book of mysterious deaths (epi 42 & 43)


Haiii guyzzz…thnqqq so much for ur comments and support…I know some of you will feel bad as its going to end but every story has its end na so let it end and seriously guyzz if u want me to come with another ff I’ll surely try to be back with one more ff…and shruthi ravichandran I considered your request so I m posting two episodes…42 & 43…so coming to the epi…

Megha leaves to check secret camera. Arnav and abhi hide in wash room. pragya sits in the room and looks around. She waits. Its 1 hr they didn’t come…2hrs..they didn’t come…
pragya thinks why they didn’t come today? they should come by this time na what’s happening? If they don’t come abhi will surely think it’s my imagination even he will blame megha also. But why only today they didn’t come? I guess they came to know our plan that’s why they didn’t . She gets up.

Suddenly someone places hand on pragya’s shoulder. She says ha abhi! I know you will think it’s my imagination but trust me today only they didn’t come. May be they came to know about this that’s why they didn’t come.

She turns back and gets shocked as there is no one at her back. She looks around but she finds no one in that room. She sweats and moves forward to check behind curtains but doesn’t find anyone. She thinks is this my imagination? Or did really someone touched me?

Megha thinks what they didn’t come? I should go to that room. Maybe they didn’t come as they are aware of my plan but that’s ok no problem. I will think some other and will surely expose what they are doing. She leaves to room.

Megha comes there. Pragya sees her.
Pragya: megha they didn’t come today but trust me they are really haunting.
Megha: I know bhabi u need to say this much and u don’t worry I’ll plan some other.
Pragya: but if we plan like this I guess they don’t come to us.
Abhi and arnav come there from wash room.
Abhi: they will not come pragya because they are in ur imagination but not in reality.
Pragya: abhi plz listen to me they will come but today I don’t know why they didn’t come.
Megha: bhai! What bhabi said was right. I guess they are aware of this but give me time I’ll plan some other and show them.
Abhi: leave it megha. Do something to make pragya normal again.
Arnav: not like that abhi. May be pragya and meha are saying truth because I know very well about lav she is very intelligent.
Abhi: whatever I m not sure about all these. Come let’s leave from here.
(guyzzz I know abhi is behaving like in real kb as he need only proofs to trust pragya ha ha ha…but to extend some story I planned like this)
They all leave from that room. Suddenly a silhouette appears near the window and disappears.

Arnav takes megha to khushi’s room. She observes khushi sitting in wheel chair. She checks her pulse and heart beat.
Megha: arnav ji! Can I see khushi’s reports once?
Arnav: yeah sure! Wait I will bring them.
She says ok. Abhi and pragya looks at khushi and feels bad.
Pragya: is there any chance megha to make khushi normal again?
Megha: not sure but there may be a chance and without seeing her reports I can’t come to any conclusion.
Abhi: you are right but at least can you guess why did she get this position?
Megha: no!! We can’t guess like that but I understood that she had a severe head injury and before that she was in deep shock.
Pragya: then how can we find that?
Megha: let me see her reports later we can find a way for this problem.
Arnav brings khushi’s reports and handovers to megha. She starts looking at the reports and reads them. She completely understands her situation.

megha goes near khushi and holds her hands.
megha: hai khushi! I am megha…
khushi remains same like before and doesn’t respond.
Megha: oh u doesn’t know me na I am a psychiatrist.
Still she remains same. Megha looks back and watches arnav and abhigya. She again turns towards khushi.
Megha: I am lav’s friend from Australia.
At once khushi blinks her eyes. All observes this and gets shocked. Arnav is surprised to see her. Megha understands and further continues.
Megha: lav used to share everything about you when she is in Australia. Later she returned India but unfortunately she passed away and made everyone sad.
Megha observes khushi and finally understands that lav is khushi’s medicine. She is sure that khushi wants to share something but she is not in a position to express.
Megha: okay khushi. I will take rest and will talk later.

She leaves from the room. arnav and abhigya follow her.
Arnav: what’s her condition? Will my khushi be normal again?
Megha: don’t worry arnav there are chances to make khushi normal again but for this we need to keep some efforts.
All feel happy listening to her words.
Arnav: ok what should we do now to make her normal again?
Megha: I will think today and will tell u.
They agree and leave to their rooms.

Its night
In abhigya’s room, pragya thinks about that morning’s incident and talks to herself what arnav said was right that lav is very clever but when she will come I will prove abhi.
Abhi comes there and asks what happened pragya? What are you thinking?
As pragya is already anger at him she says nothing abhi. I m feeling drowsy so I’ll sleep..gudnyt…
Abhi understands the reason behind her anger and grabs her towards him. She asks what are you doing?
Abhi: pragya I know why you are angry on me but listen to me once.
Pragya: what do you want to say mr. abhishek mehra? You are not ready to listen anything or trust my words without proofs then why should I listen to u?
Abhi: pragya….don’t talk like that.
Pragya: oh sorry!!!! if I talk like this you will more anger right. Ok I’ll…
He kisses her at once as she doesn’t talk further. She gets shocked.
Pragya: what you did abhi?
Abhi: what’s wrong in that pragya? I have kissed my wife to control her anger.
Pragya: what if anyone see? And I’ m not angry at u.
Abhi: you are my wife dear so I can kiss u whenever I want. for this I don’t need to think about others.
Pragya: day by day u r becoming naughty.
Abhi: oh madam! If any guy has beautiful wife like u then he will be like this only.

She blushes. He hugs her and says I m sorry pragya I shouldn’t have reacted like that in morning but listen to me once whether they are real or imaginary I will be always there for you to protect so don’t bother about them. Pragya feels happy at his words and hugs him back.

Other side
In arshi room, arnav holds khushi’s hand and stares at her.
Arnav says in these 2 yrs, today I felt really happy khushi as you reacted for the first time. a small hope created that you will become normal again. If u becomes normal again that’s enough for me I don’t need anything in this life.
Abhigya and megha came here as blessing to make you normal. Once you get normal, we should help them and save pragya from lav. he feels happy.

In megha’s room
She starts reading some books and goes through net to learn some techniques for similar cases. She thinks I have to implement my plans as soon as possible and will try to make khushi normal otherwise bhabi’s position will become worse. Before this I should prove bhai that they are haunting her but how? She is thoughtful.

In abhigya’s room, abhi wakes up and leaves to washroom. Pragya is in sleep. Suddenly someone takes her name and makes her wake up. She looks around and doesn’t find anyone. She again goes to sleep but again someone wakes her up. She says who are you? What do you want? But she doesn’t find anything and everything seems normal. She shouts again why are you playing hide & seeks like this? if you have dare come in front of me don’t play this kind of games.

Suddenly they appear in front of her. They say these are not hide & seek game but your death games. She gets scared and screams. Abhi, arnav and megha hear the sounds. Abhi tries to come out of room but door gets closed. Other side, megha and arnav rushes to her room but even that door too gets closed.

She asks why are you doing this? I know lav you are only doing all this but tell me what you will get doing all these? Abhi tries to open the door. Megha and arnav too tries to open the door. They say you never answer for your question. After your death you will join us and take some more lives. She gets shocked at their words. She steps backward they approach towards her.

They start pressing her neck she tries to free from them meanwhile abhi breaks the door and comes to her and gets shocked to see pragya pinned to wall and was trying to free. He was about to go near her but was hell shocked. He stands there like a statue as he observes their shadows on wall which appears in mirror he looks at that but feels nothing strange. He again stares in mirror he finds their shadows on wall.

He immediately rushes to her and makes her free. She coughs and feels restless. He gives her water and makes her sit. Then opens the door megha and arnav enters inside and asks what happened? He shares everything with them. They get shocked at his words. Abhi hugs pragya and apologizes for his mistake. She ignores it. He makes her sleep and remembers the mirror incident. Arnav and megha asks him to take care of pragya and leaves from there.

Megha thinks finally bhai came to know the truth by himself so he will take care of her from them. She leaves to her room and sleeps.

Its morning
Megha calls arnav and abhigya to their room.
Abhi: what megha? Why did you call here?
Megha: bhai! We know very well about khushi’s condition. I have a plan to make her normal again but not through medicines or some kind of treatment.
Arnav: then how?
Megha: she has only fear that is lav and only love that is you. So if we try to make her believe that lav is going to harm you then she will surely try to respond and will come at you risk.
Arnav: yes but will this plan work?
Abhigya: yes this is only correct plan to make khushi normal again.
Megha: trust me it will work first do what I say. She shares her plan.

Its night
Arnav gets ready and talks to khushi. He says hey khushi! You know what today I m taking you out to spend some time with you. I even know you might think what place is that it’s a surprise come let’s leave. They both leave in car.

Abhigya and megha too follows them. They reach a high cliff. Arnav starts talking to khushi. megha and abhigya hide near a tree and watches everything. Khushi sits in wheel chair. Arnav starts moving forward suddenly a girl comes whose face is not shown. She calls arnav.

He turns back and gets shocked. Its lav. he says lav!!!! khushi hears this and blinks her eyes again. He says lav!!! What do you want? Why did you come here? She says i love you arnav and I only want u. come with me. khushi watches all this. He says have you gone mad lav? she says I love you arnav I will go to any extent to get you so come with me. he say no lav.

She smiles and says what arnav? You are saying no. I don’t need your permission whatever happens you are mine and will take you. Arnav says no and steps backward. Khushi watches this and suddenly comes to her senses. She pushes him from cliff.

Khushi shouts arnav ji! and runs from there. They all get happy seeing her. But khushi goes near the edge and shouts arnav ji!!!! She starts crying.

Angel u no need to help my friend they also know very well about DA and enough of this wait..Today I will mention my name in credits…

Epi ends here…sorry guyzzz I thought to reveal what happened to khushi but I was unable to reveal as I planned upto here for today…hope u guyzz understand and like this epi…thnqqq so muchhh each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…and due to lack of time I was unable to comment each and everyone but still I will take each and everyone’s request into consideration so plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers…just leave a comment if u feel worth even it’s a single word it means a lot for me…keep supporting me like this…byeee guyzzz…

Credit to: anjali

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