book of mysterious deaths (epi 47)


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Pragya and khushi hold their hands tightly. A heavy wind starts blowing. They both are scared as they understood that lav is approaching them.
Pragya: I think now we both are in danger.
Khushi: but we don’t have any other option instead of talking to lav.
Pragya: yes of course but what to do if she tries to harm us?
Khushi: nothing will happen. Just wait let’s talk to her.
Pragya: ok but I m sure she will try to harm us.
Meanwhile lav appears and smiles. Pragya gets shocked seeing her.
Lav: so finally you came by yourself to meet your death.
Pragya: tell me who is she? What you both want?
Lav: your death.
She again laughs at pragya. This time pragya gets more scared and agains repeats the same question.
To her shock she hears a voice from back. She turns back and finds it khushi. She is hell shocked.
Khushi: what are you doing here pragya.
Pragya looks beside her and fake khushi smiles. Khushi too gets shocked. Then she is suddenly changed into the lady whom pragya described in the video.
Both are super shocked and scared to see her. pragya tries to free her hand but she was locked. Khushi too tries to free pragya’s hand but in vain.
Finally she gets freed both of them tries to run from there but they are stopped forcedly by her. Both lav and the lady laugh at them.
Suddenly pragya feels like someone pressing her neck tightly. Khushi observes this and tries to save her but she is pushed aside.
Pragya feels difficult to breathe and loses her grip. She holds the rock which is at the edge of cliff. Khushi observes this and saves her with much difficulty.
Later khushi and pragya runs from there and gets inside car. They leave to their house.

Both khushi and pragya sit silently without talking to each other. Khushi goes to kitchen and bring water for pragya. She drinks it and starts crying.
Khushi: what happened pragya? Why did you go there?
Pragya explains what actually happened and asks how you came there?
Khushi: I woke up to drink water then I saw you are going out alone so I followed you. There I understood you was trapped.
Pragya: yes I know I m in danger but how to save rest of them.
Khushi: don’t worry everything will be alright once we leave Delhi now go and have peaceful sleep.
Both leave to their rooms.

Its morning
All wake up early and they start getting ready to leave to Delhi. Pragya in her starts packing her things. Abhi comes downstairs and sits in sofa.
Other side, arnav and khushi get downstairs with luggage. arnav too sits in sofa. Kitchen leaves to kitchen to prepare coffee.
Arnav: where is pragya?
Meanwhile megha comes there and greets both of them.
Abhi: she is packing her things.
Megha: so arnav ji do you still have lav belongings?
Arnav: no no on that day only we burnt everything.
Megha says ok and khushi brings them coffee.

Other side
Pragya is very busy in packing her stuff. She observes the book and thinks it’s better to leave this book here again this will create problems. She keeps it aside and leaves to washroom.
Inside washroom, without her knowledge she steps on soap and loses grip. She hits to tap and fell down. She faints there and door gets closed.

They all finish drinking coffee and about to leave. Abhi calls pragya but she didn’t respond. He again calls her. They all think why is she not responding and gets worry. Abhi tries to go to room but she comes in opposite.
Abhi: what are you doing pragya? It’s getting late.
Pragya: so sorry abhi. Come let’s leave.
They all leave from there in car.

Pragya gets conscious and comes out of washroom. She observes the room locked and gets worry. She knocks the door and asks to open the door but no one responds. She starts crying and thinks to call abhi. She picks her mobile and tries to call him but didn’t connect. She gets sad and thinks what to do?

In car
They all have some good talk and smiles but pragya remains silent. Abhi observes this and asks her what happened? She says nothing.
Megha suspects her strange behavior and thinks there is something behind pragya’s silence. I have to find that.
Megha: bhabi! Did you bring that book?
Pragya says yes and remains silent again. Megha thinks another plan and starts acting.
Megha: bhai!! Plzz stop the car.
Pragya gets tensed and thinks did she come to know about me or what?
Pragya: what happened megha? why did you ask to stop?
Megha suspects pragya more and says actually bhabi I m feeling like I m getting vomiting so I asked to stop. Pragya gets relief as megha don’t know anything.
Megha gets down from car and acts like vomiting. Later she again gets into car and asks pragya for window seat. She agrees.
They again start. Megha stares at mirror and finds it not pragya but ghost. She gets shocked. She thinks if bhabi is not here then where is she? This means she is in that house only. Oh no! She is in danger I have to go back.
Megha: bhai!!! Stop the car.
Abhi: what happened megha?
Megha: I forgot some important reports at house. I need them immediately.
Abhi: what is this megha? it’s getting late we will miss flight.
Megha: sorry bhai! It’s very urgent.
Pragya tries to stop them in different ways but finally they leave to house. Megha asks them to come inside but they refuse. She runs to pragya’s room and observes it locked. She knocks the door then pragya thinks someone came. She too knocks the door and shouts for help.
Megha calls abhi and lies to him that she didn’t find the papers. She asks him to come for help. He gets inside then megha shares everything. He gets shocked and breaks the door. Finally pragya comes out and hugs him. She starts crying.
They go near car and learn that she disappeared. Finally they reach airport and leave to delhi.

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi…I wish u guyzz don’t feel any kind of bore or drag and guyzz this story will end in three epi…thnqqq so muchhh each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too especially your views on upcoming ff…whatever its new or season 2 I m going to give you the best with same cast… so plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some more comments from silent readers…just leave a comment if u feel worth even it’s a single word it means a lot for me…keep supporting…bye guyzz…

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