book of mysterious deaths (epi 45)


Haiiii guyzzz…it’s my 45th epi…thnqqq so muchhh for ur comments and support…I know you enjoyed the twist in last epi but today is not the last epi as still there is few story left…so coming to the story…

Khushi gets shocked and steps backward. She loses her grip and falls from there. Khushi is severely injured. Lav sees her and smiles.
Shyam comes there and gets shocked. He takes her and admits in hospital. Fb ends.

All are left in shock once. They don’t understand anything.
arnav: I thought she is doing all these to take revenge as she didn’t get me but I was wrong.
Abhigya: even we thought the same but how is she cursed? And who cursed her?
Megha: what khushi said was right she is cursed that’s why she is taking many lives so now we have to find how she is cursed.
Abhi: yes let’s try to find that but how to find that?
Arnav: if we leave to her room then we will find a clue.
Khushi: but arnav ji we collected all the things on that day na? So what will we find there?
Arnav: yes khushi but we left her belongings there only so we may find something in that.
Megha says yes tomorrow let’s leave to Delhi then. They agree.

In arshi room
Khushi starts doing all things and packs the luggage. Arnav observes her busy in packing.
Arnav: what are you doing khushi?
Khushi: tomorrow we are leaving to Delhi na so I am packing.
Arnav: is it necessary to do? Maid will do it na
Khushi: what’s wrong in that arnav ji I m packing our things only na.
Arnav: whatever just now you recovered so take rest.
He takes the things from her hand and makes her sit.
Khushi: arnav ji!! I am fine. Let me do it.
Arnav: khushi I said na take rest.
Khushi: what arnav ji you don’t allow me to do anything and still treat me like a kid?
Arnav: you are always a kid to me so you need not to do all these.
She smiles and hugs him.

Other side
Abhi is on call. He shares all the incidents with aaliya. She gets shocked and asks him to be careful. He says ok and asks her to take care of dadi. She says ok and cuts the call.
He leaves to his room. He says hey pragya! I came but he didn’t find her. He again calls pragya and searches in washroom but didn’t find her there. He goes to balcony but she is not there too. He gets tensed and goes to terrace but didn’t find. So she searches everywhere but no use. He gets more tensed and thinks lav did something.

At last he leaves to kitchen and finds her there. She is busy in preparing dishes.
Abhi: hey pragya! you here I m searching for you everywhere.
Pragya: ha abhi I m cooking as khushi became normal so we have to celebrate na.
Abhi: pragya!!!
She is busy in cooking so doesn’t so unable to stare him.
Abhi: look at me once.
Pragya: what abhi?
He takes her face in his hands and says how sweet you are!! Even you are still having problem but doing all these.
Pragya says I know I m in pragya but when I read that book I got attached to khushi so now I m so happy for her that’s why I m preparing all these.
He gets touched and kisses on her forehead and hugs her. pragya says ok let me do my work if we continue this then I can’t finish it.
He agrees and leaves from there.

Megha is in thoughts. She starts recollecting all the incidents from beginning. She tries to connect all of them but misses something.
She thinks there is some connection what is that I m missing? She comes out of her room and sits in sofa. She again starts thinking. Abhi comes there and observes her thinking something.
Abhi: hey megha! what are you thinking deeply?
Megha: nothing bhai! About lav only I was thinking.
Abhi: tomorrow we are leaving to delhi na so no problem we will get a hint there.
Megha: you are right bhai if we go there we can find only how lav cursed? Who cursed her? but you forgot main thing.
Abhi: what is that?
Megha: book of mysterious deaths.
Abhi: what? I didn’t get u.
Megha: I mean still its left mysterious what was there in that last page.
Abhi: yes ur right megha I forgot about that but how will we know what’s there in that?
Megha: only bhabi can tell what’s there in that or else we should get similar book.
Abhi: both are impossible.
Megha: no bhai! I have a plan to make bhabi reveal the truth.
Abhi: what’s that?
Megha: I’ll tell you. She shares her plan with him. He agrees.

Its night
Someone knocks the door. But no one goes to open the door. They still continue to ring the door bell. Pragya hears it and comes to downstairs.
She observes abhi going to open the door. She stands there. Abhi opens the door and finds no one here. He closes the door.
Pragya: what happened abhi? Who knock the door?
Abhi: I didn’t find anyone there. May be they came to wrong address so left.
Pragya: ok leave that. Come let’s have dinner.
Abhi agrees. They both about to go to dining then again door bell rings. This time both abhi and pragya leaves to open the door.
Abhi opens the door and finds no one but he finds a gift box. Abhi and pragya give strange look to each other. He picks the gift and looks around but doesn’t find anyone. they both leave inside.

Arshi and megha reach there. They ask about the gift but abhi says he doesn’t know who sent that. He opens the gift and finds that mysterious book. They all get shocked. Pragya too gets shocked.
Megha and abhi look at each other. Arshi gets confused as they are unaware of that
Abhi: who might have sent this book?
Khushi: I am sure lav only sent this book to target someone else.
Pragya thinks oh no! why lav sent this book again? Is this because I scratched last page? Is she planning to kill someone here? No I have to stop them from seeing that last page.
She grabs the book from abhi’s hand and says you have already read na then what’s the need of reading this book again.
Megha: but bhabi no one saw that last page except you so let me see that. Give that book.
Pragya: no megha. that’s not so important.

Abhi, arshi and megha asks her for book but she refuses to give it. She opens the book.
Abhi grabs it from her hand and starts reading. She gets tensed and takes it. She stares at that page and learns that it’s the same book which she scratched that page.
Pragya: why you planned like this abhi? I was really scared if something happens to u.
Abhi: I did this only to make you realize that if you don’t share what’s there in that page then how will you save some lives from danger?
Pragya is left in thoughts.
Megha: yes bhabi! if you reveal what’s there in that we can at least find a way for lav’s solution.
Pragya: yes but that’s not related to lav that’s why I felt unnecessary.
Megha: what?
Abhi: first tell me what’s there in that last page?
Pragya: website.
They all left in confusion and shock too…

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Mannat I can understand your intention but I was busy these days so unable to give updates..hope you understand and support me as always and coming to ur doubt lav is ghost and she is cursed so she selected a way to kill ppl through books …lav only called her like editor..i wish you understood..thnq so much..

Krish you need not say sorry as I can understand everyone is busy with their own works…yes I m elder to you last yr I have completed my graduation and I don’t mind if you ask this kind of questions. You can call me sis…thnq so much for such a sweet comment..keep supporting…

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Guyzzz epi ends here…plzz do comment and share your opinions…I wish u like this epi..keep supporting as alwayzz…byee guyzz…

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