book of mysterious deaths (epi 4)


Haiiii guyzz…thnqq so muchhh for ur comments and support…guyzzz some ppl are having doubt whether arshi married or not…yes they are married and arnav is making khushi remember their memories before marriage…on other side abhigya are going to marry…hope u guyzz understand..Ok let’s go to the epi…

Khushi and lav reach book exhibition. They start seeing different books and discussing about them…arnav reaches there with his friend. Lav is amazed to see arnav and lost in him. She continuously stares at him. Khushi sees lav and thinks what happened to lav. she asks lav then she points her finger towards one direction. Khushi turns and shocked to see arnav there.
Khushi: what this guy? What was he doing here?

Lav: I said na khushi I’ll find him but for my luck he only came to me.
Khushi: that’s not luck its bad luck.
Lav: plz khushi don’t say like that…today I’ll talk with him and introduce myself.
Khushi: what????
Lav: (blushes) yes I’ll talk to him.
Khushi: No lav don’t do that.
Lav: wait khushi…
Khushi tries to stop lav but she doesn’t listen to her and goes towards arnav. Khushi keeps her hands on head.

Lav goes to arnav. Lav: hai…!
Arnav: who are you?
Lav: Don’t u remember me? Yesterday accident…money…fight…
arnav remembers and says hey you? And searches for khushi but he didn’t find her anywhere.
Arnav: where is your friend? She gets confused and says there she is. He turns and sees but he didn’t find her.
On other side khushi hides from arnav as she doesn’t want to see him so she escapes from there.
Arnav feels bad as he can’t see khushi.

Lav: hey I m lavanya friends call me lav…so u too can call me lav…
Arnav at first doesn’t show interest to talk to her but he thinks about khushi then he gets an idea if he makes lav his friend it’s easy for him to become close to khushi. He smiles.
Arnav: haii lav…I’m arnav singh raizada…u can call anything as you wish…
Lav gets excited for his response and says ok I will call arnav…she talks with him for sometime…
Arnav: ok lav but where is ur friend u said she came here.
Lav: yes she came with me but now she is missing. I think she might be busy in looking for good books.
Arnav: ok then come let’s go to her.
Lav says ok and they both search for khushi but khushi sees them searching for her and tries to hide from them. They both get tired searching for her. Arnav asks lav to call her. She calls her but khushi doesn’t lift the call. At last arnav finds khushi hiding then he understands everything and smiles. He takes lav near to khushi as to make khushi listen what he is saying.
Arnav: ok lav I think ur friend is completely busy with books. I’ll meet her later…Ok I have some work so I m leaving…see u bye…
Khushi gets relief and thinks this guy is going so I can come out. Arnav goes a side and hides. Khushi comes out and goes to lav. arnav watches this from behind and smiles. He says I know ur hiding from me but I m not going to leave u wherever u hide…wait I’ll make u to talk to me…

In abhi’s room
Aaliya: sorry bhai! It’s an important call so I went to attend it…ok now u continue.

Abhi: that’s ok. She got confused to see my note then I thought to approach a little close so I texted her from private number. Hey don’t get confuse like that…I just guessed that one day u’ll smile seeing the roses and my heart said u will smile today…
Aaliya: then what she said bhai?
Abhi: at first she gave an angry expression and kept mobile a side again she picked up to see the mobile thinking about me…at last she replied stop flirting me I don’t have time to watch all these stupid things…don’t again do this bye. I smiled seeing her message.
Aaliya: bhai she didn’t praise u to laugh at her message.
Abhi: hey aaliya! U know what actually she too is interested in me that’s why she gave reply.
Aaliya: what? Ok then tell me what happened next?
Abhi: I replied her actually I m not trying to irritate u but I just wanted to show how much I m interested in u. she replied me why you showing interest? Who are you? Don’t try to flirt again. I replied I’ll introduce myself later but I m showing interest because I want ur friendship.
Aaliya: what bhai? friendship???
Abhi: if I say directly I want relationship she confirms herself that I m flirt.
Aaliya: you are right. Did she accept ur friendship?
Abhi: she got anger and made a call to me but I cut her call as she may recognize my voice. She msgd me why are you not lifting my call?

I replied her that I will surely pick ur call when u start trusting me till then I will message u like this. Pragya thinks I have to find who is that for this I should act like I trusted him then I can handle him easily.
She messaged me ok at least can u tell ur name? I thought if I say my name she will surely catch and messages her “A”. pragya thinks he is so talented that he said his name’s 1st alphabet but any how I’ll catch him.
Pragya says ok. Days passed she started messaging me regularly.
Aaliya: wow bhai! That means she started falling for u.
Abhi: she is pragya not an ordinary girl to fall like that. It’s just a trap to catch me.
Aaliya: what?
Abhi: yes one day I got doubt on her behavior so I messaged her that I’ll meet her at park that evening.
She messaged me as she is excited to see me. I went to park and gave her some hints to identify me. She came to park and started searching for me. I hide near tree and sent my friend with the hints which I said to her. She saw him and got hyper. She started shouting at him and about to beat him then he said her that he is not the one who she is searching and left from there.
She got angry and messaged me why didn’t u come.
I replied because u didn’t trust me and planned to catch me.
She messaged not like that.
I replied her ok u wanted to catch me right from tomorrow 3 days I’ll plan 3 places to meet me. If u catch me once in these three days u can punish me whatever u want but if u can’t catch me then u should treat me as ur friend.

She at first thinks and says ok.
Aaliya: bhai! What kind of task is this? Did she catch u?
Abhi: relax aaliya actually I just kept this task whether she spend time on me or not but for my surprise she kept leave for office those 3 days.
Aaliya: wow bhai!!! Without knowing bhabhi started showing interest on u.
Abhi smiles. Aaliya asks him what happened next.

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi…hey guyzzz are u feeling bore? I will start my thriller track after abhigya’s marriage…hope its ok for u…thnqqq so muchhh each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers to get better story…keep supporting me like this till the end..byeee guyzzz…

Credit to: arshi fan

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  14. Giving my entire life time to you mrs prav… if so exams also i can give you most imp time for reading your ff… lovable ff… good luck..

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