book of mysterious deaths (epi 46)

Haiii guyzzzz…thnqqq so much for your comments and support…I m not sure of this ff at what epi it will end but only very part left let’s see and guyzzz I have already thought a story but I want your opinions whether I have to start new ff or season 2. Acc to your comments I’ll do small modifications but everyone should comment for this…so coming to the story…

Pragya says website. They all left in shock and confused.
Megha: what? What website it is?
Pragya: I can’t say what is that website but I can tell one thing death is not in this book but in that website.
Khushi: what? I can’t believe it.
Pragya: I know no one can believe but this is only truth. Book is just to show the way for death but that website only responsible for everything.
Abhi: ok tell me I’ll go through that website.
Pragya: no those who see that they will be cursed and they appear after seeing that.
Arnav: what? Lav only na doing all these?
Pragya: lav is one among them.
All gets shocked and thinks then who is doing all these.
Megha: bhabi! At least tell me what you saw on that website?
Pragya: no I am not ready to say anything about it.
Megha: plzzz bhabi! Trust me once you reveal what’s there in that website no one will try for that.
They all start requesting her. At first she refuses later she agrees as they assured her.
Fb begins.

Pragya finishes the book and turns the next page and find it empty. She thinks why is this page empty? and turns further but she didn’t find that page. Then she kept it aside and left in thoughts about the story and book.
Suddenly heavy wind starts blowing. She observes the window making sound and goes to close it. Then book gets open and pages moves due to wind.
pragya closes the door and observes book is open. She is about to close but she finds that page.
She reads it and it’s written that “to get the full story details check the following website”.
She thinks what it’s written like this let me check that site once so I can understand what’s happening.
She brings her lappy and searches for that website. At first that website shows error then she again types it.
Then that website shows warning sign but she clicks on accept then it opens. She observes a video there in that site and thinks what might be this video and why there is no story?
She again thinks maybe they kept this story in the form of video let me go through it. She plays it and starts watching.

A girl places her head on knees and sits on floor which is at long distance. She wears a long black dress with long hair which falls on front.
Pragya thinks who is she? Why she sat like that? Now video zooms and moves to close up. She at once lifts her head up.
Pragya gets shocked at once as her face is not visible but only her eyes are visible which are red in color. He face is completely covered with hair.
Pragya gets scared seeing her. She stands up and moves forward. Pragya is freaked out seeing that and starts sweating. She starts speaking something in an unknown language.
Pragya doesn’t understand anything but at once she feels like severe head pain hearing her words.
She tries to close her ears but still she hears that so loudly then she tries to shut down the laptop but lock button doesn’t work.
Her head pain starts increasing and feels like her head is breaking into pieces so she rushes to wash room and closes her ears with cotton but still it continues.
Few min later that video ends and pragya becomes normal. She comes out and thinks what is this video? I thought story will be there but there is some other thing whatever its better to leave it.
Fb ends.
All are again left in shock. arnav says who might be she? What does she want?
Abhi: maybe she only cursed lav. we have to find about her.
Megha: I m sure bhai! She only did all this but we have to know where it all started and what’s happening then only we can save bhabi.
Abhi: yes once we leave to Delhi we can get some clues.
They all leave to their rooms and sleep.

Its midnight
Pragya wakes up to drink water then she observes a note near her table. She opens it and reads finally you revealed the reason behind deaths. for this you don’t expect how much you are going to pay but surely I’ll take all lives. I’m not going to leave anyone.
She gets shocked at once and thinks what will she do now? No one should get harmed I have to do something. What to do now? She reads it further. I know you will think how to save them but don’t think that because now they came to know about me so they are also cursed.
Pragya gets worried reading this and cries. She leaves the room and sits in sofa. She again reads it and left in thoughts.
Suddenly someone places hand on pragya’s shoulder. She gets scared and turns back. It’s khushi.
Khushi: what happened pragya? Why you sat here at this time?
Pragya: nothing khushi. I’m not feeling sleepy so I came here.
Khushi: even I am also not getting sleep so I came here.
She also sits in sofa and observes pragya sweating and thinks what happened to pragya? why is she looking tensed? She observes that note in pragya’s hand.
Khushi: what is that in your hand pragya?
Pragya: nothing khushi.
Khushi: there is something pragya ur trying to hide from me. what is that tell me?
Pragya thinks what if khushi comes to know about this she may target her meanwhile khushi grabs the note from pragya’s hand and and reads it. She gets shocked seeing that. pragya starts crying.
Khushi: hey pragya! plz don’t cry. She can’t do anything.
Pragya: no khushi! Now she came to know everything so she will target everyone.
Khushi: I can understand ur worry. Ok let’s do one thing.
Pragya: what?
Khushi: let’s call lav and ask about her.
Pragya: no khushi! if we call her our lives will be in risk and she won’t say anything to us.
Khushi: at least let’s try once.
Pragya: but I think it’s not right khushi.
Khushi: we don’t have any other option and at least we should try na to save them.
Pragya: yes but what will we do now?
Khushi: come let’s go out.

Khushi and pragya slowly leaves from there. They reach a high cliff and learn that it’s so dark and lonely too. Khushi and pragya gets scared.
Pragya: seems this place is dangerous khushi.
Khushi: yes but lav will come here so wait.
Suddenly heavy wind starts blowing. They hold their hands tightly and starts looking around.

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi…sorry guyzz I m not feeling well so gave small update…hope you understand…I wish u guyzz don’t feel any kind of bore or drag…thnqqq so muchhh each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted on my new ff and just comment whether u want new ff or season 2…expecting some comments from silent readers…just leave a comment if u feel worth even it’s a single word it means a lot for me…keep supporting me like this…byeee guyzzz…

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  2. Beautiful episode though it is short worth reading take care of your health if possible write two episodes together

  3. Firstly go to doctor and make sure your health all set…. after that you can think about the story…..

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