near to death now no one can save you even your husband can’t. She gets shocked and starts moving towards them.
Abhi: pragya!!! Are you listening to me?
Pragya moving but someone holds her hand. She turns back and surprised to see abhi there.

Abhi: I know you will listen to me. You know what pragya when I saw you for the first time I felt like angel came to earth like you. Later when I saw you for the second time I became mad at you. After seeing your helping nature I decided that you are my wife. Since from that day I struggled for your love and spent many sleepless nights as I m scared that you won’t accept me but for my luck you became my wife and loved me more than anyone. So finally I decided one thing pragya I want you to be always with me so if you decide to go then I’ll also come with you wherever you are I’ll be there with you because I love you…I love you forever. He is left in tears.
Pragya is in tears. She moves towards him and hugs. Lav & co gets angry.
Slowly pragya gains conscious and sees abhi crying. She wipes his tears from other hand. He gets happy seeing pragya and kisses on her forehead. Megha and arshi enter inside. They feel happy seeing abhigya. Meanwhile they look in mobile and find it 11:59 pm. At once lav appears in front of pragya. She approaches towards her and about to press her neck. pragya gets scared but time changes to 12 am. Suddenly she disappears. Pragya gets relief and feels happy.
Later pragya gets fine and telecasts this article to save people from that mysterious book. They thank megha and arshi for their efforts. Finally abhigya and arshi lives happily. So our mysterious story ends like this.


I hope you like this end guyzz…first of all I should thank my readers who are supporting me since 1st epi of this ff. a big big thank you to angel, reshma pradeep, durga, krish, nirmal, jo suha, monesha, varsha, varsha, durga, meenu, arshi, nasima, rithu, abhigya, di, sugan, sunaina, emmy, blossom, maha, asmitha, pavithra, tharu, maya, apps, bhoomi, vaisu, pragya, meghna shanti, shruti ravichnadran, angel, sweety, karthu, tarun, kavya, ranveer, isha, aaru, siri, arshi, khushi, lee, shravya, sravani, shree, Rosaline, john, raj, twinkle, gayatri, deepu, fan of ff, varun, karthik, karan, reena, somi, anu, pratyusha, priya, vanitha, silent reader, shivani, pranati, paru, di, love, bindhu, deepa, lekha, mannat, riyashri, myna, loli, nannu, ria, kavs, pavani, kruthi, lucky, khushi, amrutha, ur fan,harry, hari, mahi, meera, sonu and ashu….and silent readers too…sorry if I forget anyone’s name. thanqqq so much for your love. I know you guys feel bad as this ff ended but every end leads to a new beginning so no worries I’ll come back with season 2. Soon I’ll update about that not tomorrow but within 2 days…get ready guyzz…let’s rock…keep supporting like this for my next ff…byeee guyzzz…love u…

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