book of mysterious deaths (epi 37)

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recap: raman calls his friend and collects the details of shyam and inform the same thing to abhi. Ishra and abhigya leave to delhi. They meet shyam and finally reach arnav. All are shocked to see khushi.

All are left in shock about khushi’s condition.
Arnav: who are you all? How do you know about us?
Abhi introduces himself and others too. Arnav wishes them.
Arnav: ok but why did you come to meet us?
Abhi: we came to know about you and your family through a book.
Arnav gets shocked and asks what? Abhi takes out book from his bag and shows it to arnav. He reads it and gets shocked.
Pragya: who wrote this book? Did khushi write this book?
Arnav: no she didn’t know anything about this.
Ishu: what happened after this? I mean can you tell me what actually happened?
Arnav: we both got married and everything happened as written in the book but I have hidden so many things near khushi as I don’t want to see her in pain.
Raman: pain? What’s that?
Arnav: actually on that day what happened is

Fb begins
Khushi sees a shadow and turns back. She sees arnav and gets shocked.
Khushi: arnav ji! Is it u that shadow haunting me everywhere?
Arnav: what?
Khushi: plz don’t do anything arnav ji. She steps backward as she is scared.
Arnav: are you mad khushi? First listen to me.
Khushi: what?
Arnav: I observed that you are worrying for something so I came to ask you the reason.
Khushi: arnav ji..actually..just saw lav’s story..i was left in shock as both of us stories are similar.
Arnav: do you know the reason behind that?
Khushi: I m clueless arnav ji.
Arnav: ok then shall I tell?
Khushi: ok but do you know the reason behind this?
Arnav says I know everything come with me I’ll give you answer. She agrees and goes with him.

Arnav takes her to one room and switches on the light. Khushi is hell shocked at once and shouts no!!! This can’t happen. She sees lav photo with garland.
Arnav: this is only fact khushi. lav is dead.
Khushi: no arnav ji! Plz don’t joke at this time. I’m already in shock.
Arnav: this is not joke khushi. there are so many things happening without ur knowledge.
Tears start rolling from khushi’s eyes. She says but arnav ji!
Arnav: I know khushi what’s your doubt but listen to me what actually happened.

One day lav called me and said that she loves rahul and he even showing interest on her. So she said she will land India to talk to him about their future. I felt very happy but she said not to share anything about him with u as she planned surprise to show him to u. I agreed.

Later I got a call from that lav didn’t reach so I immediately asked shyam to leave to airport. He enquired about her arrival and confirmed that she landed. After that shyam on his way to raizada mansion saw some crowd. He went near that place and found lav meet with an accident and dead there itself.

Khushi is shocked to this but she made a call that she is ok. Shyam comes there and says yes even I didn’t understand that because we managed to do her last rituals secretly then me and rani ji thought how can this be possible?

Finally I informed arnav about this incident. He asked me to manage till he arrives so we didn’t share anything about lav.

Arnav says after my arrival I didn’t understand what’s happening around u because u started talking normally as nothing has happened so I took u to lav room then I observed that you are talking to yourself. I was left in shock.

Khushi: arnav ji trust me lav talked to me that day.
Arnav: plz khushi don’t talk anything. Listen to me completely what actually happened?
Khushi: ok arnav ji.

Arnav says I even observed you that you are talking to yourself with lav. so I thought to divert your ideas and separate from the thought of lav. so I acted like I started hating lav as she is culprit for rahul’s death.

Shyam says later on that day at party u started talking to her secretly. I observed this and thought ur still in imagination. I went to arnav and said about this. he asked me to act that he believe in lav and watch ur next steps.

Khushi says what? Shyam says yes! arnav knows everything in one word he only sent me to every place where you went.

Khushi is hell shocked. Shyam continues but one thing I understood when I saw you in mortuary room. Lav is doing all these intentionally but not ur imagination.

I informed this to arnav. He started worrying for u after coming to know about this. he even struggled many sleepless nights thinking about u. at last he started implementing his own plan.

Khushi asks him what is that??

Other side
Megha talks with one patient and prescribes some medicines. He thanks her and leaves from there. She thinks for today I have completed all works. She sees a CD on her table. She thinks what might be this and remembers that its pragya’s CD which is recorded at her office.

She takes CD out and keeps it in laptop. She starts watching each and everything keenly. At once she is jerked. She again plays the video and thinks I have to talk to bhayya.

She picks her mobiles and calls abhi.

Epi ends here…I wish u guyzz enjoyed this twist…hope u guyzz didn’t feel any knid of bore or drag…forgive me if there are mistakes…thnqqq so muchhh each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers…just leave a comment if u feel worth even it’s a single word it means a lot for me…keep supporting me like this…byeee guyzzz…

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  5. Reshma Pradeep

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