book of mysterious deaths (epi 48)


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They all reach Delhi and raizada mansion. Nani, anjali and shyam are surprised to see khushi normal again. Nani and anjali hug khushi.
Anjali: I m so happy seeing you like this khushi.
Khushi: ha di! I thought I won’t see you again but for my luck I m with my family members today.
Anjali: but khushi! How you became normal?
Khushi points towards megha. anjali stares at them. She asks about them. Arnav introduces them and shares everything with them. Anjali gets shocked.
Anjali: but I don’t understand how lav cursed?
Arnav: we have to find that only di that’s why we came here.
Anjali: chote! Will lav harm khushi again?
Arnav: maybe she will try to harm but before that we have to know what actually happened.
Anjali: then what ur going to do chote?
Arnav: have to think about that.

Later they make arrangements for abhigya and megha. anjali prepares all favorite dishes of khushi. they all have their lunch and rest on their respective rooms.

Its evening
Arnav goes to abhigya’s room.
Abhi: hey arnav!
Arnav: ha abhi! Get ready let’s go to lav room.
Pragya: but arnav
Arnav: what?
Pragya: if we go there she will create problems there.
Arnav: yes we don’t have any other option to find her truth at least if we get one clue we can find some way.
Abhi: yes ur right but we have to be careful.
He agrees. They all get ready and leave to lav’s room.

They reach to lav’s room. arnav opens the door and enters inside. He switches on the light. He observes the room with dust. They all start moving and search to find some clues.
Meanwhile light goes off. It’s so dark. Arnav says he will get torch from car and leaves. Abhigya, khushi and megha stand at once. Then abhi gets a call from aaliya so he leaves from there.
Now pragya, khushi and megha are left alone in that room.
Megha: bhabi! I will search for candle wait.
Khushi and pragya hold their hands and stand there then suddenly they hear a girl screaming. Both look around them and think that its megha. They start calling megha but she didn’t come.
They again call her but no response so they decide to go there. They slowly move forward and call for megha. Meanwhile pragya takes her mobile to focus.
She asks khushi not to scare and observes her strange. At once she focuses with her mobile on khushi’s face and gets shocked to see lav.She shouts and runs other side.
Khushi starts speaking something to pragya continuously. Suddenly someone places hand on khushi’s shoulder. She says arnav ji did you bring torch and turns back. She is also shocked to see lav’s scary face.
She says pragya come let’s move from here and turns towards her. To her shock it’s also lav. she too moves from there.
Finally arnav comes with torch and calls them but no one responds he moves further then power comes. Lights get on. He finds no one there so he goes to other room and finds megha.
Arnav: hey megha! What are you doing here?
Megha: I came here to search candle.
Arnav: where is rest of them?
Megha: I asked pragya and khushi to stay in front room only. Are they not in that room?
Arnav: no.
Abhi comes there and asks what happened. They tell him about pragya and khushi. they search them and find in other room.
Arnav: ok we have search quickly and should leave from here.
They all search for some clues but didn’t find anything. Finally they all go to first room.
Pragya: I think its waste to search here as we don’t find anything.
Megha: yes bhabi is right we don’t find anything here.
Abhi: then how can we save pragya and rest of them?
Arnav: I m really confused at first I thought lav next book and now that website seems like lav has big connection with that website so we have to find that.
Megha: khushi do you know lav wrote her last book I mean where she wrote it?
Khushi: actually after my marriage lav went to Australia to start a new book. There only she wrote it and sent me in mail.
Megha: ok then if we go to Australia and enquire about this then we can find the roots of this problem.
Arnav: but time is very less.
Abhi: yes tomorrow we should leave to Australia.
They all leave from there.

Its night
They all leave to their rooms and sleep. In the middle of night, abhi places his hand on pragya but he feels no one there so he wakes up and sees her. He then understands pragya is not beside him. He calls for pragya and goes to washroom but didn’t find her. He comes out of room and starts searching for her everywhere but no use.
He gets worried for her as he remembers those deaths and searches everywhere again. Finally he goes to terrace and finds pragya standing at the edge of terrace. Abhi gets shocked to see pragya like that. She is about to jump from there but abhi runs and save her.
Abhi: hey pragya! What happened to you? Why are you doing like this?
Pragya: leave me abhi. Don’t try to stop me.
Abhi: are you mad? We are searching for another way na so don’t do this pragya. Come let’s go.
She pushes him and tries to jump again. He stops her and slaps. She places her hand and looks shocked.
Pragya: what happened abhi? What are we doing here?
Abhi gets shocked. He tries to say something and observes silhouette near wall. He understands everything and takes pragya from there.

Its morning
Megha wakes up and gets ready. She leaves to arshi’s room. She observes both of them getting ready and greets them. They too greet her.
Arnav: what happened megha? Why did you come here?
Megha: I came here to ask you something.
Arnav: what is that?
Megha: do you have that story which lav wrote?
Arnav: actually it should be with khushi.
Khushi: no arnav ji. I have deleted that but what’s the big deal we both wrote same story na.
Megha: yes you are right khushi do one thing carry that with you.
She agrees.

Later they all reach airport and leave to Australia. They reached Australia and move to hotel.
In arshi’s room
Arnav: hey khushi!
Khushi: what arnav ji?
Arnav: do you know where lav used to stay here?
Khushi: yes once she said that she is staying here with her friend.
Arnav: friend?
Khushi: yes arnav ji! Even I don’t know who is that but I just know the address.
Arnav: that’s enough to trace everything. You get ready I’ll inform everyone to get ready.
She agrees.

Later they all get ready and leave to that address which khushi mentioned. Khushi rings the door bell. A girl opens the door and asks about them.
Khushi introduces herself. She asks them to get inside.
Girl: I m so sorry I heard about lav’s death.
Khushi: yes its unexpected incident.
Girl: lav used to tell about you all the time. She loves you so much.
Khushi: yes I know about her.
Girl: ok why you all came here?
Khushi is about to say what actually happened but megha interferes.
Megha: actually we came here for tourism then khushi said she want to see you so we came.
Girl: ok
Khushi: so did you help lav in writing book?
Girl: me?
khushi: yes you only lav said you are good at writings.
Girl: yes but lav didn’t write any book here.
They all are left in shock once.
Arnav: then she said she came here to write book.
Girl: that’s absolutely true but what actually happened is lav left in thoughts about her future book then I suggested her to write a thriller. Later I don’t know what happened she said she is leaving to her friend.
Megha: how many days she stayed here?
Girl: 1 month.
Arshi gets shocked and thinks if she is not in Australia then where was she for the rest of 3 months.
Abhi: do you know where she went?
Girl: no.
Pragya: atleast do you know who is that friend?
Girl: jenni.
They all are left in confusion. Arshi is left in thoughts.

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