book of mysterious deaths (epi 41)

Haiii guyzzz…thnqqq so much for ur sweet comments and supporting…I m really happy at ur response for this ff but feeling bad as its going to end soon even I m not sure it will go for 45 epi but still I don’t want to drag so I’ll write it accordingly what I have planned…ok coming to the story…

Megha lands shimla and reaches to arnav’s mansion. She observes everything around the house and enters inside. She calls abhi bhayya!! Arnav comes out.
Arnav: who are you?
Megha: I m megha, psychiatrist. I came here for abhi bhayya and pragya bhabi.
Arnav: oh hai! They said about you even I m also waiting for your arrival.
Abhi and pragya come there. They both greet her. She greets them too.
Abhi: he is only mr. raizada.
Megha: I know bhai. We both had introduction just now.
Abhi: he too has a problem. U should try to solve it.
Megha: why? What happened?
Pragya holds megha’s hand and takes to khushi’s room. megha stares khushi and gets shocked.
Megha: what happened to her? Seems like she is in shock?
Arnav: yes she is in shock since 2 years.
Megha: what? How did she get this condition?
Arnav explains everything what happened. She says ok I will try to treat her. he feels happy.
Pragya: why did you call megha? what do you want to say?
Megha: ha bhabi..i m so sorry I thought ur suffering with psychological problem but no what you said is right. They are haunting u.
All are shocked at megha’s words.
Abhi: How can you say like that? Did you see them?
Megha: if u watch this CD u will understand what’s happening to bhabi.

They both leave to room and keeps CD. It starts playing. Abhi, arnav and pragya watch it with concentration but they don’t find anything strange.
Abhi: what is this megha u r making fun of us?
Megha: what happened bhai? What’s there to fun?
Arnav: there is nothing strange in this video. Everything is normal.
Megha: wait! I will explain you clearly.
She goes near tv and place her hands. she starts explaining see in the beginning everything seems normal but suddenly bhabi’s actions changed she started asking them not to come. In bhabi’s foreground curtains are moving as if heavy wind blowing.
Abhi: what’s there in that due to fan its moving for this ur saying as pragya is seeing them.
Megha: no bhai! Listen to me once. U’ll understand everything.
Abhi: ok tell me.
Megha: observe her background everything seems normal and curtains are not moving. If its because of fan then curtains should move in any place. Now observe they surrounded bhabi from all side so bhabi is looking around and asking not to do anything. See the curtains now in background too they are moving.
Abhi: still I can’t believe as I m not sure of this
Arnav: ur right megha. This means they are really haunting her but what’s the need? Why to do like this? And who is doing this? I guess its lav only.
Pragya: yes I m sure lav only did this. But I don’t understand then whom I saw with R locket?
Arnav gets shocked at once hearing this and asks what?
Pragya: yes I saw a girl with R locket who attempted to kill me.
Arnav: no doubt lav is only doing all this. But why is she taking so many live like this?
Abhi: how can you say its lav?
Arnav: I will tell u how. Fb begins.

One day lav and khushi go to raizada mansion. They both greet anjali and go to arnav’s room. They see him busy in doing some work.
Lav: khushi how will manage arnav after marriage if he is always busy like this?
Khushi: stop it lav! He loves and cares me a lot.
Lav: ok let’s see.
Khushi: hai arnav ji!
Arnav stares at her and says hey khushi! What a surprise! Get inside. He keeps all his files aside and goes to them.
Lav: hey arnav! What’s this yar? It seems like you are always busy with your office work.
Arnav: no lav! nothing like that.
Lav: I m really worried about khushi as you find time for her or not after marriage.
Arnav: lav! I know ur intentionally planning for something. Ok tell me what you want to do now?
Khushi: let’s play games arnav ji.
Arnav: what? Are you mad khushi?
Lav: what’s wrong in that arnav? Come let’s play and will see how much time you will spend.

He agrees. Khushi decides to play chess. But lav says not for fun but let’s keep something as bet. arnav says ok then. He opens wardrobe and brings a box. He opens the box and shows a chain with R locket.
Arnav: it not an ordinary chain but raizada’s reputation. My dad gave this to me so I’ll give to them who win this.
At first arnav and lav play the game. Lav wins then khushi and arnav starts playing. He intentionally makes khushi win. Later lav and khushi plays and khushi wins. Arnav presents the chain to khushi but she makes lav wear it.
Lav: hey khushi! What are you doing?
Khushi: I know lav u intentionally lost it and made me win. Even arnav ji lost for me to win. I m really lucky to have both of u as u always wanted me to win. Thank u so much for this love.
They both hug her. fb ends.

Pragya: wow! so sweet of u both but I don’t understand if lav used to love this much then why she needs to do all these?
Arnav: even I don’t understand.
Abhi: I can’t believe this video first.
Megha: bhai! I’ll prove you that they are haunting bhabi and let’s see whether lav is there in that or not.
Abhi: but how megha?
Megha: see what I m going to do now?

She goes to one room and starts fixing secret cameras and arranges curtains in that room. She places mirrors behind the curtains and makes the room dark. Lastly she arranges a small red bulb in that room.
She asks arnav and abhi to stay in wash room and let pragya alone will stay in that room. abhi refuses but megha requests him to do as she says. He agrees. Megha leaves to watch secret camera.

Precap: khushi shouts arnav ji!!!

Riyadcruz I am already planning for that only its going to be revealed almost within 1 or 2 epi..thnq so much keep supporting…

Arshi, monesha, chery, ishveer, kavya, sonu, suha, khushi, hari, ammu, shravya, twinkle, raj, shriti, anu, ranveer, durga, reshma, aaru, sonika, meera, priya, somi, sugan, deepu, blossom, gayatri, sweety, tarun, ria, shivani, lee, spandana, reena, shree, isha, bindhu, pratyusha a big big thank uuuuuu to all of u guyzz for ur sweet comments and wonderful support..keep on reading and support me like this…

Fan of ff, shruthi ravichandran I know u guyzz will be waiting for on Saturday they didn’t accept any new article and on Sunday I was little bit busy so it became late. Forgive me and thnq so much for ur support..keep reading..

Varsha I m about u? and I thought to make them part but I felt like I cant give any imp to ishra so I quit their characters but anyhow u’ll enjoy the way how they are going to find the truth..thnqq so much..keep supporting as alwyzzz…

Varshavenkat yes ofcrse lav seriously wanted to kill lav but u have question that why? U will get to know why in the next episode so be patient..keep supporting like this..thnq so much such a sweet comment..

Meenu don’t be sorry I can understand when my regular readers don’t comment it means they might be busy with some other work and thnq so much for remembering and commenting..keep supporting…

Angel I know u’ll read it at nyt regularly but I m glad that u don’t scare for ghost even u see them..;) thnqq so much…keep supporting..

Mannat I can understand your eagerness and intention behind this suggestion so need not to be sorry and I m going to reveal answers for some of ur questions in the next epi so be patient and support me like alwayzz…thnq so much..keep reading…

Epi ends here…I wish u guyzzz like this epi and guyzz I know u may feel little bit drag or bore but still I request you to be patient as its going to end soon so only very few epi left to reveal the mystery till then be patient…and in tomorrow’s epi u will get to know the reason why lav is trying to kill khushi????? plzzz do comment and share your opinions…keep supporting…bye guyzz…


  1. Suha


    |Registered Member

    you are amazing yaar . what a epi..its really sad to hear that this is going to end.. but no matter i know you’ll be always with us to share your creative imaginations.

  2. Deepa

    Di, I am a regular reader of ur ff.not only this but also your previous one . But I am a silent reader. But today I wanted to comment .it is really worthy.your ff is better not better but best than the regular stories like balika badhu , kkb etc..keep it up di.

  3. myna

    Amazing dr but sad that u are going to end this. I know There is a happy ending of every story na so consoles myself. Eagerly waiting for next epi and after ending this ff hope u come back soon with another rocking ff. … Love ur ff arshi fan

  4. ashu

    Wowww awesome but feeling bad as its going to end. I miss this ff a lot but i wish you will come back with another interesting ff.

  5. Krish


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    sryyyyyy yaar i was not able to comment ur previos epiiiii……….nd wat is tis yaaarrr ur gonnaa end it soonn nooooo ya plssss contiue…………….nd todays epiiii was awesommmmeeeeeeee…………nd one qestn if lav is atackng kushi ther may be some reason but y pragya????kk ther may be somethng i ll wait fr nxt epiiiii…………i wont force u to contiue tis ff but plssssssssssssss yaar come up with new ff soooon plsssssssssssssssss yaar im very much atached to ur ff so plss………………….very egarly waitng fr te nxt epiii……………..

  6. twinkle

    Hey arshi fan!!!! Its really awesome epi yar pls try to continue till 50 epi and after this start another horror story. I will support u always.

  7. Ammu


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    Arshi fan
    You are breaking my head
    Suspense is awesome.
    No words to explain your writing…
    Upload soon arshi

  8. kavya

    Di u know very well that i am a big fan of this ff but i dont know how to digest that this ff is going to end. Pls come back with another amazing ff.

  9. Varsha

    Hai sweety…i fine..hope u too fine…megha explains the way they haunting prags was nice…..and prags in alone at room OMG!!! I am tensed abt it yaar…i guess lav is haunted Khushi for Arnav…but I am not sure….but y she is doing with prags and other…u already told u will reveal at 1 or 2 epi….eagerly eagerly…… Waiting for the next one….and I am feel sad that this ff going to end?…. miss u my dear?

  10. tarun

    Di pls dont do that i am badly addicted to your ff do something or start one more horror ff. I seriously wanted this kind of ff from u and this episode is awesome.

  11. Mannat


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    Again an awesome epi. I know arshi fan I m in mid of 2 points. I don’t want this ff to end but also want to know mystery ……. well awesum epi and thank I for understanding my point .
    Love u and ur ff

  12. Loli


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    You are going to finish it ah ??feeling sad arshi…about episode its awesome…waiting for next epi

  13. VarshaVenkat


    |Registered Member

    Megha explained na… was actually unexpected… dat is d way she noticed d movement if Window curtains was really unexpected….n d way megha came up with a strategy ,really proves her presence of mind…..loved meghas role…..also prags in dat room…..omg….acc to d precap….will kushi speak??y is it dat lav wanna hurt prags???is it really lav hurting prags??

  14. Meenu

    Kushi came out of the shock ??OMG wow I am so excited 😀
    Wat is going to happen next?? Eger to know the truth
    Thank you for understanding me

  15. Shruthi Ravichandran

    Its really nice episode.can u pls update 2marrow episode fast as much u can.thanks for amazing ff

  16. khushi

    Wow khushi is going to be fine in next. I m really excited for next episode. Post it soon.

  17. ranveer

    Sorry yar i was unable to comment so early as i went to friend’s birthday party but what is this yar? You decided to end this ff soon don’t do that. If you do that then the next day itself start one more ff with an interesting theme.

  18. aaru

    Hey friend. Very nice episode i enjoyed it and i am still clueless about the mystery. Waiting for your next epi

  19. fan of ff

    No yar pls dont end this ff i love this ff so much but promise me if you finish it then you should come back with this kind of ff. I love your ff a lot.

  20. raj

    Superbbbb…love this episode and cant imagine what will happen to pragya? And how khushi became normal? Update soon

  21. ria

    Arshi fan you really gave me shock saying this ff is going to end dont do that yar. I really love this ff.

  22. Maya


    |Registered Member

    Suga shocked!!!! That’s me when u said the ff is gg to end!!! but its ok I mean u know when to end and not…we cant really stop ur flow of thoughts in writing. So till the end I shall just enjoy what u r writing!

  23. ANGEL

    Now the final twist left it seems… amazing one arshi fan….. for some guys they needed the name right… I’m going to reveal a hint… the writer name starts with D…. but we call with the letter A…:-)

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