book of mysterious deaths (epi 38)

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Fb begins
Khushi asks what is that plan?
Arnav calls “rahul and riya get inside”. Khushi sees them coming and gets shocked.
Khushi: vo..vo..
Arnav: I understand khushi what you want to ask. They will only tell what actually happened.
Khushi: ok

Rahul: actually lav started loving me even I m interested in her. One day I asked lav to come India as we both want to plan for our future. She agreed to come.

Riya: I started loving him since the joining day but never confessed my feelings but one day I saw rahul talking with someone so I suspected that something is going wrong then I thought to check his mobile and found that he is showing interest on lav.

Finally I decided to confess my feelings. I proposed him but he didn’t accept me as he started loving her so I planned to make him accept me. I went to his house before lav arrive and pleaded him to accept my love but he didn’t at last I threatened him that I’ll commit suicide in front of him. I grabbed knife and was about to cut my wrist.

Then he tried to stop me, in that process he got injured. After seeing blood he fainted. Meanwhile lav came there so I have hidden in cupboard. I watched everything from there. She left with him. I followed her but suddenly their car met with an accident and lav dead on the spot. However rahul got survived.

Khushi gets shocked listening to this then asks arnav ji how do you come to know about them.
Arnav: we went to lav room na after that me and di again went to lav room. There I found some letters and rahul’s photo. Then I enquired about him and finally met him.

Rahul: yes mam! Arnav sir met me and explained about your condition. At first I didn’t believe as my lav can’t harm anyone and that too she is your best friend.
Do you remember one day you and shyam ji went to cafe to meet lav? khushi says ha yes!

Rahul: on that day I sat next to your table and observed everything then I understood what arnav sir said was right.

Arnav: after this I thought why lav is harming you as you didn’t involve in her death? One day ur friend from Canada called me and shared her experience in video chat. At once I was shocked and shared with her what actually happened. Then she suggested a temporary solution.
Khushi: what is that?
Arnav: already you are in doubt that someone is haunting u so if I create when you meet lav something bad will happen then you may avoid her. This is the plan I thought and made a call that lav is in particular address and made you and shyam go there.

Khushi remembers the incident she enters the room then door gets closed and lavs call….
Khushi: but arnav ji lav said that even she too has scary experiences.
Arnav: yes khushi she is very very clever and powerful too. She came to know my idea and diverted your mind as she is also scared. She even called at nights to trap u.
Khushi: what?
Arnav: yes khushi so I thought u’ll surely try to prove lav innocent. In this process if you come to know about lav’s death she will attack you directly so I created rahul and riya dead. But when I created like this lav’s work became easy and she started insulting riya for all these happenings.

Finally I m vexed with her activities so one that day I acted like I m angry with u and didn’t talk then you felt guilty and started avoiding her. I thought my plan has succeeded.

Khushi gets shocked and cries badly. She asks but why did you do all these arnav ji? what if anything happens to u in this process?
Arnav: because you are my life and I can’t see anything bad happens to u..and I m not her target…
Khushi: I know arnav ji but why should you struggle like this for me?
Arnav: I love you…damn it. Don’t you understand?
Khushi hugs him and starts crying. She says I m sorry arnav ji I did big mistake crossing your words.
Arnav: no khushi! You didn’t do anything only lav did all this but that’s ok I m there as your savior. I will protect you till my last breathe.
Khushi says I love you arnav ji. Everyone smile.
Khushi breaks her hug and asks but arnav ji I have one doubt how can these stories be similar?
Arnav: I guess this might be lav’s another plan to kill u. now you should be more careful as you came to know about her death.
Khushi: but how to find her intention?
Arnav: I will think something but till that you don’t go out without intimating me and I will ask di to take care of u.
She agrees.

Megha picks her mobile and calls abhi. Abhi’s mobile beeps then arnav stop the story. Abhi sees its megha and attempts her call.
Abhi: ha megha!!! tell me?
Megha: bhai! Where are you?
Abhi: I m in shimla. Why?
Megha: did you meet arshi?
Abhi: yes we are at his house only.
Megha: ok I m coming to shimla.
Abhi: what anything serious?
Megha: of course bhai! I need to talk to u something important.
Abhi: what happened megha plz tell me?
Megha: bhai! Plz take care of bhabi. don’t try to leave her even a second.
Abhi: why?
Megha: her life is really at risk. What she was telling is truth.
Abhi: what!!!
Megha: yes they are really haunting her and trying to kill her. I will clearly tell u once I land there.
He asks her to come soon and cuts the call. Everyone gets tensed listening abhi’s convo.
Raman: what happened abhi?
Abhi shares about megha’s call. They all left in shock.

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    1. If u wait till next epi u wont have asked this question because unnecessarily i dont keep any characters in my ff..the reason behind keeping ishra is even its a ff or in real lyf we cant hlp ourselves all the tym we need someone to help us i did the same thing here ishra helped abhigya to reach arshi and from next epi there wont be ishra scenes as they are guest appearance in this ff..anywyz thnq so much..keep supporting..

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