book of mysterious deaths (epi 39 & 40)

Haiiiii guyzzz…I m so sorry for giving you late update guyzz as I was little bit busy and as a compensation I m giving u two episodes…yes it’s a combined epi of 39 & 40…thnqqq so muchhh for ur comments and support…i m happy to see your sweets comments…ok coming to the story…

Abhi informs them about megha’s arrival. They all left in shock and think what might have happened.
Abhi asks arnav to continue the story. He agrees.
Fb begins.
Arnav and khushi go to paranormal expert. Arnav introduces himself and explains everything to her.
PE: ok but did see you see her again or any call from her?
Khushi: no nothing like that.
Pe: ok did you think anything about her? like u want to talk to her?
Khushi: no nothing like that.
Pe: ok
Arnav: what happened? Why are you asking like that?
Pe: I m sure that she understood khushi learns her truth so now she has two ways to attack.
Arnav: what are those?
Pe: 1st she should possess someone and try to kill khushi and 2nd she may possess khushi and make her harm herself.
Arnav: oh no! what to do now? How to find her intention?
Pe: don’t worry. Lets go to her room.
Khushi: but?
Pe: I understand what’s ur doubt but don’t worry nothing happens.
They agree.

Its night
They reach lav’s room. khushi turns on the light. They all get shocked to see walls with blood stain. Khushi goes near the wall. Paranormal expert asks her not to touch but she keeps her hand on wall. At once she feels like someone holding her hand tightly. She tries to free herself but in vain.

Arnav observes this and tries to free her hand but no use then pe opens one book and starts chanting something. At once her hand gets freed. Both are relieved.
Pe: I said na don’t try to touch and here after without my permission don’t try to touch anything.

She agrees. They move further. Khushi observes her photo with lav. she picks it and cries. Arnav feels bad seeing her like that. he tries to console her.
Pe observes and suggests them to collect all the memories which are related to khushi. They start searching and pick the things.

Khushi opens the cupboard and searches for some books there she finds a small box. Arnav approaches her and asks about the box. She says she don’t have any idea about the box.
Arnav takes that box and tries to open it but pe comes there.
Pe: come let’s start our work.
Arnav: but what you are going to do?
Pe: come with me u both will understand.
They agree. Arnav keeps the small box in this pocket.

Pe arranges candles in circle and a gold coated plate near the door. She switches off the light.
Arnav: what are you doing?
Pe: I m calling lav.
Both gets shocked hearing this.
Arnav: if we call her she will surely harm us so why are you calling her?
Pe: if we don’t talk to her then we can’t find the reason behind her intentions and even we don’t get solution.
Khushi gets scared seeing the environment around her.
Pe: don’t get scared khushi you need to be strong as she will possess you now.
Arnav gets worried but agrees somehow.

Pe makes her sit in the middle of candles. She stands in opposite direction with one book. She starts chanting something which was written in that book.
At once heavy wind starts blowing and candles go off. Pe understands that lav came. Khushi gets possessed by lav
Lav: who are you? Why did you call me?
Pe: why are you trying to kill khushi?
Lav: I came here not to answer your questions but warn you to stop doing these activities.
Pe: what do you want?
Lav: I want khushi and I’ll take her with me.
Arnav gets shocked hearing these words.
Arnav: what the…what she did to u? she always loved u and went against me for u. and is this you want to do her in return?
Lav: I didn’t come to hear your nonsense mr. arnav singh raizada but warn you to not do any plans like saving your wife because she will come with me anyways.
Pe: ok cool but first tell why are you doing like this?
Lav: I will not leave khushi. I’m going to kill her.

Khushi breaks the window glass and picks that glass piece. she keeps it near her neck and tries to cut. Seeing this arnav gets shocked and tries to stop her but the lady throws a crucifix at her and starts reading that book. Then lav freed khushi.

Khushi becomes normal and hugs arnav. He says nothing will happen to u. I will save you at any cost. But suddenly they hear a voice from back that you can’t do anything I will kill khushi and take her with me.

They turn back and gets shocked to see possessed pe. Khushi shouts at once seeing her like that. She tries to run out from the room but door gets closed. Arnav tries to open the door but in vain. He beats the door but no use. She sees possessed pe coming towards her. She steps backward. Arnav comes at her rescue and tries to stop her but she pushes him.

He then remembers pe’s words. If anything goes wrong or unable to control her just make her touch crucifix or throw holy water which was in my bag. He tries to find it but in vain.

Meanwhile she heads towards khushi and starts pressing her neck. She asks her to leave and tries to free then at last he finds it and touches her with that. lav leaves her body. Finally pe gets normal. They all leave from there as it’s no use of talking to lav.

Its morning
Arnav thinks about lav’s words and gets worried. He thinks why is she doing like this? What will she get if khushi dies? Is she doing this for me as I didn’t accept her love? No she can’t do like that because she has feelings on her. in fact she should harm them but why khushi?

Shyam comes to him and says arnav I need to tell u something important.
Arnav: no shyam! Actually I’m not in mood to listen anything.
Shyam: it’s very important arnav. We have to go.
Arnav: what is that?
Shyam shares with him. Arnav gets shocked at once and says what??????
Arnav: don’t tell this to khushi. Come let’s leave.
They both turn towards the door and gets shocked to see khushi.

Meanwhile raman mobile beeps. He picks the call and talks with someone. He says he will come and cuts the call. Ishu asks him what happened? Raman informs that they need to leave as he has an important work in Mumbai.

Abhi thanks them for their help. He says to take care of pragya and make a call when he needs them. Abhi agrees. They both leave.

(guyzz I know you will feel bad as there will be no ishra scenes but in this ff I can’t give importance to them as they are guest roles. Hope you understand. And from now arshi and abhigya will find themselves the truth.)

pragya asks arnav to continue the story. Fb begins.
Khushi says I’ll also come with u arnav ji. arnav refuses as it’s not good for her but she requests him to take her. At last he agrees. They all leave.
They reach the place and enter inside. They all are left in shock to see rahul and riya’s dead bodies. Khushi says lav only did this but why is she doing this? What we did to her? She starts crying. Arnav consoles her and takes away from there.

They reach raizada mansion. Arnav leaves to his room. he thinks I have to stop her but before this I need answer for her doings. He then remembers about the small box. He takes it from that pocket. He looks at it strangely.
Pragya: what’s there in that box?
Khushi comes there and sees the box in arnav’s hand. She asks him about the box. He says let’s see what’s there in that box. He breaks the box and finds a “cryptex”
Abhi and pragya: cryptex????
Arnav says yes. pragya asks him “did you decode that?
Arnav: I tried to open it but didn’t get any clue.
Abhi: ok what happened next? I mean how did khushi get this situation?
Arnav: days started passing like this. she planned different ways to kill khushi but luckily I came her in time and saved her so many times.

But unfortunately one day khushi got a call from editor to meet him. I was in office busy with important meeting. She informed about that call. I asked her to leave with shyam.
After few hours I got a call. I immediately left to hospital and shocked to see khushi with injuries. I left in tears seeing her like that. Doctor came out and said that she was injuried that can be cured but she was in shock so she can’t move or talk. Hearing this I was hell shocked. Later I called shyam but he said he didn’t go with khushi.

Pragya: this mean don’t you know the reason behind khushi’s condition?
Arnav: no
Abhi: didn’t you try to find what happened?
Arnav: I m sure lav only did this but i don’t understand what to do at that time so came here. Even many doctors checked khushi but there is no use.
Abhi: ok you don’t worry. My sis friend megha is a doctor she is coming here. Let her come there is a chance she can make khushi normal again.
Arnav: thank you so much
Pragya: no no if khushi becomes alright we may get a clue.
Arnav: I think the same but I want her to become normal again and talk with me.

Epi ends here..i know guyzzz ur eagerly waiting for the secret but see how our arshi and abhigya are going to chase the mystery and get survived so be patient. Hope you like this episode. thnqqq so muchhh each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers…just leave a comment if u feel worth even it’s a single word it means a lot for me…keep supporting me like this…byeee guyzzz…

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  1. Sorry arshi fan I was busy with a function so I was unable to read the story but I read the story from where I left
    I can’t think , What a imagination ! 😀 its really a thriller story
    I didn’t expect the twists

  2. Excellent episode…i love the way you write this ff….keep rocking….

  3. Fantastic episode. Keep it up

  4. Awesome ya plz update next epi soon i m waiting.

  5. Its awesome….

  6. Hey arshi fan! super yar i love this episode mainly lav scaring khushi. I am waiting for megha’s arrival and what she is going to do? I really love her character. Keep going yar.

  7. Horror scanes are fantastic and reading at night times will be amazing…. the feel at that time will be really horrible… amazing story…. good going… good luck!!!

  8. Mannat

    It was awesome Arshifan . Ur story is awesome . I want to request as well as want to give suggestion to u . Plz disclose this as well who wrote the book and who published it . And why they sent to Pragya specifically. Plz don’t mind . I want the answer of thes question. And thought that to tell I about my confusion . So ……
    Well I m really sorry if it hurts u. Because entering into someone’s storyline is not good . So really sorry dear .
    Ur to days epi was really good. Keep entertaining us.

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