book of mysterious deaths (epi 36)

Haiiii friends…thnqqq so muchhh for ur comments and support…I know u all are very excited for this episode so I’ll begin the story…

Raman stops the car and picks his mobile immediately. He makes a call to someone. Ishu asks him what happened raman? He asks her to be quiet.
Raman: hello!!
Man: hey raman!! Whatsup man? After a long time you called me.
Raman: I m fine. I need to ask you something important.
Man: what?
Raman: two years back you shared with me that you were involved in court issues rigt?
Man: ha yes. Now everything is all right.
Raman: ok but who is your lawyer for that case?
Man: shyam manohar.
Raman thinks may be this shyam is that shyam manohar. I have to meet him once.
Raman: ok did he belong to raizada family?
Man: I don’t know that properly.
Raman: that’s ok can I have his address?
Man: I just have contact with him 2 yrs back but now I m not sure that he will be in that place.
Raman: no problem give it.
Man says ok and gives his details.

Other side
In studio, pragya gets ready and show begins. Abhi and megha sit in the next room and observes pragya. She starts the show. She at first talks about the deaths of victims then later she starts talking about that book and gives some details but meanwhile she sees all of them at once. She gets shocked. Intensity in her voice decreases. She gets tensed. Abhi observes this and megha too.
They say stop this show! Otherwise you will die today itself.

Megha asks them to stop the telecast but record pragya’s actions.
Pragya says no! I will not stop everyone should know the truth. They shouldn’t become like u.
They say then get ready for your death today.
Abhi and megha watches this. He is about to go to pragya but megha stops him as she need to get more clarity regarding pragya’s behavior.
Pragya says whatever you do! I’m not going to stop it. I want them to survive.
They start coming towards her. megha asks him to go and bring her. He leaves to her. She hugs him and says I need to continue this show.
Megha: don’t worry bhabi! Everything will be telecasted you can continue remaining half tomorrow. Come let’s leave.
Pragya agrees. Megha collects the tape.

Other side
Ishu: what happened raman? For whom u made a call?
Raman: ishu we have got important clue but I m not sure about that it’s just a try.
Ishu: what is that??
Raman shares everything with ishu.
Ishu: that’s great raman at last we found a little way to help them.
Raman: but I m not sure but there may be a chance so it’s better if we go and meet shyam.
Ishu: yes raman! U r right. First inform abhi he may feel happy.
Raman says yes and calls him.

Abhi: ha raman tell me?
Raman: I need to talk to u something important abhi. Where are you?
Abhi: I m at pragya’s office. Ok do one thing come to mm. we are starting.
He says ok and cuts the call.

They reach mehra mansion.
Abhi: what happened raman? What you want to tell?
Ishu: raman found the address of shyam manohar.
Abhi: what?
Raman: yes abhi but I m not sure that shyam is the right person or not.
Pragya: shyam means lawyer character in that book right?
Raman: yes!
Megha: it’s good at last we got a way to the solution.
Abhi: so let’s go to delhi then
Raman: ok then we both will leave.
Pragya: no no I will come with u as I want to see them.
Even ishu too asks then they all plan to go. Abhi calls megha but she refuses as she have some other work. She says if there is any problem you just make a call I will start immediately. Abhi agrees.

The next day they all get ready and go to airport. They land in delhi and asks enquires about that address. Finally they reach the house. They enter inside the house and ask about shyam but they say that’s not the house.
Raman: ok do you know about shyam’s house?
Man: sorry I don’t know. Ask watchman as he is the watchman to this house since beginning.
Raman: ok.
They ask watchman about the address. He gives them. They leave to the address.

Finally they reach the house. They enter the raizada mansion. A maid comes there and asks about them. They ask for shyam. She asks them to sit. Shyam comes downstairs.
Raman: hello!! Are you Mr. Shyam manohar jha
Shyam: yes! But who are you all?
They start introducing themselves. Later he asks the purpose of their arrival. They share everything since beginning. Shyam gets shocked.
Pragya: where is arnav and khushi? I want to see them.
Shyam: they are not there.
They all get shocked at once and say what?
Shyam: I mean they are not here.
Abhi: ok where are they?
Shyam: shimla.
Ishu: can you tell me what actually happened?
Shyam: you will go to shimla na. u will understand everything.
They take the address and leaves from there.

Finally they reach shimla. They go to the address and ring the door bell. A man comes and asks about them.
Abhi: we came here to meet arnav and khushi.
Man invites them inside and asks them to sit. He goes inside and comes.
Man: sir asked you to come to his room.
They all enter that room. They see khushi and arnav in that room. Pragya goes near to khushi and says hai khushi! I am pragya. But khushi didn’t respond then arnav says she can’t speak as she is in shock since 2 years. They all left in shock.

Riya I m really happy that ur waiting for my ff patiently that’s great and I will post my other ffs too…same to u dear…have a nice day!!

Mannat don’t get confused I’ll reveal everything clearly…

Varsha I know ur very eager to know what’s there in that page not only u every reader but u have to wait for some epi because I left so many things like mystery so let me clear them first so that u’ll get idea about that page.

Sasmerra haha even u scold me that’s ok I just wanted you ppl to enjoy each and every point of suspense that’s why I m revealing but its not actually dragging too…I will reveal everything step by step so be patient even now no need of being patience too because twists are back so keep on enjoying them…don’t be sorry I m happy that ur reading it regularly

Epi ends here…I wish you guyzz like this epi and guyzz I know some of you will feel bad for khushi but don’t worry soon everything will go well as this is my ff haha….thnqq so much maha, silent reader, abc, karthi srithi, riya, suha, durga, mannat, nirmal, sweety, rithu, jo, varsha, tarun, shravya, abhigya, ranveer, raj, fan of ff, harry, maya, lee, isha, priya, karthik, shivani, somi, kavya, twinkle, deepu, jasmine, rose, pavani, sweety, sugan, pinky, reena, meera, meghna, bindhu, shruthi ravichandran, arshi, angel, monesha, sasmerra, sweety, reshma pradeep, anu, pragya, arvind, chandana, meghna shanty, sriti and silent readers too…I m happy that u guyz are showering ur love through comments feeling like I m really blessed so sweet of u friends…plzz do comment like this and support me…I’ll try to give my best…byee guyzz…

Credit to: arshi fan


  1. Shruthi Ravichandran u updated so fast.really thanx and dont keep too many suspense i am eagerly waiting for next episode dont forget to update fast

    • arshi fan

      No worries everything is going to be revealed not tomorrow but rest of the days step by step..thnq so much..keep supporting..

  2. khushi

    Wow arshi is back but what happened to khushi? Why is she in shock? Cant wait till next epi

  3. sweety

    wow di u always like this every episode is day by day more interested but today episode is more interested and confuse bcs khushi is not speak for 2 years means i can’t understand but is very interesting eagarly waiting for next episode……….pls revial the mystery di……….thank u for ragular updates di

    • arshi fan

      No worries sweety u will get some what clarity in the epi so be patient and thnq so much for sweet comment

  4. chery

    omg what a episode yaaar plzzzz post next episode as soon as possible eagerly waiting …… i m a silent reader for ur ff today episode is very nicee ..

    • arshi fan

      Happy to see ur comment chery will try to post it soon..thnq so much..keep supporting..

  5. apps

    Awesome. ..finally mystery to be solved.sorry as i can’t comment regularly…but always with u.

  6. akhila

    Hello I just want to know from where did u get the idea to write a mysterious story but the story is really awesome can’t wait to know what happened to Kushi.Plz make the episode a lil bigger one.Thank you

    • arshi fan

      Thnq so much akhila..i will try to give a long one but i was busy with my other ffs so i m giving small updates anywyz hpy to see ur comments..keep supporting..

  7. Sasmerra

    You now have increased the amount of suspens . what shock is khushi in.? You are such a talented writer as you can write with this much suspens without dragging. Episode was just …….how is sham involved and what happened to lav?????.you could actually write a thriller novel you know!?

    • arshi fan

      Hahaha thnqq so much feeling very happy to see such a cute words..keep supporting..wait for tmrw’s epi

  8. sweety

    Oh my god! Cant wait till tomorrow so many questions running in my mind now. Pls post soon

  9. Varsha

    So sweet of you……sweety….can I call u sweety…….and today was awesome….i know u will give us more mystery and scary scene of the page….i will wait for it….but my curiosity level is not decreasing yaar….becoz day by day ur epi was fantabulous….keep going waiting for the next episode……love u ?

    • arshi fan

      As u wish dear its my pleasure if u call me sweety..thnq so much for such a sweet u dear..keep supporting..

  10. pragya

    Super dear…though i know the story but still while i m reading i feel like what will happen next? Such a creative writer you are…keep it up rey

  11. twinkle

    Amazing yar! You again left this episode in suspense but one doubt how can u maintain suspense regularly like this? Answer me

    • arshi fan

      Thnq so much twinkle..even i dont have ans for ur ques i will jst think to satisfy u with my stry..keep supporting..

  12. I am silent reader of this ff…arshi i appreciate ur presence of mind…itz really nice…ur story is very much interesting…i am waiting for next episode…let wil c… v wil know who did all this crime..eagerly waiting 4 ur next ff..

  13. karan

    Yar arshi fan what is this? Is it fair for u to keep in suspense i have to wait till tomorrow i know i kept comment for the first time and asking u like this is not fair but cant stop my eagerness. I m expecting next epi by tomorrow morning

  14. durga

    Nice yaar bt it’s really interesting… I’m very eager to know wat vl happen next…

  15. ria

    Hey i am a silent reader of this ff. i frankly wanted to tell u one thing yar i dont like what you did. why you ended today’s part with suspense yar? U know what you are making me restless. Post it soon ya

  16. Sorry di i was late in commenting as i have some work and today’s episode is amazing. Your other ff is also awesome

  17. Riya

    Amazing update !!!!!! I am really very very Sorry for the late comment as I had classes !!
    I am very glad that u had replied to my comment and also u r happy with it !
    Still Waiting for the suspense to be revealed and once it is revealed I will be revealed !!
    Your writings are always Great !! And I liked all of them !

  18. Mannat

    Vrry nic arshi fan u know i want to say plz disclose the secreat soon but i cant becoz as a writer i know u have decided all the epi in advance . And u will present before us in best presentable manner . Wish u all d best . I just want to request u 1 thing if u can plz do add precap and recap . Other things in ur ff are awesum .

    Love u and ur ff

    • arshi fan

      Thnq so much mannat..i will keep recap but cant keep precap as i m not sure what i will write in next epi..thats why i dont keep precap..hope u understand..keep supporting..

  19. ANGEL

    Every characters had their meet… May be its the time to reveal the mystery of deaths…. Of course I know what’s the reason is….. Lol

    • arshi fan

      Lets see what actually happens but there is still some story left not the time to end anywyz thnqq so much..keep supporting..

  20. ishra

    Wow finally raman found arshi and showed way to abhigya. I love the way u are managing 3 couples equally at a time

    • arshi fan

      Yup sure no worries u can alwayz treat me as a friend so many are asking my name..i will surely try to tell my name in next epi..thnq so much keep commenting..

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