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Haiiii guyzzz…its my 35th epi…thnqqq so much for ur comments and support…this is all because of ur continuous support…I m really happy…I wish u’ll support me like this…ok let’s go to the story…

Its morning
Pragya gets ready in the morning. abhi wakes up and sees her getting ready.
Abhi: hey pragya! why are getting ready this early?
Pragya: abhi…actually…I…
Abhi: what?
Pragya: I m going to office.
Abhi: why all of this sudden to office?
Pragya: to do my show.

Abhi doubts on her and asks regarding what? Pragya thinks how can I say this to abhi? If I tell him then he will surely stop me and if I lie it will come on tv then he will understand what should I do now?
Abhi: what are you thinking pragya? Tell me.
Pragya: abhi I wanted to tell u one thing plz don’t get serious.
Abhi: first u tell
Pragya: I m going to do my show on that book so that at least some people will save their lives…
Abhi: are you mad pragya? Do you even understand that u r keeping your life at risk?
Pragya: my life is already at risk abhi that’s why I don’t anyone to suffer like me so you plz understand my intention abhi.
Abhi thinks about that and says ok pragya I agree for this but I will come with u and stay there till you complete ur show.
Pragya agrees. They both think to leave. Pragya goes to downstairs and prepares breakfast for abhi.

Raman and ishu reach mehra mansion. At the same time abhi comes to downstairs. He is surprised to see them. He greets them and makes them sit. He calls pragya. pragya comes there she greets raman and ishu.

Raman: so how are you pragya?

Pragya: I m fine bhayya!
Abhi: I m feeling very happy that u both came here. How is aunty ji?
Ishu: mummy ji is absolutely fine.
Pragya goes inside kitchen as she is busy in preparing breakfast.
Ishu: abhi is pragya really fine?

Abhi: what to say ishu when I m with her she is absolutely fine so I m staying at home only to take care of her.
Raman: don’t worry abhi everything will be alright.
Ishu: seems like you both got ready to go somewhere. I think we came in wrong time and disturbed u.
Abhi: no ishu! Actually you came in right time. we are going to pragya’s office.
Raman: why?
Abhi shares about pragya’s show. Both ishu and raman are shocked.
Raman: no abhi that’s not safe for pragya. her problem will increase.
Abhi: even I felt the same but she is thinking to save some people from that book.
Raman: but nothing happened to u na seems like there is nothing dangerous in that book.
Abhi: even I am also thinking about that only.

Ishu: abhi!!!
Abhi: what ishu?
Ishu: can we see that once?
Abhi says ok and goes from there to bring book. Meanwhile pragya comes there and calls for breakfast. They agree.

Abhi comes downstairs with book. ishu takes that book. pragya understands but doesn’t worry as she scratched that paper.

Ishu and raman start reading the book. After few hours they finish it and turn next page but its empty so they close it.
Ishu: story is very very interesting but I don’t understand the relation between this book and deaths.
Abhi: yes even I felt the same. What do you say pragya?
Pragya: yes yes there is no relation.
Ishu sees raman thinking something. She asks him what are you thinking raman?
Raman: raizada!!!!
Ishu: what raizada?
Raman: it’s not just a book character but I heard this name somewhere but not remembering properly.
Ishu, abhi and pragya gets shocked.

Abhi: are you sure raman?
Raman: yes I m sure I heard it but I don’t remember where.
Abhi: this means they are real and I think they are only doing this. We have to find them.
Raman: don’t worry abhi. I m there na I’ll try to remember where I heard that name and enquire about him.
Abhi , pragya and ishu feel relief listening raman’s words. Pragya serves them to eat.

Megha reaches mehra mansion
Megha: good morning bhai!
Abhi: hey megha! U arrived?
Megha: yes bhai.
She sees raman and ishu. She asks about them to abhi. He introduces them to megha. She greets them and goes inside to fresh up.

They all sit and start thinking what to do. She comes downstairs and asks about the book. She too reads the book and sees empty pages but she slowly turns one by one and at last fins the page but it’s scratched completely. She shows them to all. They all get shocked. Abhi understands that pragya did this.

Abhi: why you did this pragya?

Pragya: abhi…i…
Abhi: don’t try to say some other thing I want straight answer from u.
Pragya: I don’t want to see you in my condition.
Abhi: what? Means is that page responsible for deaths?
She says yes and cries. Abhi asks her to say what’s there in that page. She refuses. They all request her but no use. Megha asks him not to force her. They stop asking.

Raman and ishu leave at last. Abhi and pragya too leave for office but megha thinks to go to office along with them so that she can observe pragya. They agree.

In car
Raman: I have some work ishu so I’ll drop u at home.
Ishu: ok raman but I’ll call mummy ji as she said she will go to her friend’s house.
Raman says ok. Ishu calls toshi and starts talking then she reminds her that she need to go to court that day. Ishu says ok and cuts the call.
Raman: what did mummy say?

Ishu: raman drop me at court as I should attend there for my friend’s case.
Raman: court????
He thinks and stops the car at once. Ishu asks him what happened. He immediately picks the mobile and calls someone.

Epi ends here…I know guyzzz there is nothing so special in this episode but in tomorrow’s epi get ready for arshi’s re-entry as real characters…I wish you didn’t feel bore and thnqqq so much each and everyone and silent readers too for such a sweet comments…from tomorrow again twists are awaiting so be patient and plzz do comment especially silent readers if it’s a single word it means a lot for keep commenting and supporting like this…byee guyzzz…

Credit to: arshi fan

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